Are the Rams the Best Team in the NFC?


As I was scrolling through my feed on Bleacher Report, I came across a headline that immediately struck my interest. The headline was this: “Matt Miller: Los Angeles Rams Are Best Team in NFC Right Now.” After watching the video and listening to what Matt Miller had to say, I couldn’t help but think about this a little more.

I like to look pretty deep into the numbers. I like to look into the analytical side of things because I feel like numbers tell you a lot. So what did I do? I pulled up the numbers for the Rams this season. Not only did I pull up their numbers, but I compared their numbers along side the numbers of every team in the NFC who have two or less losses.

The first thing I found (Something I already knew), is that if you want to put this literally, the Rams aren’t the best team in the NFC. If we’re looking at record alone, the Philadelphia Eagles are the best team in the NFC right now. Of course I didn’t base this on record alone. I dug a little deeper into the numbers.

I started by looking at the offense. There are a lot of things that go into offensive numbers, but I felt that the most important was points per game. You can have the most yards in the NFL, but if you’re always settling for field goals, you’re not going to win a lot of games. You have to score points to win.

With a points per game average of 30.3, the Rams are leading not just the NFC, but the NFL. Their lowest point total of the season has been 10 points, which came against the Seattle Seahawks. Outside of that 10 point performance, they’ve scored at least 20 points in every other game.

While leading the league in scoring is impressive, I did notice that there are 2 other NFC teams with two or less losses who rank in the top 7 of points per game. The Saints (5th) and Eagles (7th) have less than a 3 point difference between them and the Rams. Not to take anything away from the Rams, but when it comes to offense, they have some challengers.

Next I looked at defensive numbers. The Rams are currently ranked 10th in points allowed per game (19.7). Looking at the two loss or less teams, only two other NFC teams (Seahawks ranked 1st and Vikings ranked 4th) rank in the top 10. The most points the Rams have given up this year has been 27 against the Redskins. In their loss to the Seahawks, they only gave up 16 points, they just couldn’t score.

When looking at both sides of the ball, the Rams have a clear advantage over all the other teams in the NFC. No other team in the NFC ranks in the top 10 on offense and defense. The Eagles are close, but they’re not quite there. The Rams seem to have the most complete team in the NFC right now. They have a rising star at quarterback, a stud running back, better receivers than in years past, and a defense that allows them to be on the field more often.

It could be debated that there are better teams in the NFC than the Rams, but you can’t deny the numbers. The numbers tell more of a story than just looking at a record. The Rams story seems to be the best in the NFC right now.



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