Buy or Sell: Lamar Jackson, Michigan Football, and Arsenal

This week’s “Buy or Sell” is an all football edition and we want to know what you all think about this week’s topics. Join Aman, Joel, and I as we give our thoughts on each of these topics.

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The topics this week are in all forms of football. We have the NFL, NCAA, and Premier League soccer. We have questions about the success of all these teams and how one person can get them there. So let’s see what we all think?

Joel: Lamar Jackson will pass for over 3,500 yards and 25 TDs this coming season

Aman: I can’t buy this, It’s a sell from me. Lamar Jackson played all 16 games last season and got nowhere near that amount. He found 1,200 yards and just six touchdowns. Thirty-five hundred yards he might be able to do with excellent receivers, but the 25 touchdowns are still a big stretch, 19 more than last season.

Granted, Jackson is a quality quarterback and I have no doubt he’ll improve quite a bit this coming season, but the stats Joel’s proposed seem quite out-of-reach.

Rahim: I’ll buy this! I absolutely disagree with Aman. I know it’s hard to believe that a player like Lamar Jackson could have success passing the ball, but he has continuously worked on improving himself this offseason. I think with the current depth around him, he could have a successful season. I don’t think it’ll be a playoff team like they were last year, but Jackson throwing for 3500 + yards and 25 touchdowns will happen.

As a rookie, Jackson played in all 16 games, but only started seven games (6-1) and recorded 1200 yards and six touchdowns. That was also while dealing with issues at both the receivers and running back position. The Ravens dealt with a lot of injuries and had to go with the next man up. The running backs were also very inconsistent as fantasy owners learnt from their season’s.

But I think Jackson will have a better season this year because they have brought players in that could work well with him. With the Mark Ingram addition, you would hope that there would be a lot of screens and would allow Jackson some more weapons to get better.

Rahim: This will be the year that coach Jim Harbaugh and the Michigan Wolverines win the Big Ten title?

Joel: I believe the Big Ten will come down to two teams this year. Those two teams are Ohio State and Michigan.

Despite Ohio State getting a new head coach and losing several of their best players to the NFL, the Buckeyes will still be the team to beat. They’re still going to have an explosive offense, and their defense should be better.

Michigan lost some great players on defense, but their defensive coordinator is one of the best in the country and should keep their defense at the top. Their offense is what intrigues me. QB Shea Patterson is reportedly looking better than he had before. He’s also got a nice group or receivers.

That should lead to an explosive offense. I feel like Michigan underwent less changes, which is a good thing for them, but I still think Ohio State will be the better team, so I have to sell Harbaugh winning the Big Ten title this season.

Aman: I’m going to have to disagree with Joel on this after much thought. Ohio State’s new head coach can bring about positive change but other than that, Joel handed me every reason to favor Michigan. If Michigan’s team is less changed than Ohio State’s, it’s not likely that Michigan’s form should change either.

Also, along with their positive defense, Michigan’s offense is to be feared with QB Patterson leading the reins. I’m most definitely buying Michigan to win Big Ten this season.

Aman: Arsenal will finish ahead of Chelsea this season in the Premier League?

Joel: Looking at the final standings from last season, these two teams didn’t finish that far apart. Although Chelsea ranked 3rd and Arsenal ranked 5th, only two points separated them.

Both teams actually finished with the same amount of wins, but the difference was in ties and losses, with Arsenal being slightly behind. If you check out the odds for teams to win the title this season, both Chelsea and Arsenal come in at 30/1.

However, CBS Sports made sure to note the loss of Eden Hazard for Chelsea, which could be a big blow to the team and cause them to fall. I agree there. I think the loss of Hazard will allow Arsenal to get over Chelsea this season, so I’m buying this.

Rahim: I’m going to have to agree with Joel on this one simply because of the fact that all of the best players for Chelsea are getting transferred elsewhere. We saw Diego Costa leave for Atlètico Madrid a few seasons ago and now Eden Hazard goes to Real Madrid. This is making the La Liga much stronger than the Premier League, but we will still have a pretty competitive season and I buy Arsenal finishes ahead of Chelsea.

Chelsea not only lost some value on the striking side, but also defensively with one of their well-known center backs leaving to join Arsenal. That center back is David Luiz and he will be looking to help Arsenal finish in the top four behind Manchester City, Liverpool, and Tottenham.

There you have it! Now, what do you think?

  • Will Lamar Jackson pass for over 3,500 yards and 25 TDs this coming season
  • Is this the year coach Jim Harbaugh and the Michigan Wolverines win the Big Ten title?
  • Will Arsenal finish ahead of Chelsea this season in the Premier League?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment!

2 replies to “Buy or Sell: Lamar Jackson, Michigan Football, and Arsenal

  1. I disagree with La Liga being stronger than the Premier League. Arsenal’s latest signings will add some more strength to the tight top six battle (meanwhile in La Liga, it’s just RM vs Barca and hopefully Atletico can show up). Also, both finalists in last yr’s UCL were English, not Spanish.


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