2019 NFL Season: Week 10 picks

Chargers @ Raiders (Thursday night)

The Chargers came out smacked the Packers around, showing us their true potential as a team. If they can play like that every week, they can beat just about anyone. That kind of play will beat the Raiders, but the Raiders are no easy win. They’ve proved to be a lot more competitive, and the competitiveness always comes out for divisional games.

Prediction: Chargers


Giants @ Jets

Both the Giants and Jets are bad teams, but the Jets just lost to the Dolphins. I’ll take the Giants.

Prediction: Giants


Falcons @ Saints

I believe the Saints are the best team in the NFC, possibly the league right now. They’re not taking a loss to their division rivals.

Prediction: Saints


Chiefs @ Titans

There’s a better chance Mahomes returns this week, but even if doesn’t, the Chiefs have proved they can play with anyone with Matt Moore as quarterback. Their game plan is being executed perfectly with Moore. The Titans still don’t seem to have a true identity, which is why they continue to be inconsistent. I’ll take the good game plan against the inconsistency.

Prediction: Chiefs


Ravens @ Bengals

Well, the Bengals are officially the worst team in the league. They’re not beating the Ravens.

Prediction: Ravens


Bills @ Browns

Let’s face it, the Browns are just bad. Yes, they’re still bad. They couldn’t even beat the Broncos without their starting quarterback, although that probably made it harder….. Despite the Bills not playing very many good teams so far, they still have a good record. They’ve proved they’re a better team than the Browns.

Prediction: Bills


Cardinals @ Buccaneers

Both the Cardinals and Buccaneers went blow for blow with two of the best teams in the league in the 49ers and Seahawks. We saw how competitive these two teams can be. Now it comes down to which team can repeat that competitiveness.

Prediction: Cardinals


Lions @ Bears

What happened to Mitch Trubisky and the Bears offensively? They’ve been terrible recently. That has to change if the Bears are going to climb back into the playoff race. The Lions are still a team I think can beat anyone, but also lose to anyone. Which version of them do we get?

Prediction: Lions


Dolphins @ Colts

The Miami Dolphins have won a game! I repeat, the Miami Dolphins have won a game! Can they make it two in a row? The Colts might be without Jacoby Brissett in this one because of injury, but he does have a chance to play. Their chances of winning are better with him, but I think they can still win without him.

Prediction: Colts


Panthers @ Packers

The Packers getting destroyed by the Chargers last week makes me feel like they’re going to bounce back. The only way they don’t win is if they can’t contain Christian McCaffrey, which is hard to do. If they can just contain him even a little bit, I think they’ve got this.

Prediction: Packers


Rams @ Steelers

 The Steelers got lucky getting that win against the Colts last week, but a win is a win. They’ll have to be more than lucky to earn a win against the Rams, though. The Rams may not look like the team we saw last season, but they’re still a winning team who can score at any time. The Steelers might have to play a perfect game.

Prediction: Rams


Vikings @ Cowboys (Sunday night)

Dallas has gotten off to several slow starts this season, which has really hurt them in each of their losses. They started off slow again against the Giants last week, but were able to recover because the Giants couldn’t cash in offensively. If the Cowboys start slow and turn the ball over early against the Vikings, the Vikings will cash in, leaving the Cowboys in another hole.

Prediction: Vikings


Seahawks @ 49ers (Monday night)

In my opinion, the Seahawks are the toughest test the 49ers have had this season. Russell Wilson is playing lights out and is the front runner for MVP. The 49ers have a legit defense, though. We’ll see if the MVP candidate or MVP defense takes control.

Prediction: 49ers

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