NFL Fantasy Waiver Wire: Week Five

We are now a quarter of the way through the 2019 NFL season and we are getting a closer look at how our teams are looking.

“D.J. Swearinger, Jack Doyle” by KA Sports Photos licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0


I hope you have continued to find the right pieces to make your team better. Were you able to drop guys like RB Wayne Gallman and TE Will Dissly and they helped lead you to victory.

Let’s see what players could help you do that this week as we check out the waiver. 


  1. Jacoby Brissett, Indianapolis Colts, 67.9 percent availability
  2. Kirk Cousins, Minnesota Vikings, 71.4 percent availability
  3. Gardner Minshaw II, Jacksonville Jaguars, 85.7 percent availability
  4. Mason Rudolph, Pittsburgh Steelers, 87.2 percent availability
  5. Joe Flacco, Denver Broncos, 96.2 percent availability 

Brissett continued to show us that he’s not bothered by the players around him. Despite not having WR T.Y. Hilton last week, Brissett still had a nice game finding both TEs for touchdowns, but it was on a losing effort.  This week will likely be another loss,  but he and the Colts are going to have the tough task of going up against the Kansas City Chiefs and we hope to see Hilton return and help Brissett try to beat the Chiefs in a potential shout out. 

Cousins will be looking to rebound from a tough outing against the division rival, Chicago Bears.  Cousins and the Vikings WR need to get things going again of they plan to win games and make playoffs.  This week against the Giants we should expect to see more of an offensive game for Cousins.

Minshaw has lead his team to another impressive win.  He has given everything he could in the final game winning drive against Denver.  This week,  he has the shaky Panthers defense to worry about. And let’s be honest,  it’s going to be a huge load of the running backs again.  I think Minshaw will use RB Leonard Fournette to set up the passing game.

Rudolph continues to show us improvement on a week to week basis.  But this week it was the heavy load for both RBs in the Steelers playbook. We hope to continue to see success in the passing game and hopefully you can add him to play alongside the WR that no body wants in JuJu Smith-Schuster. For the sake of my team and many others,  Rudolph needs to find JuJu more targets. 

Flacco will likely be on here weekly as many people sleep on what he is able to do for the Broncos offense.  Look to WRs Emmanuel Sanders and Courtland Sutton to help bring Flacco’s value up. In a divisional match up this week against the Chargers, Flacco could look to continue to find a connection with his receivers as they try to pick up their first win of the season after having lost by a game-winning field goal in each of the last two weeks.

Running Backs

  1. Wayne Gallman, New York Giants, 38.1 percent availability
  2. Jordan Howard, Philadelphia Eagles, 44 percent availability
  3. Darrell Williams, Kansas City Chiefs, 55.7 percent availability
  4. Ronald Jones II, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, 58.8 percent availability
  5. Jaylen Samuels, Pittsburgh Steelers, 80.8 percent availability

Gallman is a must add if he is still available to do so. We saw how big of a role he had in the Giants offense with the absence of RB Saqoun Barkley. I have to admit, I love the young guys on the Giants team out here balling out. Gallman has been trying to prove himself worthy of a spot in the rotation and with Barkley out, he’ll be shining bright. Look for him to continue to find a strong connection with QB Daniel Jones as they look to surprise us all and continue to bring back the explosive offense we all missed.

Howard may or may not have as great of a game as he did last Thursday night against the Packers, but he has certainly given himself the lead in the Eagles backfield. I am literally shooting myself in the foot because I drafted Howard and used him as a trade asset to only find out that he was on the waivers and I’ll probably not be able to get him, but you should jump on him when you can because I can continue seeing him doing much of what he did as a member of the Chicago Bears. 

As long as Damien Williams is out, Darrell Williams should be an option for your team. Darrell did a great job in week four as he was splitting snaps with LeSean McCoy. He added two more touchdowns in his season. Keep an eye on the status of Damien before making this addition. 

Jones is slowly having himself a nice season, it’s a bit surprising to be honest because of how the offense is playing. Coach Bruce Arians has really helped the Buccaneers get to a 3-1 record early on and they look like a team that has a real chance. Jones looks like the RB that the Buccaneers drafted last year from Southern Cal and he is slowly getting more and more carries from starting RB Peyton Barber.

Samuels and Conner were the highlight of the Steelers first win of the season and I could honestly see Samuels continue to have a similar role in the future weeks. Like I said before with the addition of Rudolph, until the WRs get figured out with him, Samuels will be a key role to the Steelers future success. 

Wide Receivers

  1. Golden Tate, New York Giants, 48.3 percent availability
  2. John Brown/Cole Beasley, Buffalo Bills, 40.9/79.4 percent availability
  3. Geronimo Allison, Green Bay Packers, 72.8 percent availability
  4. Diontae Johnson, Pittsburgh Steelers, 93.8 percent availability
  5. A.J. Brown, Tennessee Titans, 96 percent availability
  • Tate signed with the Giants this offseason as they were looking to find another piece to catch the ball after trading Odell Beckham Jr. to Cleveland. Tate was dealing with a suspension for the first four weeks of the season and he is set to make his season debut. With the new energized offense, Tate could be a nice sneaky addition to your team as we look to find somebody to help us find bye week replacements. 

    Brown and Beasley have continued to be a big part of the Bills success along with QB Josh Allen. I do think that they will continue to be in the big role as they have been this season. The Bills ability to run the ball is also a bonus for this team as they look into the position of being a playoff team.

    Allison had a rocky start to the NFL season, but Davante Adams likely out for their game against the Cowboys with a turf toe, Allison becomes more valuable. Allison was expected to be the WR2 for the Packers when the season started, but it’s been a mixture of him and Marquez Valdes-Scantling. I expect to see Allison have a lot of success within the next few weeks. 

    Johnson is the only Steelers receiver that is having success and I don’t think of it too much, but I do think that Johnson could continue to be a part of the Steelers passing game, especially with the recent struggles of JuJu Smith-Schuster. Johnson was the fourth WR on the depth chart coming into week three and he is now WR2 behind JuJu. Johnson has grabbed a touchdown in each of the last two weeks and he could see an increased role.

    Brown had a breakout game against the Falcons where he scored his first two career touchdowns and this could be a bright spot for him and his rookie season as the Titans look to continue to get things right on the offense side. Add Brown and keep an eye on him as a good sleeper in the league. 

    Tight Ends

    1. Will Dissly, Seattle Seahawks, 32.7 percent availability
    2. Jack Doyle, Indianpolis Colts, 78.2 percent availabilty
    3. Dawson Knox, Buffalo Bills, 96.3 percent availability
    4. Cameron Brate, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, 99.6 percent availability
    5. Chris Herndon, New York Jets, 91.9 percent availability

    For the third week in a row we have a Will Dissly touchdown catch. It looks to be healthy and he will have an even more important role now that the Seahawks traded Nick Vannett to the Pittsburgh Steelers. I’m excited to see him do this all year long. 

    Doyle was having some early success on Sunday in their loss against the Raiders and he is looking like he’ll have another successful season. I think that the Colts will continuously use Doyle and Ebron alongside WR T.Y. Hilton. 

    Knox is another piece to the young Bills offense that we could see have success as the weeks go on. With Josh Allen at Quarterback, the Bills offense looks like it could make some noise this season. 

    Brate is part of the Buccaneers offense that we expect to see continuing to have success. The Buccaneers are surprisingly having a strong start and we are not going to expect the big numbers every week, but Brate is becoming a better addition to our lineups.

    Herndon has one more have
    game left on his four game suspension and he could be a nice addition to your team as the bye weeks come. Herndon might be able to help the Jets offense move the ball more with his presences as a pass catcher. Of course,  we don’t expect him to outshine RB Le’Veon Bell but it could help Bell get more receptions too. Add Herndon has  bye week replacement and see how he does because you won’t need to worry about his bye either.


    Let’s make week five better than the last and hope that you pick up the right players to help you win as we start hitting the ground running.


    College Football Games to Watch: Week five

    Okay, I did not see that coming! I mean who really did? The number of top 25 teams that lost this week surprises me, but it’s not that shocking because we get it every year. How many will lose in week five? How about them bouncing back?

    IMG_5573 by John Martinez Pavliga is licensed under CC BY 2.0

    Of those eight teams that lost was the Central Florida Golden Knights who had the longest active winning-streak in the regular season snapped in their 35-34 loss to the Pittsburgh Panthers.

    We also saw Arizona, Utah, TCU and Washington State loss to unranked opponents.  Michigan, Texas A&M and Notre Dame lost tough games against ranked opponents.

    This makes for an interesting rest of the season as most of teams likely knocked themselves out of the playoffs already. Despite Michigan losing, they could still make playoffs if they do what they are suppose too.  But let’s see about the rest of the teams as we take a look at this week’s top games.

    Top 25 vs. Top 25:

    10 Notre Dame versus 18 Virginia

    Notre Dame fought hard to try to upset the No. 3 team in the country, Georgia. They looked to have the Georgia Bulldogs beat early in the first half with their tough defense until Georgia found a way to open up the run game and take over. 

    Unfortunately, with that loss, Notre Dame’s chances of making the playoffs are very slim despite still being a top 10 team.  A win against an undefeated ranked opponent like Virginia might help them a little bit,  but I could also hurt them. 

    See Virginia isn’t expected to finish in the top 25 anyways.  They still have to play some of the better competition in the ACC like Clemson, so this game is important if they want to stay relevant! Can the Cavaliers fight the Irish and knock them out for good?

    17 Washington versus 21 Southern Cal

    It’s interesting the type of impact BYU has on the PAC-12 this season. I three of their first four games,  BYU has played Utah, Washington, and USC.  BYU has lost to both utah and Washington, but beat USC. 

    Why is that important? Well because USC might have lost to BYU,  but they have beaten Utah and Stanford. If you think about, USC might be able to beat Washington too.  But Washington crushed BYU after their loss to California and QB Jacob Eason showed why he’s the best in the PAC-12.

    Who will come out on top in a very important game that could decide who wins the PAC-12?

    Bounce Back Games:

    Arizona State versus 15 California:

    If their win over Michigan State a few weeks ago,  Arizona State looked to take advantage of their own destiny.
    Unfortunately, they lost to a nail-biter to Colorado and have been knocked out of the top 25.

    This week isn’t going to be any easier as they have to face a ranked Cal team that has already beaten Washington and made a big statement with their defense and it could be the same this weekend.

    20 Michigan versus Rutgers:

    Michigan took a huge loss to Wisconsin in a big conference game that raises major concern for the Wolverines.  They were one of the favorites to win the Big Ten, but this loss has set them back.

    They will need a big win over Rutgers to bounce back which we all hope should happen. Despite the loss,  Michigan isn’t eliminated from playoff contention yet. They have plenty of more tough games to go, but they can’t let this one get away from them.

    22 Central Florida versus Connecticut

    Central Florida did something they haven’t done since 2016 and isn’t nothing good.  Central Florida lost their first regular season game since 2016 after finishing top 10 in each of the last three years.  Central Florida had the nation’s longest winning streak in the regular season snapped against the Pittsburgh Panthers of all teams.  It was a late touchdown that put the Panthers ahead 42-41 and beat the Golden Knights.  The Golden Knights will look to get back on track with a win over Connecticut as they start to enter conference play.

    19 Utah versus Washington State

    Like I mentioned above,  Utah lost to USC and this put them out of the possible chance at the playoffs. I mean honestly speaking,  the only team in the PAC-12 that may have a chance in the PAC-12 is Oregon. But the Utah Utes are looking to bounce back from their loss against the Trojans with another tough game against a conference opponent.

    23 Texas A&M versus Arkansas

    Texas A&M will definitely not be in the playoff hunt as they have already lost to Clemson and Auburn.  They also have games against LSU, Alabama  and Georgia, so they will be more focused on trying to be bowl eligible by seasons end.

    This game against Arkansas should help them bounce back from a rough start to the season as we continue to go through this season’s journey with them.

    Games of Interest:

    8 Wisconsin versus Northwestern

    After a huge win over Michigan, Wisconsin has joined Ohio State as the favorite in the Big Ten and this could be a good season for them.

    This game is a trap game for Wisconsin as they lost to Northwestern last season and everything went down hill from there.

      If Wisconsin gets by Northwestern they only have a few more tough opponents left before being able to find themselves in the conference game and possibly battling Ohio State for a playoff spot. 

    6 Oklahoma versus Texas Tech

    This is expected to be an offense shootout like most games in the Big XII are. With both teams coming out of a bye week, they have had enough time to prepare for each other and we are looking at forward to see Jalen Hurts lead the Sooners to another win as they look to make their third straight playoff appearance. 

    But can Texas Tech really pull off this upset, they honestly don’t look the same without coach Kliff Kingsbury.  They are still a good team,  but that energy isn’t there and maybe they will find it against Oklahoma, but still look forward to having a good game here. 

    7Auburn versus Mississippi State

    Auburn’s test of the tough SEC started last week and we expect them to continue their battle throughout the whole season as we watch QB Bo Nix continue to do great things with his arm.  This is a trap game for Auburn and could ruin their whole season if it was a loss. Will Mississippi State be able to pull off the upset? Let’s watch this weekend and see what’s in story for us!

    Who will get upset this week? Can we see  Notre Dame and Michigan battle their way back into the top 10 before they kick off against each other? Will Washington take the lead in the PAC-12 or will USC once again beat a top 25 ranked conference opponent? Let’s see how all these games play out and what changes will be made?

    NFL Fantasy Waiver: Week Four

    What a crazy week of fantasy we saw in week three. I mean it’s already week three and we have seen some huge performances. This week the focus was on how teams will play with their back up quarterbacks.


    “Eagles 2017 jeffrey, agholor, Ertz” by Keith Allison is licensed CC BY-SA 2.0

    So how did it go? We had a total of six new starting QBs in week three and they went 3-3 in their debuts. All these QBs are still available on the waiver, but there’s only two that could be worthy of adding.

    Of the three losing teams: the Pittsburgh Steelers, New York Jets, and the Miami Dolphins, only Steelers’ Mason Rudolph should be thought about. As for Jets’ Luke Falk and Dolphins’ Josh Rosen, don’t even think about it.

    For the winners, I think all of them have a chance to be added to teams as value, but let’s wait on one of them. Below I will talk about which two should be added to your rosters.

    But before we get there let’s talk about the big performances by several WRs this past weekend. There were even some RBs and TEs with big days, I mean I never thought my first win of the season would come off a near 200 point performance. Fortunately, I am some good trades that helped my team with it’s weakness. If you can’t find a trade that works for you, the waiver wire is your best option, and let’s see what’s available at each position.


    1. Jameis Winston, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, 53.4 percent availability
    2. Jacoby Brissett, Indianapolis Colts, 81.6 percent availability
    3. Daniel Jones, New York Giants, 87.3 percent availability
    4. Kyle Allen, Carolina Panthers, 99.4 percent availability
    5. Gardner Minshaw II, Jacksonville Jaguars, 94.8 percent availability

    This is the most important part of your team and it’s success. Several of you might have lost games in earlier week’s for not having a QB with a good game. Last week, we spoke of the injuries to certain QBs like Ben Roethlisberger, Drew Brees and Cam Newton. There was also the benching of Eli Manning and there’s where we start our list.

    But first, we have to add Jamies Winston if you haven’t already because he and WR Mike Evans crushed it Sunday has the two connected for three touchdowns. Winston is getting more and more comfortable in the Bruce Arians scheme, so grab him well he still available.

    Brissett is showing that je is ready to take over as the primary QB in Indianapolis. I mean he doesn’t have any body to take his job, but they are looking like they haven’t lost a step with Andrew Luck’s sudden retirement. The Colts are 2-1 early in the season, and Brissett could look to have another good week against the vulnerable Oakland Raiders defense.

    Jones has saved the New York Giants. He is their “savior” and they will be leaning on him all season long. Unfortunately, RB Saqoun Barkley got hur and is set to miss 4-8 weeks. This means that more pressure will be on Jones, but he handled it well against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and could do the same this week against the Washington Redskins. Grab him now before he’s no longer available.

    Allen filled in nicely for Cam Newton in week three, and we know he could do it again in week four. Ironically, this seems more like a revenge tour for Allen. You see despite having a great NFL debut, Allen grew up in the Arizona area and went to school at Texas Tech before transferring. He transferred to Houston and got benched.

    You see where I’m coming from? Allen left Texas Tech where Arizona Cardinals QB Kyler Murray was his successor and Allen beat Murray this pat week. Week four is the Houston Texans, and he’ll be making an appearance to another familiar city as he attended the University of Houston. I think Allen has the right mindset to pull off the victory over the Texans with another big performance.

    Minshaw was thrown in as a starter in the NFL after a half of the first regular season game. But he is showing improvements weekly and as the season goes on, he’ll be a more valuable piece to the owners who have him especially if he continues to share the ball amongst all his wide receivers.

    Running Backs

    1. Frank Gore, Buffalo Bills, 55.7 percent availability
    2. Rex Burkhead, New England Patriots, 85 percent availability
    3. Jeff Wilson Jr., San Francisco 49ers, 97.3 percent availability
    4. Jamaal Williams, Green Bay Packers, 85.5 percent availability
    5. Darrell Williams, Kansas City Chiefs, 97.5 percent availability

    Gore may be 36 years old, but he is showing he still has plenty left in the tank. With rookie Devin Singletary out nursing an injury, Gore took over the primary role at RB for the Bills. Whether Singletary plays in week four against the Patriots is still unknown, but those who add Gore should still expect him to have a big role.

    Burkhead is outshining both Sony Michel and James White in the New England Patriots backfield. In their week three victory over the New York Jets, Burkhead put up more numbers than Michel and this has Michel owners frustrated. If you have the availability, add Burkhead as a handcuff to Michel and see which one along with White progresses as the season goes on.

    Wilson is on a bye this week, but this could be the best time to grab him off the waivers before anyone does. We have seen Wilson go two straight weeks with two rushing touchdowns an we hope to see this a lot more. Of course, the San Francisco 49ers will likely have Tevin Coleman back after the bye and they have Raheem Morsert and Matt Brieda ahead of Wilson, but he’s still worth a stash on the bench for the future weeks.

    Jamaal Williams has been in the mix a lot for the Green Bay Packers. In week three, he had 61.7 percent of the snaps and he should be able to get more snaps as this new Packers offense looks to get both RBs involved.

    Darrell Williams did a great job in week three as he was splitting snaps with LeSean McCoy. Williams lead the team in rushing and really helped open things up early for the Kansas City Chiefs who were without starter Damien Williams. If Damien or McCoy aren’t set to go, we will see Darrell have another big role.

    Wide Receivers

    1. Marquez Valdes-Scantling, Green Bay Packers, 50.1 percent availability
    2. Demarcus Robinson/Mecole Hardman, Kansas City Chiefs, 37.6/55.7 percent availability
    3. DJ Chark, Jacksonville Jaguars, 59 percent availability
    4. Nelson Agholor, Philadelphia Eagles, 63 percent availability
    5. Phillip Dorsett, New England Patriots, 94.8 percent availability

    Valdes-Scantling is having a break out year so far and I think we will continue to see him have a successful season with QB Aaron Rodgers and WR Davante Adams continuing to have a difficult time connecting due to the opposing defenses. Valdes-Scantling is becoming the second option for Rodgers and he should be added to your rosters as the Packers continue to face tough opponents. Plus, you have to start him against the Philadelphia Eagles secondary that gives up a ton of big plays.

    After questioning which one to add last week, the Chiefs answered it and decided that it’s both Robinson and Hardman. They both had big play touchdown in week three and as long as Tyreek Hill continues to stay out we should see them both get a lot of targets.

    If I told you that DJ Chark, not Dede Westbrook, is the top receiver on the Jacksonville Jaguars would you believe me? Chark has found a real connection with Minshaw and the two look to start turning their season around after struggling the first two weeks. Look for Chark to get another touchdown in week four as he continues to led this Jaguars team in receiving yards and receptions.

    Agholor showed why he is the top choice on the Eagles offense to pick up because of the unknown status of WRs Desean Jackson and Alshon Jeffery. Despite the dropped catches and fumble in week three, Agholor got two touchdowns and helped give the Eagles offense a chance to win the game. With a short week, we hope that Jeffery or Jackson will return, but either way Agholor will be an option, so add him now before he’s gone.

    Dorsett’s value goes up with Antonio Brown no longer on the New England Patriots. In weeks that Brown didn’t play. Dorsett found himself in the endzone for a touchdown. We look for this to be an every week thing as Dorsett takes over as the deep threat guy which is good for him and owners of QB Tom Brady.

    Tight Ends

    1. Eric Ebron, Indianapolis Colts, 54.0 percent availability
    2. Jason Witten, Dallas Cowboys, 58.0 percent availability
    3. Will Dissly, Seattle Seahawks, 75.7 percent availability
    4. Jordan Akins, Houston Texans, 99.7 percent availability
    5. Dawson Knox, Buffalo Bills, 99.7 percent availability

    Ebron didn’t found his way into the end zone in week three, but he had some big plays for the Indianapolis Colts. If WR T. Y. Hilton is not able to go Sunday then Ebron will definitely be the top target for Brissett along side TE Jack Doyle, so add him to your roster before he’s no longer available.

    Witten didn’t find the end zone in week three, instead it was the running back show as the Dallas Cowboys handled the Miami Dolphins. Despite going touchdownless, Witten is still a top target for QB Dak Prescott and we could see him used a lot in their week four showdown with the New Orleans Saints.

    Dissly has back to back weeks with a touchdown catch, and if he stays healthy we could see this all year long. He looks like he is finally back into form and will continue to be a big role in the Seahawks offense because we know how much QB Russell Wilson loves using the TEs in the red zone.

    Akins and Knox are both rookies that made some noise in their week three games. Could this be a good sign of things to come for them this season? As the team’s WRs struggled mildly for both the Houston Texans and the Buffalo Bills, their QBs had to rely on them to get the wins this weekend. How often will they see targets and touchdowns though? That’s something we’ll have to keep an eye on as the bye weeks approach us.


    Let’s make week four better than the last and hope that you pick up the right players to help you win as we start hitting the ground running.

    Collge Football Games to Watch: Week Four

    After a week of bounce back games for many teams, we start to get into the more important games of the season and this is where team’s start to eliminate themselves from playoff contention.

    “IMG_5817” by MGoBlog is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0

    I spoke about Clemson and their easy road back to the playoffs as they look to go undefeated again and run the table in the ACC. But let’s see how things will look for the SEC and Big Ten as they have top 25 match ups this week. Let’s take a look.

    Top 25 vs. Top 25:

    3 Georgia vs 7 Notre Dame

    This was a game that was played two years ago when Georgia QB Jake Fromm first took over from then-Georgia QB Jacob Eason, who got injured. Fromm and the Georgia Bulldogs pulled away with a tough fight and won 20-19 after a late defensive stop by Georgia

    This season both teams have their eyes set on the playoffs as they look to make it back there again. The winner of this game keeps their chances alive and the other will likely be eliminated for contention, especially if it’s Notre Dame since they don’t belong in a conference.

    11 Michigan vs 13 Wisconsin

    This game is a conference game that could be a rematch for the conference title if things go right for each team. Unfortunately, one team has to lose and hope that they can bounce back and continue their run all season.

    Michigan has the biggest spotlight on them as they have repeatedly failed to win the the Big Ten title. They haven’t even been able to make it to the title game under coach Harbaugh and this season is full of expectations for the Wolverines.

    For Wisconsin, it’s about getting themselves back to the title game as well after having a rough couple of seasons. A loss for either team could likely ruin their chances at a playoff look, but could likely meet again.

    8 Auburn vs 17 Texas A&M

    Auburn is ready to beat Georgia and Alabama this year again, but before we get there they have to beat Texas A&M. The loser of this game like the first two will likely be eliminated from playoff contention.

    Auburn had a tough battle in week one against the PAC-12’s Oregon Ducks as they comeback and won 27-21. Quarterback Bo Nix doesn’t seem to be a bad option for Auburn. But let’s see how they do against the stronger opponents in the SEC and eight of the nine remaining games will be against conference opponents including four of them as top 10 matches.

    Texas A&M has an even tougher match up and a lot more to prove after losing to Clemson a few week again. They want to be the top team in the SEC, or at least show that they are better than where they will likely end up.

    Bounce Back Games:

    Southern Cal vs 10 Utah:

    I thought we were going to see a better USC team this year after they found a way to beat conference rival, Stanford, with a new QB. The Trojans offense looked great against the Cardinals, but looked like the same Trojan team we’ve been seeing over the past several years.

    This is an important game because despite their loss to BYU, the Trojans are still in the race for a PAC-12 title and a major win over a top 10 Utah Utes team will definitely help their case.

    Unfortunately, the Utes are for real this year and they could run the table in the PAC-12 and maybe, just maybe save the PAC-12 a spot in the playoffs. All eyes will be on this game Friday night.

    Michigan State vs Northwestern

    For the second year in a row, the Michigan State Spartans have lost to the Arizona State Sun Devils. And ironically, it was the same way with a bit of a twist. The twist came off the missed field goal penalty against the Spartans.

    But this game against Northwestern is their first important of the Big Ten conference. Northwestern was last year’s runner up to Ohio State and they are out to prove that they can do it again. Fortunately for the Wildcats, they won’t have to worry about the tough task of Ohio State, Michigan and Penn State like the Spartans. Who comes out on top though?

    9 Florida vs Tennessee

    Florida won their game against Kentucky after their loss to them last year and this should be an easy game for them this week.

    So you must be wondering why they are on the bounce back list this week even if they won. That’s because of the loss of their QB. I think the Gators will be fine against the Volunteers this week, but let’s see how the QB rotation works as they get into more tougher match ups on the season.

    Games of Interest:

    23 California vs Mississippi

    California is surprising us all early this season as they have already taken down Washington in a nail-biter. But this game against Mississippi, despite not being ranked, will be a tough one.

    I honestly think every match up between the PAC-12 and SEC is a tough one because of how history has been repeating itself. Can California continue their surprising run or will this be the first fall?

    22 Washington vs. BYU

    As mentioned above, Washington has already lost to California and BYU has lost to Utah, but they beat USC. BYU is an independent team and don’t belong to any conference, but they play their third team from the PAC-12 in as many weeks.

    This is a must win for the Washington Huskies as they don’t want to fall in the standings and have to play catch up the rest of the season.

    15 Central Florida vs Pittsburgh

    Central Florida continues their statement season as they plan to play at least one team from each power five conferences. They took down Stanford last week and they should honestly not have a problem with Pittsburgh.

    Can Pittsburgh make a statement though? Can they make noise in the early part of the season and get attention from the bigger teams in the ACC? Let’s see how it works out for both teams.

    16 Oregon vs Stanford

    Oregon and Stanford have both lost a game so far this season, but Stanford has lost back-to-back games and we are hoping to see them bounce back with a nice upset over the Oregon Ducks. Oregon looks to be one of the favorites in the PAC-12 and they could very well take the title this year.

    But Stanford is looking for an reason to be talked about in the conference again, and this win will do some justice for them. Can the Cardinals get the upset?

    12 Texas vs Oklahoma State

    Texas bounced back nicely against a Rice team and was honestly no match. We expected to see that from Texas and I expect to see more this week against the Cowboys.

    But there is still the possibly of the Cowboys hooking them horns and possibly ending whatever slim chance the Long Horns have of making the playoffs! Can we see this Big XII match up be a nail-biter?

    24 Arizona State vs Colorado

    Arizona State is looking good again early this season and they hope to keep the momentum going as they head into conference play.

    I mean yeah a second straight win over the Michigan State Spartans is nice, but the Colorado Buffaloes aren’t a team to take lightly. We should see a good PAC-12 match up in this two teams. But can the Sun Devils continue their hot start? Or will the Buffaloes knock them out the top 25?

    Will we have a better week this week than we did last week? Can Texas A&M and Notre Dame upset their opponents? How will other teams rebound from what we saw last week? Let’s stay tuned for week two of the College football season!

    NFL Fantasy Waiver Wire: Week Three

    Welcome back to another week of Fantasy waiver wire where you will find out which players at each position should be added based on their performance.


    “Josh Allen” by Erik Drost is licensed under CC BY 2.0

    I hope you had a good week in Fantasy. Or maybe it was bad because you started QB’s Drew Brees and Ben Roethlisberger and got little to no points from them.

    Yeah, their performance weren’t what we expected going into the week. But they got serious injuries and we could be looking for replacements.

    There were a few receivers that might have hurt your team too like the ones from the Philadelphia Eagles. So we will have a lot of questions to answer now. How do the injuries affect our fantasy teams? Who is available to add as replacements? Let’s find out!


    1. Josh Allen, Buffalo Bills, 70 percent availability
    2. Matt Stafford, Detroit Lions, 73.9 percent availability
    3. Jimmy Garoppolo, San Francisco 49ers, 75.7 percent availability
    4. Andy Dalton, Cincinnati Bengals, 90.2 percent availability
    5. Mason Rudolph, Pittsburgh Steelers, 99.8 percent availability

    As we look at the available players in the waiver wire, at least one person will be looking for a replacement. Did you have to suffer the loss of Brees or Roethlisberger? Or maybe you have to deal with the struggles of your current QB’s like Cam Newton, Baker Mayfield, or Mitch Trubisky.

    Guys like Allen and Stafford have started their season off strong and we do expect to see them continue this start. I like Allen as I said last week. I think he has the pieces around him to help him succeed this season. If the Bills can get a more consistent run gam going Allen will be able to give us more with his arm.

    Stafford has found himself after a rocky season last year. He has all his key players back healthy and more additions to the team he needs to keep bringing along. Stafford looks more and more comfortable every week, so add him as a QB replacement if you need him.

    I’m still not to convinced that Garoppolo is back to what we think he could be, but if there’s any time to grab and stash it would be now. The Niners offense will have the ball a lot of times if their defense plays the way it was been over the past few weeks. If that happens, Garoppolo can become a top option at QB for the rest of the season. But let’s stash him in the bench for now.

    Despite starting the season 0-2 without their No. 1 WR, Andy Dalton an the Bengals offense has managed to find ways to compete in their games, it’s the defense that needs help. With Dalton healthy, he’s able to find WRs Tyler Boyd and John Ross. The Bengals are still trying to figure out how to get their running game open, and when they do we could expect the field to open more for Dalton. This will be a week by week selection though.

    Rudolph came in as a replacement for the Steelers and he found an instant connection with TE Vance McDonald as the two connected for two TDs in their loss. Rudolph will be the starter for the Steelers for the rest of season and with that we have several more additions to be grabbed on off the waivers.

    Running Backs

    1. Carlos Hyde, Houston Texans, 55.1 percent availability
    2. Giovani Bernard, Cincinnati Bengals, 53.7 percent availability
    3. Raheem Mostert, San Francisco 49ers, 89 percent availability
    4. Jamaal Williams, Green Bay Packers, 90 percent availability
    5. Jaylen Samuels, Pittsburgh Steelers, 74.5 percent availability

    Houston is still trying to get their running game going and Carlos Hyde has played a big role. I wouldn’t add him as a starter just yet, but we should consider adding him and waiting for a big out game that we know he is more than capable of having. If you had to choose between Hyde and Duke Johnson, my choice would be Hyde because he has seen more attempts and it should continue to grow.

    Bernard was added by a lot of us last week in light of Mixon’s injury. Mixon played, but neither one of them really did much against the Niners surprisingly tough defense. I do think that both backs will be featured a lot throughout the season and in passing downs.

    Speaking of the Niners, they have a number of RBs on their team and they like to use them all. We saw it this past weekend as Matt Brieda, Raheem Mostert, and Jeff Wilson Jr. all had great games for the Niners. I expect to see Brieda and Mostert continue their strong performances throughout. And as long as Tevin Coleman is out of action, Mostert should be a valuable pick up in fantasy.

    After a rough week one for the Packers backs, they turned the corner and show us what the future weeks look like. That’s where both Aaron Jones and Jamaal Williams come in at. And I honestly think that both of the RBs will be featured throughout the season to help QB Aaron Rodgers and the WRs. Expect to see more from Williams in both the running game and passing.

    Samuels is a just-in-case add because you want to make sure that you have the handcuff of James Conner if he is not able to suit up on Sunday. I still like Samuels in a PPR league because of the situation that the Steelers are in with Rudolph at QB. The whole Steelers offense will probably look different with Rudolph being the QB, but I think it might be a better move for them.

    Wide Receivers:

    1. James Washington, Pittsburgh Steelers, 39.9 percent availability
    2. John Brown, Buffalo Bills, 43.2 percent availability
    3. Terry McLaurin, Washington Redskins, 59 percent availability
    4. Demarcus Robinson/Mecole Hardman, Kansas City Chiefs, 99 percent/61.7 percent availability
    5. Nelson Agholor, Philadelphia Eagles, 95.6 percent availability

    Speaking of the Steelers offense, the biggest player talked about is James Washington as he could likely be the top WR in their offense. No I haven’t forgotten about JuJu Smith-Schuster, but Rudolph’s guy is going to be Washington. They played together in college at Oklahoma State, so the chemistry is already there and we should see a lot from Washington this season.

    The Bills offense has been looking good so far, and John Brown is a big reason why. QB Josh Allen has weapons to throw too and the Bills look to be a good team and compete for a playoff spot or maybe even a division title…

    McLaurin is a knight in shining armor for the Redskins. He has came out of no way this season and I can see him continue to be a big part of the Redskins offense as he continues to gain trust from QB Case Keenum. With the Redskins running ability limited with the injuries, McLaurin will get more opportunities in the passing plays as a potential No. 1 receiver.

    Is it Robinson and Hardman that you really want? This is tricky because of the way the Chiefs play. I wouldn’t try to get both, but one is a good pick up and that’s probably only until Tyreek Hill returns. If you really need them then go for it, but I would wait to see which one is more consistent.

    Agholor is the top choice on the Eagles offense to pick up because of the unknown status of WRs Desean Jackson and Alshon Jeffery. If one or both of those guys are out this week, Agholor will get more targets and he could be valuable in team owners of Jackson and Jeffery.

    Tight Ends:

    1. Greg Olsen, Carolina Panthers, 41.3 percent availability
    2. Eric Ebron, Indianapolis Colts, 53.2 percent availability
    3. Jason Witten, Dallas Cowboys, 71.4 percent availability
    4. Tyler Eifert, Cincinnati Bengals, 87.6 percent availability
    5. Will Dissly, Seattle Seahawks, 97.8 percent availability

    Olsen turned back the time in his Thursday Night performance, but it’s still not what we want to see. As NFL fans or Carolina Panthers fans, we want to see touchdowns from Olsen and QB Cam Newton. I think that loss to the division rival, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, is an eye opener and they will hopefully turn their season around together.

    Ebron found his way into the end zone for his first touchdown of the season and we do expect him to continue to be an option in the red zone for the Colts so add him to your roster before he’s no longer available.

    Witten has found himself in the end zone twice in the last two weeks. He’s easily a touchdown guy for the Cowboys and if that’s all he gives you, that’s fine because we will see him in the end zone a lot this season. With the injury to WR Michael Gallup, Witten’s value goes up weekly.

    Eifert struggled in both weeks, but he found his way into the end zone last week and we hope this is a sign of things to come for Eifert as he continues to get back into form and become the dominant TE he once was before all the injuries.

    Dissly started off last season strong for fantasy owners until he got injured and missed the rest of season. He, like Eifert, is looking to continue to get back into form and be a big role in the Seahawks offense because we know how much QB Russell Wilson loves using the TEs in the red zone.


    I hope you pick up the right players to help you win in week three if you fell short last week and make sure to get the QB replacement.

    College Football Games To Watch: Week Three

    We have seen some interesting football so far that included a few ranked teams losing. Both Texas teams that were ranked in the top 25 last week had the tough task of taking on superior opponents.

    “Iowa Beats Iowa State” by Phil Roeder is licensed under CC BY 2.0

    For Texas,  it was a shoot out that helped put LSU over the top and grab a spot in the top four.  Had Texas won,  they might have landed themselves in the top five, but they have season dropped out of the top ten.

    Texas A&M had the task of trying to get revenge on Clemson from their close loss last year, but couldn’t get anything going.  They too are still ranked and will be looking to bounce back. Let’s see who else will be looking to bounce back this week as we do not have any top 25 match ups this week. 

    Bounce Back Games:

    12 Texas vs Rice

    Texas had a hard fought game in their loss to LSU this past Saturday. QB Sam Ehlinger dueled with LSU’s QB Joe Burrow at home.  This week,  Texas stays close to home as they look to rebound from their home loss. Texas might have lost,  but they still have a chance to make the playoffs if they can take of the rest of the season. 

    16 Texas A&M vs Lamar

    Let’s be honest, Texas A&M should enjoy being ranked while they can because they have one of the toughest schedules in all of College Football. They lost to No. 1 Clemson this past week, and they still have dates with Alabama, LSU,  and Georgia who are all in the top four. The Aggies will also have a game against Auburn next week, so we’ll see them on a weekly basis.

    23 Washington vs Hawaii

    Washington was suppose to be a favorite in the PAC-12 and we thought it could be them battling for the conference title this year,  but an early loss to a division foe does not look good for their chances of doing that, especially when that foe was an unranked California team. 

    Washington will restart their season against Hawaii who could be another surprising team for them as we have already seen them beat PAC-12’s Arizona.  Can Washington get things back on the right track?

    Stanford vs 17 Central Florida 

    This was one game that was suppose to be a top 25 match up until Stanford got embarrassed by Southern California and is no longer ranked.

    Even though we are three weeks into the season, I believe that this game against Central Florida will decide the season for Stanford.  They still have games against Washington,  Oregon, and Notre Dame, so this is a must win. 

    But Central Florida is out here trying to prove that they can compete with the Power five conferences,  and a game against the vulnerable Stanford could be what they wanted from all this.

    Games of Interest:

    1 Clemson vs Syracuse

    This is going to be the last tough opponent that the Clemson Tigers have to face all season.  They have the easiest road to the playoffs out of all the teams in the top 25. That’s mainly due to the fact that the ACC isn’t as great as we would hope for it to be.  Clemson will likely be 12-0 and facing another ACC team like Pittsburgh or Miami who will be 8-4.

    But let’s see how Syracuse plays against the Tigers after a disappointing loss.

    9 Florida vs Kentucky

    Kentucky surprised many of us last season as they finished third in the SEC East behind Florida and Georgia.  One of their highlighted games was against Florida last year as they beat them for the first time in 32 years. 

    Kentucky will be looking to do it again this season, but Florida will want revenge, so let’s make sure we keep a close look on this game and see if the Wildcats can continue their streak.

    18 Michigan State vs Arizona State

    This is another rematch from last year that show Arizona State surprise the Spartans in a thrilling game that went down to the wire.  It’s kind of deja vu if you want to call it that because Michigan State was barely ranked and a loss like this knocked them out. Could this be the same fate?

    19 Iowa vs Iowa State

    This is another game that should be a top 25 match up, but due to Iowa State not having a game last week, they got jumped in the rankings and aren’t in there this week,  but they want to prove that they should be.

    With a win over in-state rival Iowa, the Cyclones could make it back to the top 25 and stay there a while.  Both of these teams are looking to gain momentum for the rest of the season as they start to play conference games in the following weeks. 

    20 Washington State vs Houston

    I’m still not sure what to think of Washington State yet.  They are a decent team,  but it’s hard for me to give them a chance to win the PAC-12 with all the competition they have tp go through.

    This game against Houston could help prepare them for the tougher part of schedule ah as they head into conference play.

    24 Southern Cal vs BYU

    Speaking of conference play in the PAC-12, let’s go to USC has they took a lead early in the South division. Their win over Stanford was impressive because of what they did after their starting QB went down in week one.  The Trojans are looking strong after two weeks and they could be the new favorite in the PAC-12. Can they take care of business against BYU? Or will they be upset? Can any of the unranked teams beat the ranked opponents? Will we have a new No. 1? Let’s see what happens with this week’s games, so we watch teams take revenge.

    NFL Fantasy Waiver Wire: Week 2

    Welcome to this season’s NFL Fantasy Waiver Wire list. Each week, we’re going to give you the top five options to pick up off waivers from each position, helping you add some extra points and wins throughout your fantasy season!

    “Mariota to Murray” by Brook Ward is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0


    1. Philip Rivers, Los Angeles Chargers, 33.5 percent availability
    2. Matt Stafford, Detroit Lions, 83.7 percent availability
    3. Marcus Mariota, Tennessee Titans, 93.8 percent availability
    4. Andy Dalton, Cincinnati Bengals, 95.8 percent availability
    5. Case Keenum, Washington Redskins, 98.8 percent availability

    I don’t know how Rivers is still available in 33.5 percent of ESPN leagues. Despite not having RB Melvin Gordon, Rivers is still one of the top options at quarterback this season. He has a lot of offensive weapons, such as receivers Keenan Allen and Mike Williams to pass the ball to. The returns of running back Austin Ekeler and tight end Hunter Henry from injuries last year is also another boost for Rivers, so make sure you pick him up if he’s somehow available in your league.

    Stafford looked a lot better in his week one performance than he did all of last season. Unfortunately, the running game looked like it did over the past several seasons. It’s good for Stafford and those who plan on adding him. He seems to have a good feeling and quick connection with added weapons T.J. Hockenson and Danny Amendola. If he’s on the same page with them, he could put up big points for your fantasy team.

    Mariota has always been an off and on type of quarterback. He and the entire Titans team was on in their week one game. Mariota has a strong connection with both Derrick Henry and Delanie Walker. If the three of these guys are healthy enough to play every game together, they could put up a ton of points. Mariota also has a nice set of receivers to throw the ball to, which could lead to a more consistent year for him.

    Dalton and Keenum were both impressive in their first games, despite not having a lot of their talented players on the field with them. Dalton had to play without receiver A.J. Green, but that didn’t stop him from having a big game with receivers John Ross and Tyler Boyd. For Keenum, it was a chance to prove he is certainly the guy to go to at quarterback in Washington. Keenum made an offense with not many weapons look good in the first half of their season opener. Let’s see if he can continue his hot start against the Dallas Cowboys.


    Running Backs

    1. Justin Jackson, Los Angeles Chargers, 59.6 percent availability
    2. Giovanni Bernard, Cincinnati Bengals, 67.7 percent availability
    3. Carlos Hyde, Houston Texans, 60.6 percent availability
    4. Chris Thompson/Adrian Peterson, Washington Redskins, 81.1/73.7 percent availability
    5. Jamaal Williams, Green Bay Packers, 89.4 percent availability

    As we look at the running back situation of many teams, a lot of factors come into play. For Jackson, it’s about him sharing carries with Ekeler in the Chargers’ backfield. We haven’t seen him get much work yet, as it was the Austin Powers show, but we do expect Jackson to get more and more carries as the season goes on.

    Bernard will be looking to get a lot more of the workload while Mixon nurses his ankle back to full health. If Mixon is expected to miss any time, Bernard will be the main guy to get in this week’s waivers. Bernard is a great addition to have on your roster, as the Bengals are dealing with a lot of injuries already.

    Houston is going with the running back by committee approach, as we saw from their game Monday night. Hyde had a lot of touches and made good progress with them. He was traded to the Texans after running back Lamar Miller went down with a season ending injury. He is expected to have a bigger role as the season goes on.

    Thompson and Peterson are both part of the running back by committee in Washington along with Guice. However, Guice may be missing time and Adrian Peterson is returning from injury. Peterson will look to be the rushing back, as Thompson continues to be the pass catching back for the Redskins. Thompson has that role with the team and would be a nice addition to your team if you’re in a PPR league.

    Williams is a stretch on this list because he and his counterpart, Aaron Jones, didn’t have any success in week one. Based off the passing success of the Green Bay Packers, Williams might be more valuable this season. Add him now while he’s still available in 89.4 percent of leagues.


    Wide Receivers

    1. Tyrell Williams, Oakland Raiders, 36.5 percent availability
    2. John Brown, Buffalo Bills, 64.7 percent availability
    3. John Ross III, Cincinnati Bengals, 95.2 percent availability
    4. Marquise Brown, Baltimore Ravens, 71.8 percent availability
    5. Danny Amendola, Detroit Lions, 96.6 percent availability

    I expect everyone on this list to be added this week after their big performances.

    Williams’ stock rose after all the Antonio Brown drama settled for Oakland. He found himself having a nice game on Monday night, as he had 150 yards and a touchdown in their win over the Denver Broncos. Look to add Williams in all leagues where he’s available before he’s gone. He’ll be the number one target for Derek Carr all season long.

    John Brown had a lot of flashes as the top receiving option last season, and expectations were high for him heading into this one. Brown is the deep threat for quarterback Josh Allen, if he has enough time to get the ball down field to him. Brown should consistently give us 15 points in the standard PPR league, whether it just comes from touchdowns or receptions and yards.

    Ross was questionable to play week one, so that’s probably why he was available in so many leagues. I know I failed to add him this week, and I’ll be trying to sneak him in this week. We expected to see this from him early in the season, as receiver A.J. Green is out with an injury. Ross has moments where he could be great and moments where we could regret adding him, but right now it seems more like greatness, so pick him up if you can.

    There was a show in Miami this weekend, and the Baltimore Ravens brought “Hollywood” along. No one expected QB Lamar Jackson to get five passing touchdowns. We didn’t expect receiver Marquise “Hollywood” Brown to score two of them. We knew he was a speedy receiver, but didn’t know the arm strength of Jackson. I think Brown will have a successful season if he can find ways to keep getting open for Jackson.

    Amendola joined the Lions after a rough year in Miami, and he’s out to prove he’s still got it. He had a nice week one, as he found the end zone with a pass from Stafford. As you might have read above, I’m expecting a better year from Stafford than we saw last season, and Amendola could be a huge part of that success.


    Tight Ends

    1. Mark Andrews, Baltimore Ravens, 49 percent availability
    2. Jimmy Graham, Green Bay Packers, 52.4 percent availability
    3. T.J. Hockenson, Detroit Lions, 70 percent availability
    4. Darren Waller, Oakland Raiders, 73.2 percent availability
    5. Jason Witten, Dallas Cowboys, 85 percent availability

    Andrews still being available in 49 percent of leagues is ridiculous! He’s been talked about as one of the tight ends with a high ceiling this year. If the Ravens’ offense does anything like it did in week one, we should expect to see Andrews continue to put up numbers for our teams, so pick him up now before he’s not available anymore.

    Graham showed us he’s healthy and ready to get back to the touchdown scoring tight end we’re used to seeing. I don’t think he’s an every week starter, but it’s nice having him on the bench when your starter is on bye or when you need an extra guy.

    Hockenson is one of the most talked about rookie tight ends in a long time, and we expect him to continue having success after last week’s performance. With all the pieces on the Lions’ roster, he could be one who stays a consistent weapon for Stafford. I expect him to average 15+ points weekly.

    Waller will be playing the Jared Cook role in Oakland this year, and we got to see a small sample of it on Monday night. Waller didn’t score a touchdown, but he did record several catches. He led the Raiders in targets, and we should expect that to happen more often. Don’t miss your chance to add him, because that 73.2 percent availability will likely turn into 73 percent owned.

    Witten came out of retirement because he knew he still had something left. The Cowboys also struggled to have success with their tight ends last season. With Witten back, that’s another weapon for the Dallas Cowboys offense, and we saw that early, as he scored a touchdown in week one. Look for Prescott to turn to him a lot in the red zone this year.


    I hope you pick up the right players to help you win in week two if you fell short last week. Good luck, and happy picking!

    College Football Games to Watch: Week Two

    We had a nice set of games take place that saw one top 10 matchup excite us all. I think the more exciting news was the victory that the Georgia State Panthers had over the Tennessee Volunteers.

    “GA VS LSU E101318 155” by Tammy Anthony Baker is licensed under CC BY 2.0

    It was the Panthers first ever win over a Power Five conference since joining the football world nearly a decade ago.

    Speaking of Power Five, the Auburn Tigers proved why the SEC is one of the dominant conferences with their comeback win over PAC-12’s Oregon team.

    But this week we get to see how the SEC does against two more of the Power Five in the week’s Top 25 matchups. Let’s see who plays who and how it might look in this week’s version of Games to Watch.

    Top 25 vs. Top 25:

    1 Clemson versus 12 Texas A&M

    The first test goes to Texas A&M as they look to revenge a loss to Clemson last year. A&M came really close to beating Clemson early last season and they want a chance to do it this year.

    They didn’t face QB Trevor Lawrence though, so maybe the story could be different. Especially if Lawrence manages to make silly mistakes like the two first half interceptions he had in week one against Georgia Tech. This Aggies team is tough on defense and we should be in for a defensive showdown.

    6 LSU vs 9 Texas

    But LSU and Texas had an easy victory in week one. LSU looked like the National Champions as they crushed Georgia Southern (55-3) to show that they are back for contention. LSU QB’s Joe Burrow looked good last game and we should see him play well again as a Big 12 defense that also gives up points.

    Regardless of the points that Texas may give to LSU, they will be putting up points too. I mean when you have a QB with the talks of a Heisman, you expect him to do well. I think Texas QB Sam Ehlinger will make the best out of this game and continue to put up 45 points like they did last week against Louisana Tech.

    Bounce Back Games:

    16 Oregon vs Nevada:

    Oregon had their chance to prove themselves worthy of being a top 10 team with a win last week against Auburn. Unfortunately, they had given up a two touchdown lead and let Auburn climb back into it with a 27-21 victory.

    The Ducks would’ve had their eyes on the playoff with a big win like that, but now it’s going to be a bit harder to get there. They will use this game against Nevada to get themselves right before taking on their conference opponents, so let’s see how they do in this bounce back.

    Miami vs North Carolina:

    It’s been two weeks since Miami lost to Florida (24-20) in a nail-biter. Miami was having a lot of success on defense as they were able to get several turnovers from the Gators. The Hurricanes just couldn’t capitalize on the turnovers and made it a win over a top 25 team.

    Instead, they find themselves in an early 0-1 hole trying to finish atop their division and make the conference championship. Can the Canes get their first win on the season against North Carolina and continue to make that fight happen?

    Arizona vs Northern Arizona:

    I’m not sure how we want to look at Arizona and their chances in the PAC-12, but their loss to Hawaii (45-38) a few weeks ago was a bit surprising.

    I knew Arizona wasn’t that good, but Hawaii isn’t a legit opponent and Arizona had all the chances to win this game. I do think they will be able to bounce back from it and a game against Northern Arizona should help get their focus right.

    Games of Interest:

    7 Michigan vs Army

    Michigan opened up their season last week with a 40-21 win over Middle Tennessee and honestly that is a bit concerning to me. Michigan is once again a favorite to win the Big Ten, but they struggled against a team that shouldn’t of had a chance.

    I actually like Michigan’s chances to win this year, but with a tough schedule it’ll be hard to keep up with the struggles.

    A game against a team like Army could be pivotal for Michigan and their season. We know they are capable of seeing big plays by the Wolverines and hopefully they can make it to an epic showdown against Ohio State.

    5 Ohio State vs Cincinnati

    Speaking of Ohio State, they jumped out early with a 28-0 lead as transfer QB Justin Fields shows what he got after leaving Georgia last year. Fields looked good in the 45-21 win over Florida Atlantic, but let’s see how he’ll look against a better defensive team.

    Cincinnati isn’t the best defensive team, but it is a step up from Florida Atlantic and they are a pretty good football team. It’ll be interesting to see how they play against this Ohio State team after beating UCLA (24-14).

    Do the Bearcats have a real chance to surprise us this early in the season? How will it affect Ohio State’s season?

    14 Washington vs California

    How about we take a look at another Georgia transfer in Washington. That transfer would be QB Jacob Eason and he’s ready to prove himself to the world after spending the last few years as a back up to Georgia’s Jake Fromm and Washington’s Jake Browning.

    Eason had a nice performance against Eastern Washington as they won 47-14. But this is his first conference test and it’s not one that should be taken lightly.

    California os one of the most unrated teams in the PAC-12 and they could very well upset Washington if they aren’t careful, so let’s see how Eason will do against them this week because it’s going to be a long battle in the PAC-12 this season.

    23 Stanford vs Southern Cal

    Speaking of long battles, this game is usually done a bit later in the season and it’s one of the most historical games from the PAC-12.

    Both of these teams had some hard fought victories last week. For Stanford, it was a tough Northwestern team that they beat 17-7. USC beat Fresno State 31-23 in a highly surprising offensive game.

    In order for Southern California to beat Stanford, they will once again need to find some offense.

    Southern California might have a tougher season without QB J.T. Daniels who will miss the rest of the season due to an injury suffered against Fresno State.

    Let’s see how Coach Helton plans to replace him and if they can find a way to relay around the defensive and win the game.

    Will we have a better week this week than we did last week? Can Texas A&M and Texas upset their opponents? How will other teams rebound from what we saw last week? Let’s stay tuned for week two of the College football season!