Thank you, Dirk Nowitzki!

As the legendary Dirk Nowitzki gets set to start his new life outside of playing basketball, I worked up a thank you letter to him and everything he means to us fans.

As a die-hard Lakers fan, I have witnessed several amazing battles between him and the Lakers. The most significant memory I still hold onto is the 4-0 sweep in the second round of the 2010-11 playoffs that eliminated the Lakers and stopped Kobe Bryant from getting another three-peat. But Nowitzki did so much more, and I wanted to thank him for it!

Dirk Nowitzki of the Dallas Mavericks” by scott mecum is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Dear Dirk,

Thank you!

Thank you for…

Twenty-one years and bringing the German fears.

Everything you’ve given the fans with all your demands.

Being the best European player of all-time, you’ve climbed every mountain there is to climb.

Being a seven-foot shooter means the shots were painless, but you also found a way to greatness.

The 14-time All-Star, you made it look easy and doesn’t matter what the scores are.

Don’t forget about your one MVP; you’re a Hall of Famer to be.

Sixth all-time in points scored, to the greatest you are compared.

The best Maverick in franchise history led his team to one NBA title victory.

The victory that took down the “Big 3” in Miami, but nothing will ever compare to your finale.

The final season that should’ve been years ago has exceeded you to more celebrated milestones.

In the number “41,” a superstar was born. It’s only appropriate you retire at the same age as your number. You’re the tallest guy with the best jumper.

That number with your jersey will be hanging from the rafters because your career mattered.

You will join guys like Rolando Blackman and Brad Davis for all the memories you gave us.

Given the key to the city of Dallas makes you a first ballot.

With your name always hanging in American Airlines Center, the Dallas fans and all basketball fans will cheer forever.

And for that, I say once again, thank you!

You will always be remembered for everything you’ve done.

Now that’s my queue! Take a break, relax and enjoy life. You’e earned it.



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