Will the Browns go 0-16?

Hue Jackson
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A 14 point lead heading into the fourth quarter. Not only a 14 point lead, but a 14 point lead against an Aaron Rodgerless Green Bay Packers team. It looked liked the Cleveland Browns would finally win a game this season, but then the Browns were the Browns. They had played well all game long, but they couldn’t get it done when it mattered most.

After losing in overtime to the Packers, the Browns moved to 0-13 on the season. We’ve been asking ourselves the same question all season long, but with only 3 more games left in the season, we really have to wonder. Will the Browns win a game this year? With this loss to the Packers, the Browns may have thrown away their best chance at winning a game.

The 3 teams left on the Browns schedule are the Baltimore Ravens, Chicago Bears, and Pittsburgh Steelers. Let’s take a quick look at these 3 remaining games for the Cleveland Browns and look at how realistic an 0-16 record might be.

Baltimore Ravens

This is the Browns only remaining home game of the season. I say that as if it matters, which it doesn’t. Despite just losing to the Steelers, the Ravens have been playing pretty well recently, trying to secure a playoff spot. With no room to spare, the Ravens will not let the Browns win this game. Baltimore’s defense has been great for most of the season, especially against the teams with terrible offense’s. Baltimore won the first meeting between these teams 24-10, and I expect this game to have a similar result. In fact, the score may even be much worse, considering the Ravens offense has been playing playoff football over the last few weeks. 99% chance the Browns move to 0-14.

Chicago Bears

This game is probably the best chance the Browns have to win a game. Winning this game depends on what Bears team we’ll see. The Bears are 4-9, which is a terrible record, but they’ve actually been competitive in some games, hanging in there with the Falcons and Vikings, and getting victories over the Panthers, Steelers, and Ravens. While the Bears have had some impressive games, they’ve also had a lot of terrible ones, losing to the Buccaneers, Aaron Rodgerless Packers, and 49ers. If the Bears play like the team who beat 3 probable playoff teams, the Browns move to 0-15. If the Bears play like the team who lost to some of the worst teams in the NFL, the Browns have a shot. It all depends on which Bears team shows up.

Pittsburgh Steelers

Will the Steelers rest their players for this game? It’s very possible they will because they’ll likely have a first round bye locked up. It’s also likely the Steelers could still be competing for home field advantage, depending on what happens in their game against the Patriots. If the Steelers are playing their starters, Cleveland will not win this game. They kept it close in their first game of the season with the Steelers, but this Steelers team is much different than they were in week 1. I’m going to assume the Steelers will play their starters in this game, so the Browns will most likely lose.

How Likely is 0-16?

The answer to the above question is…. very likely. I won’t say it’s 100% for sure, because it really depends on what Bears and Steelers teams we get. Even if we get the bad Bears team and the Steelers backups, the Browns have proven to us 13 times this year that they know just about every way possible to lose a game. Do you think the Browns will win a game this year? If you do, comment below with who you think they’ll beat and why, or let us know why you think they’ll go 0-16!

One reply to “Will the Browns go 0-16?

  1. I can see them beating the Bears they seem to only show up for good teams and have trouble with bad teams. Also even if the Steelers sit starters I can still see the browns tanking that one, Steelers are on a different level of football.

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