College Football Games to Watch: Week five

Okay, I did not see that coming! I mean who really did? The number of top 25 teams that lost this week surprises me, but it’s not that shocking because we get it every year. How many will lose in week five? How about them bouncing back?

IMG_5573 by John Martinez Pavliga is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Of those eight teams that lost was the Central Florida Golden Knights who had the longest active winning-streak in the regular season snapped in their 35-34 loss to the Pittsburgh Panthers.

We also saw Arizona, Utah, TCU and Washington State loss to unranked opponents.  Michigan, Texas A&M and Notre Dame lost tough games against ranked opponents.

This makes for an interesting rest of the season as most of teams likely knocked themselves out of the playoffs already. Despite Michigan losing, they could still make playoffs if they do what they are suppose too.  But let’s see about the rest of the teams as we take a look at this week’s top games.

Top 25 vs. Top 25:

10 Notre Dame versus 18 Virginia

Notre Dame fought hard to try to upset the No. 3 team in the country, Georgia. They looked to have the Georgia Bulldogs beat early in the first half with their tough defense until Georgia found a way to open up the run game and take over. 

Unfortunately, with that loss, Notre Dame’s chances of making the playoffs are very slim despite still being a top 10 team.  A win against an undefeated ranked opponent like Virginia might help them a little bit,  but I could also hurt them. 

See Virginia isn’t expected to finish in the top 25 anyways.  They still have to play some of the better competition in the ACC like Clemson, so this game is important if they want to stay relevant! Can the Cavaliers fight the Irish and knock them out for good?

17 Washington versus 21 Southern Cal

It’s interesting the type of impact BYU has on the PAC-12 this season. I three of their first four games,  BYU has played Utah, Washington, and USC.  BYU has lost to both utah and Washington, but beat USC. 

Why is that important? Well because USC might have lost to BYU,  but they have beaten Utah and Stanford. If you think about, USC might be able to beat Washington too.  But Washington crushed BYU after their loss to California and QB Jacob Eason showed why he’s the best in the PAC-12.

Who will come out on top in a very important game that could decide who wins the PAC-12?

Bounce Back Games:

Arizona State versus 15 California:

If their win over Michigan State a few weeks ago,  Arizona State looked to take advantage of their own destiny.
Unfortunately, they lost to a nail-biter to Colorado and have been knocked out of the top 25.

This week isn’t going to be any easier as they have to face a ranked Cal team that has already beaten Washington and made a big statement with their defense and it could be the same this weekend.

20 Michigan versus Rutgers:

Michigan took a huge loss to Wisconsin in a big conference game that raises major concern for the Wolverines.  They were one of the favorites to win the Big Ten, but this loss has set them back.

They will need a big win over Rutgers to bounce back which we all hope should happen. Despite the loss,  Michigan isn’t eliminated from playoff contention yet. They have plenty of more tough games to go, but they can’t let this one get away from them.

22 Central Florida versus Connecticut

Central Florida did something they haven’t done since 2016 and isn’t nothing good.  Central Florida lost their first regular season game since 2016 after finishing top 10 in each of the last three years.  Central Florida had the nation’s longest winning streak in the regular season snapped against the Pittsburgh Panthers of all teams.  It was a late touchdown that put the Panthers ahead 42-41 and beat the Golden Knights.  The Golden Knights will look to get back on track with a win over Connecticut as they start to enter conference play.

19 Utah versus Washington State

Like I mentioned above,  Utah lost to USC and this put them out of the possible chance at the playoffs. I mean honestly speaking,  the only team in the PAC-12 that may have a chance in the PAC-12 is Oregon. But the Utah Utes are looking to bounce back from their loss against the Trojans with another tough game against a conference opponent.

23 Texas A&M versus Arkansas

Texas A&M will definitely not be in the playoff hunt as they have already lost to Clemson and Auburn.  They also have games against LSU, Alabama  and Georgia, so they will be more focused on trying to be bowl eligible by seasons end.

This game against Arkansas should help them bounce back from a rough start to the season as we continue to go through this season’s journey with them.

Games of Interest:

8 Wisconsin versus Northwestern

After a huge win over Michigan, Wisconsin has joined Ohio State as the favorite in the Big Ten and this could be a good season for them.

This game is a trap game for Wisconsin as they lost to Northwestern last season and everything went down hill from there.

  If Wisconsin gets by Northwestern they only have a few more tough opponents left before being able to find themselves in the conference game and possibly battling Ohio State for a playoff spot. 

6 Oklahoma versus Texas Tech

This is expected to be an offense shootout like most games in the Big XII are. With both teams coming out of a bye week, they have had enough time to prepare for each other and we are looking at forward to see Jalen Hurts lead the Sooners to another win as they look to make their third straight playoff appearance. 

But can Texas Tech really pull off this upset, they honestly don’t look the same without coach Kliff Kingsbury.  They are still a good team,  but that energy isn’t there and maybe they will find it against Oklahoma, but still look forward to having a good game here. 

7Auburn versus Mississippi State

Auburn’s test of the tough SEC started last week and we expect them to continue their battle throughout the whole season as we watch QB Bo Nix continue to do great things with his arm.  This is a trap game for Auburn and could ruin their whole season if it was a loss. Will Mississippi State be able to pull off the upset? Let’s watch this weekend and see what’s in story for us!

Who will get upset this week? Can we see  Notre Dame and Michigan battle their way back into the top 10 before they kick off against each other? Will Washington take the lead in the PAC-12 or will USC once again beat a top 25 ranked conference opponent? Let’s see how all these games play out and what changes will be made?

Collge Football Games to Watch: Week Four

After a week of bounce back games for many teams, we start to get into the more important games of the season and this is where team’s start to eliminate themselves from playoff contention.

“IMG_5817” by MGoBlog is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0

I spoke about Clemson and their easy road back to the playoffs as they look to go undefeated again and run the table in the ACC. But let’s see how things will look for the SEC and Big Ten as they have top 25 match ups this week. Let’s take a look.

Top 25 vs. Top 25:

3 Georgia vs 7 Notre Dame

This was a game that was played two years ago when Georgia QB Jake Fromm first took over from then-Georgia QB Jacob Eason, who got injured. Fromm and the Georgia Bulldogs pulled away with a tough fight and won 20-19 after a late defensive stop by Georgia

This season both teams have their eyes set on the playoffs as they look to make it back there again. The winner of this game keeps their chances alive and the other will likely be eliminated for contention, especially if it’s Notre Dame since they don’t belong in a conference.

11 Michigan vs 13 Wisconsin

This game is a conference game that could be a rematch for the conference title if things go right for each team. Unfortunately, one team has to lose and hope that they can bounce back and continue their run all season.

Michigan has the biggest spotlight on them as they have repeatedly failed to win the the Big Ten title. They haven’t even been able to make it to the title game under coach Harbaugh and this season is full of expectations for the Wolverines.

For Wisconsin, it’s about getting themselves back to the title game as well after having a rough couple of seasons. A loss for either team could likely ruin their chances at a playoff look, but could likely meet again.

8 Auburn vs 17 Texas A&M

Auburn is ready to beat Georgia and Alabama this year again, but before we get there they have to beat Texas A&M. The loser of this game like the first two will likely be eliminated from playoff contention.

Auburn had a tough battle in week one against the PAC-12’s Oregon Ducks as they comeback and won 27-21. Quarterback Bo Nix doesn’t seem to be a bad option for Auburn. But let’s see how they do against the stronger opponents in the SEC and eight of the nine remaining games will be against conference opponents including four of them as top 10 matches.

Texas A&M has an even tougher match up and a lot more to prove after losing to Clemson a few week again. They want to be the top team in the SEC, or at least show that they are better than where they will likely end up.

Bounce Back Games:

Southern Cal vs 10 Utah:

I thought we were going to see a better USC team this year after they found a way to beat conference rival, Stanford, with a new QB. The Trojans offense looked great against the Cardinals, but looked like the same Trojan team we’ve been seeing over the past several years.

This is an important game because despite their loss to BYU, the Trojans are still in the race for a PAC-12 title and a major win over a top 10 Utah Utes team will definitely help their case.

Unfortunately, the Utes are for real this year and they could run the table in the PAC-12 and maybe, just maybe save the PAC-12 a spot in the playoffs. All eyes will be on this game Friday night.

Michigan State vs Northwestern

For the second year in a row, the Michigan State Spartans have lost to the Arizona State Sun Devils. And ironically, it was the same way with a bit of a twist. The twist came off the missed field goal penalty against the Spartans.

But this game against Northwestern is their first important of the Big Ten conference. Northwestern was last year’s runner up to Ohio State and they are out to prove that they can do it again. Fortunately for the Wildcats, they won’t have to worry about the tough task of Ohio State, Michigan and Penn State like the Spartans. Who comes out on top though?

9 Florida vs Tennessee

Florida won their game against Kentucky after their loss to them last year and this should be an easy game for them this week.

So you must be wondering why they are on the bounce back list this week even if they won. That’s because of the loss of their QB. I think the Gators will be fine against the Volunteers this week, but let’s see how the QB rotation works as they get into more tougher match ups on the season.

Games of Interest:

23 California vs Mississippi

California is surprising us all early this season as they have already taken down Washington in a nail-biter. But this game against Mississippi, despite not being ranked, will be a tough one.

I honestly think every match up between the PAC-12 and SEC is a tough one because of how history has been repeating itself. Can California continue their surprising run or will this be the first fall?

22 Washington vs. BYU

As mentioned above, Washington has already lost to California and BYU has lost to Utah, but they beat USC. BYU is an independent team and don’t belong to any conference, but they play their third team from the PAC-12 in as many weeks.

This is a must win for the Washington Huskies as they don’t want to fall in the standings and have to play catch up the rest of the season.

15 Central Florida vs Pittsburgh

Central Florida continues their statement season as they plan to play at least one team from each power five conferences. They took down Stanford last week and they should honestly not have a problem with Pittsburgh.

Can Pittsburgh make a statement though? Can they make noise in the early part of the season and get attention from the bigger teams in the ACC? Let’s see how it works out for both teams.

16 Oregon vs Stanford

Oregon and Stanford have both lost a game so far this season, but Stanford has lost back-to-back games and we are hoping to see them bounce back with a nice upset over the Oregon Ducks. Oregon looks to be one of the favorites in the PAC-12 and they could very well take the title this year.

But Stanford is looking for an reason to be talked about in the conference again, and this win will do some justice for them. Can the Cardinals get the upset?

12 Texas vs Oklahoma State

Texas bounced back nicely against a Rice team and was honestly no match. We expected to see that from Texas and I expect to see more this week against the Cowboys.

But there is still the possibly of the Cowboys hooking them horns and possibly ending whatever slim chance the Long Horns have of making the playoffs! Can we see this Big XII match up be a nail-biter?

24 Arizona State vs Colorado

Arizona State is looking good again early this season and they hope to keep the momentum going as they head into conference play.

I mean yeah a second straight win over the Michigan State Spartans is nice, but the Colorado Buffaloes aren’t a team to take lightly. We should see a good PAC-12 match up in this two teams. But can the Sun Devils continue their hot start? Or will the Buffaloes knock them out the top 25?

Will we have a better week this week than we did last week? Can Texas A&M and Notre Dame upset their opponents? How will other teams rebound from what we saw last week? Let’s stay tuned for week two of the College football season!

College Football games to watch: Week one

This will be a weekly article talking about specific games of the week that we should be watching for that week.

“Tiger Offense” by Parker Anderson is licensed CC BY-ND 2.0

It will include top 25 matchups all season long as we try to find out which four teams will compete in the College Football Playoffs in January.

It’ll also feature some games of teams who are looking to bounce back from a previous loss or an ugly win.

But let’s not forget about the games of interest that will likely have one top 25 team facing either a previous ranked team or a strong opponent (conference and non-conference).

Before we get started on this week, I wanted to take a minute and talk about the Saturday night kickoffs from this past week as we watched No. 8 Florida take down Miami in a good showdown that went to the very end.  We also watched Arizona and Hawaii.

But now, let’s see what we have to watch during the official week one of the College Football season.

Top 25 vs. Top 25:

11 Oregon vs 16 Auburn

This is the only top 25 matchup of this week,  but we will have several of these throughout the season.

For Oregon, it’s about making a big statement in not only the PAC-12, but the world of College Football. If you’ve read my conference previews you would know that the PAC-12 is the weakest of the power five, but with a win over Auburn they will put all teams on high alert. 

For Auburn,  it’s about starting the season off right and taking down a non-conference opponent that is ranked.  It’ll help their chances at the end of the season if they were to beat Alabama and Georgia to take the SEC title. If they were to loss to Oregon,  they would still have a chance at the SEC title, but it would definitely hurt Auburn images.

Bounce Back Games:

None of these teams have lost a game this year to be on the bounce back list, but we are taking it to the back to the bowl games they lost and where it will take them to start this season. 

3 Georgia vs Vanderbilt:

Georgia was a win a way from playing in the College football playoffs again, but a loss in the SEC championship to Alabama ruined that for them.
In the Bowl game against Texas, they had several players not playing as they focused on the NFL combine and getting ready for the draft. That lack of leadership hurt the Bulldogs as they lost to Texas 27-20.

With a win over Vanderbilt, the Bulldogs will quickly take a 1-0 lead in the Conference and turn the corner into a few light weights before having to face Notre Dame, Florida,  Auburn, and Texas A&M later in the season. 

4 Oklahoma vs Houston

Oklahoma not only lost a nail-biter to Alabama in the playoffs,  but they lost QB Kyler Murray to the NFL draft. They faced the same situation the year prior as well, so we know they’ll bounce back nicely.  But will former Alabama QB Jalen Hurts be able to lead them further?

A statement game against Houston will silence the doubters for Hurts as he had to battle for his starting job.  The Sooners will need to saddle up and prove why they will be in the playoff hunt again.

5 Ohio State vs. Florida Atlantic:

The Buckeyes are similar to Oklahoma in the fact that they also have a new QB and they will look to try to bounce back from the loss of Dwayne Haskins.  Ohio State also lost coach Urban Meyer which makes this first game a good one for them.  Of course it should be a win for the Buckeyes, but this game will allow everyone to get comfortable with each other. 

How will QB Justin Fields and coach Ryan Day do together in their first year with the university? That’s the biggest question for this Buckeyes season that should be answered early in this first game.

9 Notre Dame vs Louisville:

Notre Dame got embarrassed by Clemson in the playoffs and looked like they should’ve never been there in the first place. I honestly don’t think they deserve to be in the top 10 in rankings either.

But they will have their chance to prove themselves worthy of it this year with games like Georgia and Michigan in back to back weeks.

This season opener against Louisville will be the first of many test as the fighting Irish look to bounce back from the great season that ended terribly.

17 Central Florida vs Florida A&M:

Central Florida saw their 27-game winning streak snapped against LSU in their bowl game last year. Central Florida was trying to prove themselves worthy of a playoff spot after being ignored by the committee.

The loss means that Central Florida has to start a new streak of wind and earn their spot in the top 10 again this season.  Can they do it though? With games like this Florida A&M game, Central Florida will once again be out of the playoff picture. 

Their only chance of anything is if they managed to beat Stanford and Stanford finishes the year good. But let’s just watch as Central Florida tries to start a new winning streak and see how things go for them.

Games of Interest:

Now for the Games of interests, we look into ranked teams taking on teams who were ranked or had winning records last season. 

1 Clemson vs Georgia Tech

Clemson is the reigning National champion, so you know they have to be featured on the first weekly addition games to watch. Clemson is a favorite to win it all again and they have shown us why over the last four years. They will be coming into this season being live on the brand new ACC Network where they look to fight off the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets.

Georgia Tech is looking to add momentum to their season with a new offense and head coach.  They want to prove that they are one of the team’s that can be a tough competition in the ACC. How will they do this season for the first time without Paul Johnson as head coach?

14 Utah vs BYU

The Utes finished their season in the conference championship game against Washington and they want to be able to do that again this year.  But they have to play better against non-conference opponents like in-state rival, BYU.

I think this can be a big year for Utah again as long as they can take care of the weaker teams that they face like this BYU team.  BYU surprised us all when they upset Wisconsin last season.  BYU is another one of those teams that are independent and they try to prove that they should be.

But let’s see if BYU can get another win over the top 25 opponent again?

19 Wisconsin vs South Florida

Speaking of Wisconsin, they look to rebound from a season that was less than what they are expected of doing. That BYU loss last year really hurt them and their motivation to compete last year. 

They still had a chance to play in the conference championship game until they lost to Northwestern.

Wisconsin went through several changes this summer and hopefully it’ll help them find their way to big wins again. Let South Florida be the first of may successful wins this season for Wisconsin.

25 Stanford vs Northwestern

Stanford has a difficult non-conference schedule and they are looking to take advantage of it. The more challenges they have the better it looks in the rankings when they try to move up. Stanford is hungry for a PAC-12 title and this is the first step to it all.

For Northwestern,  it’s about proving they can win non-conference games.  That was were the struggled last year, but this season is looking to be different.  If Northwestern wants to have success in the Big Ten again this season,  it’ll have to come from outside the conference.

So who will come out on top? Watch this game and all the others as we kick off the real start to the College football season tonight,  Thursday, Aug. 29. Also don’t forget to stay tune for next week’s games to watch.

2019 NCAA Football Prediction: Championships/Playoff

By now, you have seen where I ranked each team in all the power five conferences. But now we will take a look at all the Conference Championship games and which teams will be in the Playoffs. 

National Championship Trophy” by Penn State is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

We will also take a look at who wins the National Championship and the 2019 Heisman winner. Will the Heisman winner be another player from Oklahoma like it was the past two seasons (Baker Mayfield and Kyler Murray) or is it Alabama’s Tua Tagovailoa to take?

Let’s first start with the Conference Championship:

PAC-12 Championship:  

Washington (10-2) versus Utah (9-3)

Winner: Washington

BIG TEN Championship:

Michigan (10-2) versus Iowa (9-3)

Winner: Michigan

Big XII Championship:

Oklahoma (11-1) versus Texas (10-2)

Winner: Texas

SEC Championship:

Alabama (11-1) vs.  Georgia  (11-1)

Winner: Georgia

ACC Championship:

Clemson (12-0) vs. Miami  (8-4)

Winner: Clemson

Now that we know all the conference champions, let’s see how makes the playoffs and why?

College Football Playoffs:

1. Clemson versus 4. Alabama
2. Georgia versus 3. Michigan

It’s clear that Clemson, Alabama, and Georgia are likely the top three teams in the nation and if they do as predicted, they will easily make it to the playoffs regardless of what happens in their conference championship.

But Michigan will surprise a lot of folks, coach Harbaugh has a lot of pressure on him this year to actually do something. As you read in the Big Ten, Ohio State has a new QB, new coach, and new system which helped Harbaugh sneak in a win in the season finale to get to the championship game.

But it wasn’t until Oklahoma’s loss to Texas in their conference championship that Michigan made it.  Kind of how we saw things play out last year between the two conferences.

But how will Michigan fair in the game against Georgia? We’ll talk about that in the National Championship section below.  But first,  let’s see how will win the 2019 Heisman trophy.

Heisman Trophy Winner:

Tua Tagovailoa, QB, Alabama

Heisman Trophy Runner-Up:

Trevor Lawrence, QB, Clemson

Heisman Trophy Third Place:

Sam Ehlinger,  QB,  Texas

Although,  Ehlinger and Texas didn’t make the playoffs, he continuously puts up huge numbers including the most passing touchdowns in the season. But Tua and Lawrence are the best two QBs on the best two teams, and there’s no arguing that they deserve to be the winners. 

Tua wins the Heisman, but will he revenge his loss to Clemson a year ago with another win in round 5 of their playoff meeting? Let’s find out who makes it to the National Championship!

National Championship:

1. Clemson versus 2. Georgia

Winner: Georgia 

Okay, this may be a bit of a stretch, but Kirby Smart didn’t come to the 

Georgia Bulldogs just to sat at home and watch his mentor, Nick Saban, continue to win National Championships. It’s got to happen someday, so why not let it happen this year. I mean this is likely the best team that Georgia has had since Smart as taken over.

I know that’s saying a lot seeing that they lost several offensive players to the NFL over the past few years, but every great team like Clemson and Alabama do. It’s a matter of how well the team plays with the new pieces and this will be the best season of Georgia QB Jake Fromm’s college career. 

If you don’t think that the Georgia Bulldogs have a chance, let’s watch how they plan this season and take a look at the important games of the week as we are officially set to kick off the College season at full. 

2019 NCAA Football Predictions: Atlantic Coastal Conference

After seeing where all the other teams will finish in Conference, we’ll now take time to find out where the reign National Champions will finish in theirs.

Can anyone really beat the Clemson Tigers? Will Clemson have another undefeated season? Let’s see who can beat them!

“Going after the ball” by Seth Youngblood is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Clemson is the team to beat in the nation, they have been in the playoffs for the last four seasons winning twice, but there’s always been a lot of talk about Miami,  Florida State, and the rest of the ACC trying to take down Clemson. But let’s face it, it probably won’t be this season either. 

ACC Atlantic:

  1. Clemson Tigers:

2018 record: 15-0

Bowl Result: Beat Notre Dame (30-3) in the Cotton Bowl/ Beat Alabama (44-16) in the National Championship Game

2019 Prediction: 12-0

2. Syracuse Orange:

2018 record: 10-3

Bowl Result: Beat West Virginia (34-18) in the Camping World Bowl

2019 Prediction: 10-2

3. Florida State Seminoles:

2018 record: 5-7

Bowl Result: N/A

2019 Prediction: 8-4

4. North Carolina State Wolfpack:

2018 record: 9-4

Bowl Result: Lost to Texas A&M (52-17) in the Taxslayer Bowl

2019 Prediction: 7-5

5. Wake Forest Demon Deacons:

2018 record: 7-6

Bowl Result: Beat Memphis (37-34) in the Birmingham Bowl

2019 Prediction: 5-7

6. Boston College Eagles:

2018 record: 7-5

Bowl Result: Bowl Game Cancelled

2019 Prediction: 5-7

7. Louisville Cardinals:

2018 record: 2-10

Bowl Result: N/A

2019 Prediction: 3-9

This will be Clemson’s conference again this year, the only way I see it not going in their favor is if they get upset by an unexpected opponent,  like maybe Virginia or Duke.  Clemson will be in the playoffs in January, but who will get there with them?

I think that Syracuse and Florida State will be better than last year and give Clemson a tough fight in the Atlantic division. But can Miami or anyone else get them a run for their money?

ACC Coastal:

  1. Miami Hurricanes:

2Now that we went through each of the divisions, we can turn our attention to the Conference Championships and see who will win each one? Also talk about Oklahoma\’s Heisman winners and who will get it this year? 018 record: 7-6

Bowl Result: Lost to Wisconsin (35-3) in the Pinstripe Bowl

2019 Prediction: 8-4

2. Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets:

2018 record: 7-6

Bowl Result: Lost to Minnesota (34-10) in the Quick Lane Bowl

2019 Prediction: 7-5

3. Virginia Tech Vokies:

2018 record: 6-7

Bowl Result: Lost to Cincinnati (35-31) in Military Bowl

2019 Prediction: 7-5

4. Pittsburgh Panthers:

2018 record: 7-7

Bowl Result: Lost to Stanford (14-13) in the Sun Bowl:

2019 Prediction: 6-6

5. Duke Blue Devils:

2018 record: 8-5

Bowl Result: Beat Temple (56-27) in the Independence Bowl

2019 Prediction: 6-6

6. Virginia Cavaliers:

2018 record: 8-5

Bowl Result: Beat South Carolina (28-0) in the Belk Bowl

2019 Prediction: 6-6

7. North Carolina Tar Heels:

2018 record: 2-9

Bowl Result: N/A

2019 Prediction: 2-10

I like Miami winning the Coastal division and taking on Clemson in the Conference Championship, but do they have what it takes, NO! I’m not even sure they’ll be ranked this year.

You could give Georgia Tech a chance to win the Coastal, but I don’t think they’ll have their new offense ready until game five.  Also,  don’t forget that they go against Clemson on Thursday night on the brand new ACC Network in week one.  That’s not going to be easy.

Virginia Tech and Pittsburgh will also be trying to get their share of the Coastal division title,  but all the team’s in the ACC will be battling each other and could ultimately end with a lot of teams in the Coastal division having seven to eight wins and earning bowl games.

Several ACC teams have to face Notre Dame as well.  Teams like Louisville, Virginia, Duke, Virginia Tech, and Boston College.


Notre Dame Fighting Irish:

2018 record: 12-1

Bowl Result: Lost to Clemson (30-3) in the Cotton Bowl

2019 Prediction: 9-3

Now Notre Dame might be able to beat all five of those teams, but let’s remind ourselves that their are independent team in college football,  so they have different opponents.

Opponents like Georgia and Michigan as previously mentioned. Those two teams will likely be top 10 all season long and I don’t see Notre Dame surviving either one.

The Fighting Irish is also play a few PAC-12 teams in USC and Stanford as they do every year. It’ll be interesting to see how they play here,  but I think the hungrier teams will win and Notre Dame will fail to make the playoffs.

Now that we went through each of the divisions, we can turn our attention to the Conference Championships and see who will win each one? Also talk about Oklahoma’s Heisman winners and who will get it this year?

2019 NCAA Football Predictions: Southeastern Conference

Now that we got all the other conferences out of the way, let’s focus on the one that everyone will be paying close attention to all season long. That is the SEC and the dominant presence of the Alabama Crimson Tide. 

 Can they continue to be dominant this season and win themselves yet another title? Or will one of the other conferences do it?

GA VS LSU E101318 27” by Tammy Anthony Baker is licensed under CC BY 2.0

We have seen Alabama play a team from each of the other conferences in the semi finals of the playoffs over the last four seasons. Alabama is certainly still the team to beat despite their disappointment in the National Championship game,  but can an SEC team keep the Tide from rolling?

SEC East:

  1. Georgia Bulldogs:

2018 record: 11-3 (with Bowl game including)

Bowl Result: Lost to Texas (28-21) in the Sugar Bowl

2019 Prediction: 11-1

2. Florida Gators:

2018 record: 10-3

Bowl Result: Beat Michigan (41-15) in the Peach Bowl

2019 Prediction: 9-3

3. Kentucky Wildcats:

2018 record: 10-3

Bowl Result: Beat Penn State (27-24) in the Citrus Bowl

2019 Prediction: 9-3

4. Missouri Tigers:

2018 record: 8-5

Bowl Result: Lost to Oklahoma State (38-33) in Liberty Bowl

2019 Prediction: 7-5

5. Tennessee Volunteers: 

2018 record: 5-7

Bowl Result: N/A

2019 Prediction: 6-6

6. South Carolina Gamecocks:

2018 record: 7-6

Bowl Result: Lost to Virginia Tech (28-0) in Belk Bowl

2019 Prediction: 6-6

7. Vanderbilt Commodores:

2018 record: 6-7

Bowl Result: Lost to Baylor (45-38) in the Texas Bowl

2019 Prediction: 4-8

How about Georgia’s chances? Can this be the year that Kirby Smart finds a way to beat his mentor? In order for that to happen, Georgia will need to make sure they can make it to their third consecutive Conference Championship.

The biggest teams in their way are Florida, Auburn, and Texas A&M. They also have a showdown against Notre Dame. 

The Bulldogs will likely need to run the table if they end up losing to any of those teams. The one game they really don’t want to loss the Florida game because that will put the Gators in front seat in East. 

Let’s be honest, I don’t think that any other team in the East has a chance to make the Conference Championship besides the Bulldogs and the Gators. But can Kentucky have the success this year that they had last year?  

SEC West:

  1. Alabama Crimson Tides:

2018 record: 14-1

Bowl Result: Beat Oklahoma (45-34) in Orange Bowl/ Lost to Clemson in National Championship game (44-16)

2019 Prediction: 11-1

2. LSU Tigers:

2018 record: 10-3

Bowl Result: Beat Central Florida (40-32) in Fiesta Bowl

2019 Prediction: 10-2

3. Auburn Tigers:

2018 record: 8-5

Bowl Result: Beat Purdue (63-14) in Music City Bowl

2019 Prediction: 9-3

4. Mississippi State Bulldogs:

2018 record: 8-5

Bowl Result: Lost to Iowa (27-22) in Outback Bowl

2019 Prediction: 8-4

5. Texas A&M Aggies:

2018 record: 9-4

Bowl Result: Beat North Carolina State (52-13) in Taxslayer Bowl

2019 Prediction: 8-4

6. Mississippi Rebels:

2018 record: 5-7

Bowl Result: N/A

2019 Prediction: 6-6

7. Arkansas Razorbacks:

2018 record: 2-10

Bowl Result: N/A

2019 Prediction: 4-8

But let’s hope that it’s the Georgia Bulldogs instead of the other teams.  I really don’t want to see Alabama win it again and Georgia or Clemson will be the only teams to stop them.  I think Alabama has another great season,  but they will get a surprising from either LSU, Auburn, or Texas A&M.

I mean everyone wants to take down the big trunks, but not everyone is big enough.  The Tide literally stomp on their opponents every year on the way to another playoff appearance, and this year may not be any different.

Regardless of Alabama losing one game,  they will still run the tables and earn themselves another chance at the playoffs.

It’s going to be interesting how well Auburn and LSU play against Alabama this year,  as I expect one of them to pull the upset. They are both ranked in the top 10 going into the season,  so let’s see if they can play that. 

Or maybe it’ll have to be the Clemson Tigers from the ACC that does it again for back-to-back titles? Let’s take a look at their chances of doing so in our next article.

Also don’t forget to look at the other conferences either. 

2019 NCAA Football Predictions: Big XII Conference

We are now starting to enter the conferences that have been represented in the College Football Playoffs. With only four spots in the playoffs and five conferences, we have to start looking deeper into the conferences like we did for the PAC-12 and Big Ten


_MG_3673.jpg” by Jackson Lavarnway is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

But in the Big XII all eyes are on Oklahoma and how they will rebound from losing not only one Heisman winner, but back-to-back.

In case you haven’t been keeping up, former Sooner QBs Baker Mayfield and Kyler Murray have won back-to-back Heisman trophies and been drafted No. 1 overall in the NFL draft. But will that be the fate of Alabama transfer Jalen Hurts? Let’s find out!

Big XII Conference:

  1. Oklahoma Sooners:

2018 record: 12-2 (with Bowl game including)

Bowl Result: Lost to Alabama (40-32) in the Orange Bowl

2019 Prediction: 11-1

2. Texas Long Horns:

2018 record: 10-4

Bowl Result: Beat Georgia (28-21) in the Sugar Bowl

2019 Prediction: 10-2

3. Iowa State Cyclones:

2018 record: 8-5

Bowl Result: Lost to Washington State (28-26) in the Alamo Bowl

2019 Prediction: 10-2

4. West Virginia Mountaineers:

2018 record: 8-4

Bowl Result: Lost to Syracuse (34-18) in the Camping World Bowl

2019 Prediction: 8-4

5. TCU Horn Frogs:

2018 record: 7-6

Bowl Result: Beat California (10-7) in Cheez-it Bowl

2019 Prediction: 7-5

6. Oklahoma State Cowboys:

2018 record: 7-6

Bowl Result: Beat Missouri (38-33) in the Liberty Bowl

2019 Prediction: 7-5

7. Texas Tech Red Raiders:

2018 record: 5-7

Bowl Result: N/A

2019 Prediction: 7-5

8. Kansas State Wildcats:

2018 record: 5-7

Bowl Result: N/A

2019 Prediction: 6-6

9. Baylor Bears:

2018 record: 7-6

Bowl Result: Beat Vanderbilt (45-38) in the Texas Bowl

2019 Prediction: 6-6

10. Kansas Jay Hawks:

2018 record: 3-9

Bowl Result: N/A

2019 Prediction: 3-9

Oklahoma has successfully won their conference titles in each of the last two years, and they are still the team to beat. 

I think this is another year where they will dominate the Big XII and it’ll be behind the play of Jalen Hurts, who’s out to prove that he wasn’t the wrong choice for the starting job.

Unfortunately, the Sooners will likely not find themselves in another playoff this year. 

Or maybe they could again, if they can avoid losing twice again this season.  I could see them losing the some games they did a year ago as both Texas and Iowa State are looking to capture the conference title as well.

They both have a good chance because of their schedules. For Texas, it’s their early top 10 matchup with LSU that will likely make or break their season,  how will they bounce back if they loss or can they stay strong after a win. 

For Iowa State, it’s the big in-state rival with Iowa the looks to be their toughest non-conference game.  And that is also an early one in the season. 

If they can manage to keep themselves ahead of the rest then we could see an exciting finish to the Big XII conference.

But don’t forget about West Virginia and Texas Tech has some teams that could surprise us all in the Big XII. 

While we hope for a great finish in the standings here,  we will look at what the SEC has in store for us. As we are officially underway for the college football season.

2019 NCAA Football Predictions: Big Ten Conference

After looking at the PAC-12 and their chances of making the Playoffs, we turn our attention to the Big Ten and how things might change this year

Beanie Wells …. 59 yard run in the first quarter” by Scott Stuart is licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0

Things like the new era of “The” Ohio State Buckeyes.  Ohio State starts the season with a new head coach after Urban Meyer stepped down. They will also start with a new attitude after missing out on the playoffs for the second straight season. But can Michigan or Penn State stop them,  let’s find out!

Big Ten East:

  1. Michigan Wolverines:

    2018 record: 10-3

    Bowl Result: Lost to Florida (41-15) in the Peach Bowl

    2019 Prediction: 10-2

  2. Ohio State Buckeyes:

2018 record: 13-1

Bowl Result: Beat Washington (28-23) in the Rose Bowl

2019 Prediction: 11-1

3. Penn State Nittany Lions

2018 record: 9-4

Bowl Result: Lost to Kentucky (27-24) in Citrus Bowl

2019 Prediction: 9-3

4. Michigan State Spartans:

2018 record: 7-6

Bowl Result: Lost to Oregon (7-6) in the Red Box Bowl

2019 Prediction: 9-3

5. Maryland Terrapins:

2018 record: 5-7

Bowl Result: N/A

2019 Prediction: 5-7

6. Indiana Hoosiers:

2018 record: 5-7

Bowl Result: N/A

2019 Prediction: 5-7

7. Rutgers Scarlet Knights:

2018 record: 1-11

Bowl Result: N/A

2019 Prediction: 2-10

New Buckeyes coach, Ryan Day, has some big shoes to fill in Ohio.  Over the last two seasons, Ohio State has won two Big Ten championships and a bowl game in each season, but they have failed to make it into the playoffs and that’s where they really want to be.  I don’t think this will be the year that they do it either.

I predicted that last year was the year for the Michigan Wolverines, but with Urban Meyer out if Ohio State I think Michigan can do it.

Penn State has a chance again this year too,  but I think   the Nittany Lions will loss to both the the Buckeyes and the Wolverines.

Buckeyes will loss to Michigan for their only loss of the season, but still finish second in the standings because of it.

With Michigan’s win over both Penn State and Ohio State they finally get to where they want to be.  They will also loss against Notre Dame and Iowa,  but still finish ahead of Ohio State because of the win against them. 

Speaking of Iowa,  let’s see how they do in the West. 

Big Ten West:

  1. Iowa Hawkeyes:

2018 record: 8-5

Bowl Result: Beat Miami (35-3) in the Pinstripe Bowl

2019 Prediction: 9-3

3. Northwestern Wildcats:

2018 record: 9-5

Bowl Result: Beat Utah (31-20) in the Holiday Bowl

2019 Prediction: 8-4

4. Nebraska Cornhuskers:

2018 record: 6-7

Bowl Result: Lost to Auburn (63-14) in the Music City Bowl

2019 Prediction: 6-6

6. Minnesota Golden Gophers:

2018 record: 7-6

Bowl Result: Beat Georgia Tech (34-10) in Quick Lane Bowl

2019 Prediction: 6-6

7. Illinois Fighting Illini:

2018 record: 4-8

Bowl Result: N/A

2019 Prediction: 4-8

Last year, we saw Northwestern surprise us and make it to the Big Ten Conference championship, I don’t think that’ll happen again.  They will be every competitive, but their schedule is a bit rough on them. They face six teams ranked this year and I think they can get three wins from it, but it’ll be tough.  I can’t image Northwestern doing it again!

Wisconsin struggled last year,  but should look to rebound with a better season and get themselves bowl eligible, but a key loss to Iowa is what held them back from winning the West. 

But now it’s back to Iowa and how well they will do this season. Iowa has an easier schedule early on in the season and that should allow them to get comfortable together before entering real conference play. Iowa has an in-state rivalry game with Iowa in week 3, and that could be one of the losses they get, but with Michigan and Penn State in back-to-back, I could see Iowa falling out shortly before coming up with big wins over both Northwestern and Wisconsin to keep them atop the Big Ten West. 

Can one of these Big Ten teams make the playoffs again this season? Will it be Michigan’s time to make the playoffs are will they fail to do it again and put coach Jim Harbaugh’s job in jeopardy. Or will it be another year from Ohio State fighting their way in? 

Before we get to that, we’ll take a look at the Big XII next!