What you may have missed this weekend: 2/22 – 2/24

And we’re back! I can’t believe it’s been a week already and we have missed so much. At least I hope we didn’t miss that much, but in case you did I’ve got you covered.

There wasn’t much to miss out beside a handful of NBA and College Basketball action that could change the way we see things. So let’s see what happened this weekend that you might have missed.

Cedi Osman” by Erik Drost is licensed under CC BY 2.0


DeRozan’s return to Toronto:

After the Toronto Raptors traded Demar DeRozan and Kawhi Leonard, the moment everyone was waiting for was the return of each player to their former team. Friday night was the return of DeRozan in Toronto, and he got what he deserved, two standing ovations. All game long the Raptors fans were cheering for DeRozan, and it was one of the best games both teams have made of late. DeRozan had the chance to win the game until he committed the turnover at midcourt with his best friend Kyle Lowry guarding him along with Leonard. Leonard poked the ball loose from DeRozan as he attempted to advance the ball up the court. Leonard then scored the go-ahead dunk that ultimately gave the Raptors the 120-117 win over DeRozan and the Spurs.

Lakers visit Pelicans as Anthony Davis sits:

Just days after beating the Lakers beat the Houston Rockets, they turn around and lose to the New Orleans Pelicans who didn’t have Anthony Davis playing in the game. Their loss has gotten Lakers’ superstar LeBron questions the young Lakers sense of urgency as they are battling for a playoff spot.

D’Lo scores 40 on his birthday:

On Saturday, D’Angelo Russell turned 23 years old, and he celebrated his birthday with a 40 point performance in a 117-114 win over Charlotte. Russell has found himself a nice place in Brooklyn after being traded by the Los Angeles Lakers in their quest for the playoffs. But it’s funny how some things work out better for some than it does for others like the Brooklyn Nets being in the playoffs and the Lakers are continuing to struggle to get there.

Bulls top Celtics as two guys scored career-highs:

In a game that should’ve been an easy one for the Boston Celtics ended up being an upsetting loss to the Chicago Bulls. It was a loss for the Celtics that saw Zach Lavine and Lauri Markannen set career highs in points. Lavine scored 42 points while Markannen got 35 points and 15 rebounds. The Celtics were led by Kyrie Irving with 35 points, but it wasn’t enough to match the Bulls great win!

Rockets win big conference game without James Harden:

In one of the biggest games of the year for the Rockets, they decided to sit James Harden due to an illness. That illness has been a result of how great Harden has played. I mean it’s not every day that a player can average 30 points for 32 games in counting. But the Rockets recent win against the Golden State Warriors and they were led by Chris Paul in the absence of Harden. CP3 led Rockets with 23 points and 17 assists in a win over Golden State who had all their players playing too.

Knicks got first home win since Dec. 1st:

It’s been a rough season for the New York Knicks as they have been one of the worse, if not the worst. They have been so bad that they have lost 18 straight home games dating back to Dec. 1st. This win was a good win for the Knicks as they won 130-118 being led by Dennis Smith Jr against the San Antonio Spurs. It was a great win that they even got an Oscar for it! Don’t believe me; check out the story here.


College Basketball:

Losses by top 25 teams:

5 Tennessee to 13 LSU (82-80)
18 Louisville to 3 Virginia (64-52)
16 Florida St to 8 UNC (77-59)
7 Michigan to 10 Michigan State (77-70)
19 Iowa State to TCU (75-72)
17 Villanova to Xavier (66-54)

12 Kansas to 14 Texas Tech (91-62)

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