2019 NFL Predictons: Playoffs/Awards

Now that we’ve predicted the outcomes of every division, we’ll now take a look at who Aman and I have making the playoffs and how far they’ll go.

Chicago Bears vs. Green Bay Packers at Lambeau Field on December 25, 2011″ by Mike Morbeck is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

We’ll provide a round by round breakdown of all the teams who will make the playoffs, working our way to the Super Bowl. You can take a look at all eight of the divisions as we listed the standings. Each division covers the biggest acquisitions and departures for all teams, as well as who we have winning each division. Follow the links to find out more!

NFC West:                                         AFC West:

1. Los Angeles Rams (12-4)           1. Los Angeles Chargers (12-4)

2. Seattle Seahawks (9-7)              2. Kansas City Chiefs (11-5)

3. San Francisco 49ers (8-8)         3. Denver Broncos (9-7)

4. Arizona Cardinals (6-10)          4. Oakland Raiders (6-10)

NFC North:                                       AFC North:

1. Chicago Bears (10-6)                  1. Cleveland Browns (10-6)

2. Minnesota Vikings (8-8)            2. Pittsburgh Steelers (10-6)

3. Green Bay Packers (7-9)            3. Baltimore Ravens (8-8)

4. Detroit Lions (6-10)                    4. Cincinnati Bengals (6-10)

NFC South:                                       AFC South:

1. New Orleans Saints (13-1-2)     1. Houston Texans (11-5)

2. Carolina Panthers (9-7)             2. Jacksonville Jaguars (9-7)

3. Atlanta Falcons (8-8)                  3. Tennessee Titans (9-7)

4. Tampa Buccaneers (4-12)         4. Indianapolis Colts (6-10)

NFC East:                                          AFC East:

1. Philadelphia Eagles (10-6)        1. New England Patriots (12-4)

2. Dallas Cowboys (9-7)                 2. Buffalo Bills (9-7)

3. Washington Redskins (6-10)    3. New York Jets (7-9)

4. New York Giants (4-12)             4. Miami Dolphins (4-12)

Now that you’ve had a chance to look at all the divisions, it’s time to take a look at which six teams from the NFC and which six from the AFC will make the playoffs.


Playoff Picks

Rahim’s Picks:

NFC West: Rams (2)                       AFC West: Chargers (1)

NFC North: Bears (3)                     AFC North: Browns (4)

NFC South: Saints (1)                    AFC South: Texans (3)

NFC East: Eagles (4)                      AFC East: Patriots (2)

Wild Card 1: Seahawks               Wild Card 1: Chiefs

Wild Card 2: Cowboys                 Wild Card 2: Steelers


Aman’s Picks:

NFC West: Rams (2)                      AFC West: Chiefs (2)

NFC North: Bears (3)                    AFC North: Ravens (3)

NFC South: Saints (1)                   AFC South: Texans (4)

NFC East: Eagles (4)                     AFC East: Patriots (1)

Wild Card 1: Vikings                   Wild Card 1: Browns

Wild Card 2: Seahawks              Wild Card 2: Jaguars


Aman and I agree that the Rams, Saints, Bears, Chiefs, Patriots, Texans and Browns (you read that right) will make the playoffs. The Eagles and Seahawks are also two teams we agreed upon to make playoffs, but what about the Chargers and Cowboys?

As of yesterday, the Cowboys and running back Ezekiel Elliott agreed to a new deal. That will boost the Cowboys, helping them become a playoff team again. I believe that despite Elliott, the Cowboys would’ve made the playoffs anyway. However, Aman doesn’t believe so, as he has the Vikings sneaking into the last playoff spot in the NFC. That means teams like the Falcons, Packers and Panthers will miss the playoffs again.

I’m a big believer in the Chargers, as I have them being the top team in the AFC without Gordon all season long. I think this will be a good year for the Chargers, as long as they can manage to stay healthy. Aman doesn’t think the Chargers can repeat from last year, but does have better hopes for the Ravens and QB Lamar Jackson to win their division again.

I say the Browns will edge out the Steelers for a division title, but the Steelers get the last playoff spot in the AFC. Aman is believing in QB Nick Foles to lead the Jaguars to a playoff spot.

Who will get the final two spots? Do the Broncos, Colts, Raiders, Titans, Jets or Bills have a chance? Let us know what you think in the comment section below while we jump into the Wild Card matchups!


Wild Card Matchups

Rahim’s Picks:

  • 5. Seahawks over 4. Eagles
  • 5. Chiefs over 4. Browns
  • 3. Bears over 6. Cowboys
  • 3. Texans over 6. Steelers

Aman’s Picks:

  • 4. Eagles over 5. Vikings
  • 5. Browns over 4. Texans
  • 3. Bears over 6. Seahawks
  • 3. Ravens over 6. Jaguars


Divisional Round

Rahim’s Picks:

  • 1. Saints over 5. Seahawks
  • 5. Chiefs over 1. Chargers
  • 1. Rams over 3. Bears
  • 2. Patriots over 3. Texans

Aman’s Picks:

  • 1. Saints over 4. Eagles
  • 1. Patriots over 5. Browns
  • 2. Rams over 3. Bears
  • 2. Chiefs over 3. Ravens

Divisional Round Recap:

There will be no Wild Card surprise in this year’s playoffs either. We each had at least one of the No. 5’s to advance, but they will lose to the No.1 teams. Well, at least the Seahawks and Browns will lose. I have the Chiefs as a No. 5 beating the top ranked Chargers to advice to their second straight Conference Championship. In fact, we have all four of the same teams from last year’s Conference Championships in there again, as they continue to dominate the NFL. For the sake of good ratings, we might actually want to see the Browns or the Bears make it this far, but are they both ready for that big moment?


Conference Championship

Rahim’s Picks:

  • 2. Rams over 1. Saints
  • 5. Chiefs over 2. Patriots

Aman’s Picks:

  • 1. Saints over 2. Rams
  • 1. Patriots over 2. Chiefs

Conference Recap:

I guess it’s time for me to explain why I have the Chiefs as a No. 5 seed in the AFC playoff standings, but still the AFC representative in the Super Bowl. I think the Chiefs’ offense won’t be as explosive as we saw it last year. Everyone was wowed by what QB Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs did despite all the Kareem Hunt controversy. Mahomes surprised us all, as he threw for 50 touchdowns in a season and earned MVP honors last year, but I don’t think he’ll be able to have the same numbers this season, and the team will lose at least five games.

The thing that sucks is that they will finish with a better record than the Browns and the Texans, but still be a Wild Card team. I think they will thrive off the energy of the fans that cheer for them away from Arrowhead and make it to the Super Bowl.

I also think the Rams will win their second Conference Championship game against the Saints, and this time it won’t be controversial. Aman thinks differently, and that’s what makes this interesting. He has the Patriots going to their fourth straight Super Bowl. I think the Chiefs will beat the Patriots and start a new era. I like who Aman picked for the Super Bowl matchup, because honestly, I wanted to see the Saints and Patriots matchup last year, so let’s see who we both have winning the Super Bowl.


Super Bowl LIV

Rahim’s Pick: Los Angeles Rams over Kansas City Chiefs

Aman’s Pick: New Orleans Saints over New England Patriots

Super Bowl Recap:

As you can see, Aman and I both picked the NFC champs to win the Super Bowl, and this is a start of a new era that could see the Patriots championship runs come to an end.

Now let’s see who earns the greatest honor of the season, with awards like Most Valuable Player and Offensive player of the year. Aman and I will share our picks for those awards as we wrap up our predictions and head into the 2019 NFL season.


Award Predictions

Most Valuable Player:

Rahim’s Pick: QB Drew Brees, New Orleans Saints

Aman’s Pick: RB Alvin Kamara, New Orleans Saints


Offensive Player of the Year:

Rahim’s Pick: RB Saquon Barkley, New York Giants

Aman’s Pick: QB Mitchell Trubisky, Chicago Bears


Defensive Player of the Year:

Rahim’s Pick: DE Bradley Chubb, Denver Broncos

Aman’s Pick: OLB Khalil Mack, Chicago Bears


Offensive Rookie of the Year:

Rahim’s Pick: QB Kyler Murray, Arizona Cardinals

Aman’s Pick: WR Marquise Brown, Baltimore Ravens


Defensive Rookie of the Year:

Rahim’s Pick: DE Nick Bosa, San Francisco 49ers

Aman’s Pick: CB Justin Layne, Pittsburgh Steelers


Comeback Player of the Year:

Rahim’s Pick: QB Jimmy Garoppolo, San Francisco 49ers

Aman’s Pick: RB Devonte Freeman, Atlanta Falcons


Coach of the Year:

Rahim’s Pick: Freddie Kitchens, Cleveland Browns

Aman’s Pick: Sean Payton, New Orleans Saints

After agreeing on most of the playoff teams, Aman and I find disagreements on the awards. I like Brees as MVP, simply because he has never won it before. Aman is all in on Kamara this year. He even drafted him on his fantasy team.

I think Barkley will come into the season looking to get the rushing title, but he’ll also be one of the leading receivers on his team. Can Trubisky become Offensive Player of The Year?

How about Defensive Player of The Year? I think Denver’s new defensive scheme will help Chubb lead the league in sacks and QB hits, which will earn him the award. You can’t forget about Mack or Aaron Donald either, though. It’s going to be an interesting season.

When I say interesting, I mean interesting, because this could be a year where we see the No. 1 and No. 2 picks from this year’s draft win the Rookie of the Year award, but Aman doesn’t think so.

How about Comeback Player of The Year? Both Garoppolo and Freeman will be in the running for this award, and it’s honestly going to be good to see these guys back on field.

Can Kitchens lead the Browns to the players and earn himself Coach of the Year honors? A lot of us think the Browns are a favorite to win. If they make playoffs, Kitchens should win this award.

Now that you’ve read our thoughts, let us know yours in the comments below!

2019 NFL Predictions: NFC East

Although the Dallas Cowboys won this division last season, the Philadelphia Eagles are eager to make their way back to the top of the NFC East. The Washington Redskins and New York Giants both missed the playoffs last season, but will be looking to get back to the playoffs after making some key moves this offseason. How does each team stack up heading into Week 1?

Dallas Cowboys Randy Gregory – Philadelphia Eagles Carson Wentz” by Jack Kurzenknabe is licensed under Public Domain

1. Philadelphia Eagles

Last season’s record: 9-7

Postseason Result: Lost to Saints in Divisional Round 20-14

Offseason Acquisitions:


  • DT Malik Jackson (Jacksonville Jaguars)
  • WR DeSean Jackson (Tampa Bay Buccaneers)
  • LB L.J. Fort (Pittsburgh Steelers)
  • DE Vinny Curry (Tampa Bay)
  • RB Jordan Howard (Chicago Bears)
  • DT Hassan Ridgeway (Indianapolis Colts)
  • DE Eli Harold (Buffalo Bills)
  • QB Josh McCown (New York Jets)


  • OT Andre Dillard (22nd)
  • RB Miles Sanders (53rd)
  • WR JJ Arcega-Whiteside (57th)
  • DE Shareef Miller (138th)
  • QB Clayton Thorson (167th)

Offseason Departures:

Waived CB Elie Bouka, LB Asantay Brown, G Kaleb Johnson, CB Chandon Sullivan, WR Johnny Holton and S Tre Sullivan, released QB Nick Foles, S Chris Maragos, DE Kasim Edebali, DE Eli Harold, LB Hayes Pullard, CB Orlando Scandrick and TE Will Tye and WR Charles Johnson injured.

The big question:

This is not an attack to take lightly. After last season’s hiccups, the Eagles have been keen to have ample resources in the event of injuries, as the signings of DeSean Jackson and Howard signal. There is the uncertainty to if the injury plague hits again, can the Eagles’ draft picks step up? However, the bigger question would be if quarterback Carson Wentz can stay healthy. Every time he’s been unable to play, Nick Foles graciously stepped up, but Foles is now in Jacksonville. How will their backups play if Wentz goes down again?

Prediction: 10-6

2. Dallas Cowboys

Last season’s record: 10-6

Postseason Result: Lost to Rams in Divisional Round 22-30

Offseason Acquisitions: 


  • WR Randall Cobb (Green Bay Packers)
  • RB Alfred Morris (San Francisco 49ers)


  • Trysten Hill (58th)
  • Connor McGovern (90th)
  • Tony Pollard (128th)
  • Michael Jackson (158th)
  • Joe Jackson (165th)

Offseason Departures:

Waived LB Justin Phillips and WR Lance Lenoir. Released WR Allen Hurns and OL Larry Allen Jr.

The big question:

The Cowboys are hoping to have a repeat of last season, so it’s clear as to why they weren’t too active in free agency. They’ve added to an already stout offense with the signings of Cobb and Morris. The focus will be on stars RB Ezekiel Elliott and QB Dak Prescott to deliver and lead by example. It’s also dangerous to assume that the Cowboys will automatically at least get second place in the NFC East. f Washington or New York all-of-a-sudden are able to perform, how will Dallas cope with that? Can Elliott & Prescott stand up and lead the Cowboys to the playoffs?

Prediction: 9-7


3. Washington Redskins

Last season’s record: 7-9

Postseason Result: N/A

Offseason Acquisitions: 


  • QB Case Keenum (Denver Broncos)


  • S Landon Collins (New York Giants)
  • OT Donald Penn (Oakland)
  • DB D.J. White (Indianapolis)


  • QB Dwayne Haskins (15th)
  • EDGE Montez Sweat (26th)
  • WR Terry McLaurin (76th)
  • RB Bryce Love (112th)
  • G Wes Martin (131st)
  • LB Cole Holcomb (173rd)

Offseason Departures:

Released LB Zach Brown, DL Stacy McGee and LB Mason Foster and waived DB Alex Carter, G Kyle Fuller, OT Darius James, WR Tre McBride, RB Russell Hansbrough and LB DeMarquis Gates.

The big question:

The Redskins had a team who led the NFC East last season before Alex Smith went down. They had a great defense, and they made an improvement to that defense by adding S Landon Collins. After Smith was injured, the offense was the problem. That’s why they added Case Keenum and drafted Dwayne Haskins. Although they drafted Haskins in the first round, will he take over as their starter this season? This dilemma can make or break the success of Washington’s offense this season.

Prediction: 6-10


4. New York Giants

Last season’s record: 5-11

Postseason Result: N/A

Offseason Acquisitions: 


  • S Jabrill Peppers (Cleveland Browns)
  • G Kevin Zeitler (Cleveland Browns)
  • WR Da’Mari Scott (Buffalo Bills)


  • WR Golden Tate (Philadelphia Eagles)
  • RB Rod Smith (Dallas Cowboys)
  • OT Mike Remmers (Minnesota Vikings)
  • WR T.J. Jones (Detroit Lions)
  • TE Eric Tomlinson (New York Jets)


  • QB Daniel Jones (6th)
  • CB Deandre Baker (30th)

Offseason Departures:

Traded WR Odell Beckham Jr. and LB Olivier Vernon, waived WR Quadree Henderson, WR Jawill Davis, DE Alex Jenkins, TE Eric Dungey, TE Isaiah Searight, WR Da’Mari Scott and LB B.J. Goodson, DE Nate Harvey and WR Corey Coleman injured and released DB Tony Lippett. Lost S Landon Collins to the Redskins.

The big question:

It honestly isn’t looking good, is it? The Giants did away with Beckham Jr., Vernon and Landon Collins. With that being said, the Giants have made some good signings and they are nurturing a new, young defense. Another place to look at is the QB spot. It seems pretty obvious that QB Eli Manning would start, but what if draft pick Daniel Jones is able to get some game time? Could he prove to be good enough for New York?

Prediction: 4-12


Predicted Division Standings

  1. Philadelphia Eagles (10-6)
  2. Dallas Cowboys (9-7)
  3. Washington Redskins (6-10)
  4. New York Giants (4-12)

Buy or Sell: NFL Draft (Giants, Falcons, Raiders)

This week’s buy or sell will be a reflection on three teams who had two or more first round draft picks in the 2019 NFL draft. Join Aman, Joel and I as we determine if these teams made the right decisions with their first round picks.

“Matt Ryan” by Brook Ward is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0

For the Giants, it’s a question of whether they reached on one specific player who they probably could’ve gotten later in the round. The Falcons drafted heavily on one side of the ball. Others thought they would continue to go the other way, but was it a wrong move? How about Joe Gruden’s Oakland Raiders? After giving us the first biggest surprise in the draft, people thought they wasted all three of their picks.

Let’s find out what we think.

Rahim: The New York Giants reached too high on Daniel Jones

Joel: I 100% buy the Giants reaching too high on Daniel Jones. They reached way too high! First off, Jones is a guy who was consistently mocked in the mid to late first round. I don’t think I once saw him mocked going in the top 10, let alone one pick outside the top five.

The Giants probably could have got Jones with their second first round pick (17th). They could have at least traded back a couple of spots and picked up some more draft picks. The value in Jones at No. 6 is terrible in my opinion. We’re talking about a guy who didn’t even complete 60% of his passes in his college career, never threw for 3,000 yards and threw for 20+ TDs in three seasons. Doesn’t sound worthy of the sixth pick if you ask me.

Aman: Yeah…buy. It’s tough to say otherwise, and this season won’t go well for the New York Giants.

Their offense was already doomed to be weak, and their second pick won’t do them any favors. His stats will even look dismal to Giants fans themselves, especially the low completion rate.

Aman: The Atlanta Falcons made the wrong move by going for OL Kaleb McGary when their biggest problem last season was defense

Rahim: This one could go either way in my opinion. It depends on what kind of football fan and team you want to cheer for.

If I was a die-hard Falcons fan who thinks the defense needed to get another first round pick because guys like Vic Beasley aren’t what we expected after four years of inconsistency, but I believe that with coach Dan Quinn running the defense, Beasley and all the current Falcons will play better.

They did address their defensive needs later in the draft with CBs
Kendall Sheffield and Jordan Miller. They also drafted DE John Cominsky. All three of these guys were decent picks.

But I’m going to sell that McGary and Lindstrom was the wrong move, as I look at it from a football fan living in Atlanta. The biggest talk around Atlanta is how to get Matt Ryan back to the MVP status he was when he led the Falcons to the Super Bowl three years ago.

The ironic thing about it is, he posted better numbers last year despite all the injuries. But where the Falcons went wrong was on the small yard players. Whether or not RB Devontae Freeman missed most of the season last year, the Falcons have always struggled to get that extra one yard for the first down. Failing to get that yard meant the defense was on the field more often than usual.

However, with the addition of both Lindstrom and McGary, the Falcons’ offensive line will be more aggressive, and that is good for both the RBs and QB Matt Ryan. Since being drafted, Ryan has been sacked more than any QB in the league, and he is now approaching mid 30’s. If the Falcons want to have him for another five seasons, this was a move that needed to be done, so I sell it being a bad decision.

Joel: I buy the Falcons making the wrong move by taking Kaleb McGary, but not because the defense was their biggest problem last season.

I buy this as making the wrong move because of where they drafted McGary. Nobody had this guy going in the first round. I don’t think they needed to trade back into the first to get him.

I’ll also throw Chris Lindstrom in here. Nobody had him going in the first round, yet he went 14th. It’s not bad for the Falcons to try to get better up front, but I don’t like the value of where they got their guys. They could’ve waited and got them later on.

Joel: The Oakland Raiders wasted their three first round picks

Aman: I sell the Raiders completely wasting their draft picks. Maybe it wasn’t the strongest draft, but the Raiders needed to bring new light to their defense, and they’ve done just that.

They showed that intent with the pick of Clelin Ferrell, who recorded 11.5 sacks last season, compared to the Raiders’ combined 13. Sure, there is debate as to whether players like Josh Allen or Ed Oliver would’ve been better draft picks, but Raiders believe Ferrell will get the job done for them.

Despite Jonathan Abram being a safety, he has experience playing as a CB who can cover threatening WRs, as witnessed throughout his Mississippi State college career.

The third pick, RB Josh Jacobs, makes 100% complete sense to me. The Raiders will need to patch the RB spot after the announcement of Marshawn Lynch’s retirement.

Rahim: I also sell this one! Although the Raiders surprisingly took DE Clelin Ferrell over EDGE Josh Allen, I still think the picks are decent. With what Gruden and the Raiders plan to do on defense, Ferrell could work out better for them.

The Raiders added several key pieces on defense in free agency, like LBs Brandon Marshall and Vontaze Burfict. They also signed FS LaMarcus Joyner from the Rams.

I know what your next question is, so why draft Safety Jonathan Abram? Well, Abram can play alongside both Joyner and SS Karl Joseph as a nickel corner, or he could be an additional CB.

The RB selection of Josh Jacobs was an obvious one that we all saw coming once RB Marshawn Lynch announced he’ll be retiring again. The Raiders did sign Isaiah Crowell in free agency, but he will likely the entire season after tearing his ACL. But the Raiders are looking for a back of the future who could pound and ground. I don’t believe that Jalen Richard is the pound and ground RB for them. Richard is more of a catching back, and we could see the two of them playing alongside one another well.

So despite the shocking turn of events in the first round of the draft, I sell the Raiders wasting their first three picks. The thing I didn’t like was that they drafted four players from the National Championship game last year because some of them weren’t the best player available at the time.


And there you have it! Now, what do you think?

  • Did the New York Giants reach too high on Daniel Jones?
  • Did the Atlanta Falcons make the wrong moves?
  • Did the Oakland Raiders waste their three first round picks?
Let us know your thoughts in the comment!

What you may have missed this weekend: NFL Draft

This was a big weekend for the National Football League, and I want to make sure nobody missed the significant moments of it. That’s why this week we will have two different “What you may have missed” articles. This one is only going to reflect on the NFL draft. There were a lot of moves that shocked us all. Let’s take a look.

“Eli Manning” by Keith Allison is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0


How about those trades that impacted the draft?

We already know about the Odell Beckham Jr., Amari Cooper and Antonio Brown trades, but other trades impacted draft picks throughout the weekend.

  • Pittsburgh Steelers received 66th, 141st pick for Antonio Brown. Those picks were WR Deionte Johnson and TE Zach Gentry.
  • Oakland Raiders’ 27th pick (Safety Jonathan Abram) was received from the Amari Cooper trade to the Dallas Cowboys.
  • Oakland Raiders’ 24th pick (RB Josh Jacobs) and 196th pick (trade to New York Jets) were part of the Khalil Mack trade to the Chicago Bears.
  • New York Giants’ 17th pick (DL Dexter Lawrence) and 95th pick (LB Oshane Ximines) were part of the Odell Beckham Jr. trade to the Cleveland Browns.
  • Denver Broncos trade for QB Joe Flacco with the Baltimore Ravens for 113th pick (RB Justice Hill).
  • Seattle Seahawks trade EDGE Frank Clark and 84th pick (DT Khalen Saunders) to Kansas City Chiefs for 29th (DE L.J. Collier), 92nd (trade to New York Jets) and 2020 second rounder. Chiefs extended Clark’s contract to 5 years, 105.5 million dollars.
  • Pittsburgh Steelers traded up to 10th (LB Devin Bush) with the Denver Broncos and gave up the 20th (TE Noah Fant), 52nd (trade to Bengals) and 2020 3rd round pick.
  • Denver Broncos traded with Cincinnati Bengals to move up. Broncos received the 42nd pick (QB Drew Lock). Bengals receive No. 52 (TE Drew Sample), No. 125 (DT Renell Wren) and No. 182 (RB Trayveon Williams).
  • The Bengals moved up later to draft QB Ryan Finley with the 104th pick. They traded with the San Francisco 49ers, who received the 110th (P Mitch Wishnowsky) and 183rd (T Justin Skule).
  • After drafting EDGE Rashaan Gary with the 12th pick, the Packers moved up from 30 to 21 and selected DB Darnell Savage. The Seattle Seahawks received multiple picks which they used to trade later on in the draft. Those picks were No. 30 (trade to Giants), No. 114 (trade to Minnesota), No. 118 (trade to New England).
  • That Packers trade sparked several trades late in the first round as the Philadelphia Eagles and Baltimore Ravens swapped picks. The Eagles drafted OT Andre Dillard 22nd overall. The Ravens drafted WR Marquise “Hollywood” Brown with the 25th pick. They also received the 127th (CB Iman Marshall) and 197th picks (QB Trace McSorley).
  • The Washington Redskins traded back into the first round after drafting QB Dwayne Haskins 15th overall.  The Redskins received the 26th pick (Edge Montez Sweat) from the Indianapolis Colts. The Colts receive 46th pick (traded to the Browns), and a  2020 second-round pick.
  • The New York Giants also traded back into the first round and selected CB Deandre Baker with the 30th pick. The Seahawks received even more picks, No. 37 (trade to Panthers), No. 132 (S Ugochukwu Amadi), and No. 142 (LB Ben Burr-Kirven).
  • The Atlanta Falcons weren’t done either. After a surprising pick with the 14th overall (OG Chris Lindstrom), they wanted to trade up and draft another surprising OL with the 31st pick (OT Kaleb McGary), they also received the 203rd pick and selected WR Marcus Green. The Los Angeles Rams got a few picks back in return. The 45th (trade to Patriots) and the 79th (DB David Long)
  • After the Jacksonville Jaguars landed EDGE Josh Allen with the 7th overall pick, they were looking to get the guy they wanted all along, and they traded up earlier in the 2nd round. With the 35th pick, the Jaguars got OT Jawaan Taylor (1st round projected). They also added the 140th (Ryquell Armstead) and 235th (DT Dontavius Russell). The Raiders received the 38th, and 109th picks which were later traded.
  • With all the news about QB Cam Newton’s health being in question, the Carolina Panthers look to help protect him.  They did so by trading up in the 2nd round to take OT Greg Little at 37. The Seahawks received the 47th pick (DB Marquise Blair) and 77th (trade to Patriots). The Panthers also drafted QB Will Grier in the 3rd round in late of Newton’s health and maybe ended of a career with Panthers.
  • As part of a big run of drafting offensive linemen, the Buffalo Bills had their eyes on trading up to draft OT Cody Ford with the 38th pick. The Raiders would receive the 40th pick (DB Trayvon Mullen) and 158th (trade to Dallas).
  • The Cleveland Browns had a quiet draft this year after the trade to get WR Odell Beckham Jr. and adding RB Kareem Hunt to the team, but they wanted to get “greedy” and traded up to get CB Greedy Williams with the 46th pick. The Colts received the 49th (LB Ben Banogu) and 144th pick (S Marvell Tell III).
  • The Kansas City Chiefs and LA Rams made a desperation trade as the Chiefs moved up to take WR Mecole Hardman with the 56th after finding out about WR Tyreke Hill’s video that leaked. The Chiefs may be in trouble if Hill is found guilty, but Hardman is a poor man’s Hill, and the two could play off one another if Hill can play. The Rams received the 61st (DB Taylor Rapp) and 167th pick (traded to Philadelphia).
  • The Rams would later trade up to take RB Darrell Henderson with the 70th pick. That is a move that could prove to be valuable with the status of RB Todd Gurley up in the air right now. In return, the Buccaneers received the 94th (DB Jamel Dean) and the 99th picks (S Mike Edwards).
  • After both QB Kyler Murray and Daniel Jones were taken in the top six, Miami passed on QB Dwayne Haskins and drafted DL Christian Wilkins with the 13th overall pick. They also traded for former 1st rounder QB Josh Rosen later in the evening on Thursday to secure their QB spot. The Miami Dolphins received Rosen from the Arizona Cardinals for the 62nd pick (WR Andy Isabella) and 2020 fifth-round pick.


Players who fell in the draft?

  • The Washington Redskins drafted Dwayne Haskins at 15th and Montez Sweat at 26th. Haskins was a projected top 10 pick with several teams having interest in trading up for him. Sweat’s late injury put a bit of worry on the faces of some teams. But the Redskins saw the opportunity and grab it.
  • One of the top five offensive linemen fell to the second round and drafted by the team that mocked him going. That was Jawaan Taylor and the Jacksonville Jaguars.
  • One of the top five WRs wasn’t even the top 10th picked in the draft. The Seattle Seahawks traded up into the second round to draft him. That player was D.K. Metcalf, and the Seahawks drafted him in light of whether this may be WR Doug Baldwin’s farewell after battling injuries over the last couple of seasons.
  • OL Cody Ford also dropped out of the first round after being a possibility for the Houston Texans and Atlanta Falcons who surprised us with other picks.
  • DB Taylor Rapp was likely a late first to an early second rounder, but he fell to the Los Angeles Rams in the late second.
  • WRs Hakeem Butler and A.J. Brown were expected off the board earlier than where they ended up. Both of these could likely be stars in the NFL and their teams right away. The Arizona Cardinals drafted Butler and Brown was drafted by the Tennessee Titans.
  • Let’s also not forget to mention this year’s Mr. Irrelevant, TE Caleb Wilson from UCLA. Wilson was selected as the last pick of the 2019 draft by the Arizona Cardinals.


Players who rose in the draft?

  • As certain players fell, others raised, and QB Daniel Jones was the biggest one of them. With the 6th pick in the draft, the New York Giants selected Jones as the potential heir to Eli Manning. Now I saw them drafting Jones at some point in the draft because he has ties to the Manning family, but I didn’t think it would be 6th.
  • The Oakland Raiders selected DL Clelin Ferrell instead of drafting EDGE guys like Josh Allen, Rashaan Gary or even Ed Olivier. Ferrell was also surprised about the pick at 4th overall. The Raiders continued to select players from both Alabama and Clemson for most of the night.
  • The Atlanta Falcons surprised us all by going with OG Chris Lindstrom at 14, but trading back into the first round to take OT Kaleb McGary was a big shock. Although, after listening to an interview by Falcons GM Thomas Dimitroff, it was the guys they wanted and felt that if they waited too long for McGary in the second or third, he wouldn’t have been able. So let’s see how this one plays out.
  • The Green Bay Packers wanted to be “Savage” on defense and traded up to get DB Darnell Savage in the 1st round. For the sake of the Cheese heads, I hope this pick works out.
  • Also, DL Jeff Simmons, he was drafted by the host city, Tennessee Titans in the first round and he wasn’t on the board as a first rounder. The Titans did make up for it with other picks like A.J. Brown later in the draft, but let’s see how this one works.



What do you think about the NFL draft? How did your team’s draft go? Do you approve? Let us know in the comments!

Winners and losers of the 2019 NFL Draft

The 2019 NFL Draft officially wrapped up yesterday. Now that we know where these new NFL players will be playing, we can take a look at which teams won or lost this draft. After evaluating the picks for every NFL team over the last day, I’ve put together my list of three winners and three losers of the 2019 NFL Draft.

NFL Draft, Chicago 2016” by Mary is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0


Arizona Cardinals

Draft Picks

  • Oklahoma QB Kyler Murray(No. 1)
  • Washington CB Byron Murphy (No. 33)
  • Massachusetts WR Andy Isabella (No. 62)
  • Boston College DE Zach Allen (No. 65)
  • Iowa State WR Hakeem Butler (No. 103)
  • Alabama S Deionte Thompson (No. 139)
  • Fresno State WR Keesean Johnson (No. 174)
  • Georgia C Lamont Gaillard (No. 179)
  • Morgan State OT Joshua Miles (No. 248)
  • Temple DT Michael Dogbe (No. 249)
  • UCLA TE Caleb Wilson (No. 254)

After going 3-13 last season, the Cardinals had a lot of work to do in this draft. Well, their worked seemed to pay off. Starting with QB Kyler Murray, the Cardinals were able to walk out of the draft with several probable day one starters. CB Byron Murphy, WR Andy Isabella, DE Zach Allen, WR Hakeem Butler and S Deionte Thompson are all potential starters for the Cardinals this season. When you throw Murray in that mix, the Cardinals got six players with their first six picks who could start right away.

In addition to getting several potential starters, the Cardinals got great value with several of their picks. Byron Murphy was arguably the top CB in this draft, and the Cardinals were able to get him in the second-round. Isabella and Allen went right about where they should have, but getting Hakeem Butler at No. 103 and Deionte Thompson at No. 139 are great value picks.

This draft class might not get the Cardinals to compete in the NFL right away, but they’ve got a ton of potential in this draft class. This draft by the Cardinals could end up being the best in this class when we look back on it in a few years.


New England Patriots

Draft Picks

  • Arizona State WR N’Keal Harry (No. 32)
  • Vanderbilt CB Joejuan Williams (No. 45)
  • Michigan DE Chase Winovich (No. 77)
  • Alabama RB Damien Harris (No. 87)
  • West Virginia OT Yodny Cajuste (No. 101)
  • Arkansas OG Hjalte Froholdt (No. 118)
  • Auburn QB Jarrett Stidham (No. 133)
  • Maryland DE Byron Cowart (No. 159)
  • Stanford P Jake Bailey (No. 163)
  • Mississippi CB Ken Webster(No. 252)

When I look at the first five picks for the Patriots, I see five guys who can make an impact for this team right away. N’Keal Harry is their new big red zone target, Joejuan Williams is a big corner who will get a ton of time opposite Stephon Gilmore, Chase Winovich will play significant time on the defensive line, Damien Harris will add to a strong backfield, and Yodny Cajuste will get a good amount of time in the Patriots’ offensive line rotation.

Skipping down to QB Jarrett Stidham, would anyone be surprised if he ends up being the guy to take over for Tom Brady when he finally decides to retire? He has the opportunity to learn from one of the greatest QBs in the history of the NFL. Stidham didn’t really fit well in Auburn’s system, but Belichick is one of the best at getting his system to adapt to his players.

I’m not sure how the Patriots did it, but they ended up with a bunch of guys who just seem to be players the Patriots can get the most out of. These guys may not be stars in the NFL, but they’re for sure guys the Patriots will turn into productive NFL players.


Chicago Bears

Draft Picks

  • Iowa State RB David Montgomery (No. 73)
  • Georgia WR Riley Ridley (No. 126)
  • Kansas State CB Duke Shelley (No. 205)
  • Florida Atlantic RB Kerrith White (No. 222)
  • Valdosta State CB Stephen Denmark (No. 238)

For not having a pick until the third-round, the Chicago Bears did really well in this draft. I love the selection of RB David Montgomery. Getting him at No. 73 is great value. I believe he’s one of the best RBs in this class. Don’t be surprised if Montgomery ends up being the next rookie RB to lead the NFL in rushing.

At pick No. 126, Riley Ridley is another great value. I thought he would go in the second-round. He didn’t put up a ton of production in college, but his potential is far greater than where he was selected. He should only add to a group of WRs who were pretty strong last season, helping Mitch Trubisky even more.

Their last three selections were great depth pieces. I think we also have to look at which UDFAs the Bears signed after the draft. Some notable players the Bears signed are WR Emmanuel Hall and TE Dax Raymond, who are both players I expected to be drafted.

Finally, I factored in the Bears’ trade for Khalil Mack last season. They may not have had a first-round pick in this draft, but Mack is far better than anyone the Bears would have selected. Mack will be far more productive than any player selected in this draft in 2019.



Houston Texans

Draft Picks

  • Alabama State OT Tytus Howard (No. 23)
  • Kentucky CB Lonnie Johnson (No. 54)
  • Northern Illinois OT Max Scharping (No. 55)
  • San Diego State TE Kahale Warring (No. 86)
  • Texas DE Charles Omenihu (No. 161)
  • Central Michigan CB Xavier Crawford(No. 195)
  • Texas A&M RB Cullen Gillaspia (No. 220)

I liked the position the Texans drafted with the No. 23 pick, but I hate the player. Tytus Howard is not a player who should have been selected in the first-round. I would have been okay with them selecting him in the second-round, but not the first. There were far better lineman available at the time. I’m not sure he’s the answer to protecting Deshaun Watson.

When I look at the selections of Lonnie Johnson, Max Scharping and Kahale Warring, I don’t see any of them being instant impact players for this team. I thought the Texans made a lot of reach picks in this draft. They may end up proving me wrong, but I didn’t like the value of these guys where the Texans drafted them.


New York Giants

Draft Picks

  • Duke QB Daniel Jones (No. 6)
  • Clemson DT Dexter Lawrence (No. 17)
  • Georgia CB Deandre Baker (No. 30)
  • Old Dominion DE Oshane Ximines (No. 95)
  • Notre Dame CB Julian Love (No. 108)
  • Wisconsin LB Ryan Connelly (No. 143)
  • Auburn WR Darius Slayton (No. 171)
  • Washburn CB Corey Ballentine (No. 180)
  • Kentucky OT George Asafo-Adjei (No. 232)
  • Syracuse DT Chris Slayton (No. 245) 

Let’s start with Daniel Jones at No. 6. The Giants drafted Jones because he has similar traits to Eli Manning. I hate to break it to the Giants, but Eli Manning’s style of play doesn’t win games in the NFL anymore. This is a new age in the NFL. I’m not sure a QB who can’t even complete 60% of his passes is the answer. Huge reach with the sixth pick.

I like Dexter Lawrence and Deandre Baker as players, but I really hated how the Giants didn’t address their WR need with one of those picks. Instead, they waited until pick No. 171 to grab Darius Slayton. Slayton is not going to replace Odell Beckham Jr.

If I had to say one nice thing about the Giants’ draft, it’d be that they have a nice new pair of CBs in Baker and Julian Love. I think Love could have gone a lot higher than No. 108, so that was a great value. Overall though, I don’t believe the Giants made the right moves in this draft.


Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Draft Picks

  • LSU LB Devin White (No. 5)
  • Central Michigan DB Sean Bunting (No. 39)
  • Auburn CB Jamel Dean (No. 94)
  • Kentucky S Mike Edwards (No. 99)
  • Iowa OLB Anthony Nelson (No. 107)
  • Utah K Matt Gay (No. 145)
  • Bowling Green WR Scott Miller (No. 208)
  • Missouri DT Terry Beckner Jr. (No. 215)

I loved the pick of LB Devin White at No. 5. I think he’s going to be a great NFL LB. However, pass rusher Josh Allen was still on the board. If Allen ends up being a big time sack artist, Bucs fans may end up hating the pick of White. Still a good pick, though.

After the pick of White, I didn’t like what the Bucs did. Sean Bunting was taken too early, as well as Jamel Dean. Skip down to K Matt Gay, and you’ve got another guy who was taken too early. He is a K after all. The Buccaneers had the opportunity to draft players who were higher ranked, as well as who fit their team needs.

Not addressing their biggest team needs is another major reason why the Bucs were losers in this draft. They didn’t grab an offensive lineman or RB, which were two positions they really needed to address for this upcoming season. Not sure what happened after the selection of Devin White.

Fourth Quarter Sports’ final 2019 NFL mock draft

Tomorrow is officially the biggest day in the NFL offseason. It’s draft day baby! It’s time of the year we finally get to see just what our favorite teams are planning on doing for the 2020 season! The internet has been flooded with mock drafts and opinions on who is taking who from fans and experts alike. Here at Fourth Quarter Sports, we wanted to join the party!

With most of the smoke screen’s up, and all the rumors out there, Joel, RahimAli and myself put together our thoughts on tomorrow nights first round! Below you’ll find our picks for each team, along with a breakdown of some of our most notable picks.


Mock Draft breakdowns

IX8A4449” by Maize & Blue Nation is licensed under CC BY 2.0

I think it’s obvious Kyler Murray will be the No. 1 overall pick at this point. It’s going to be amazing to see what new Arizona head coach Kliff Kingsbury can do with a talented quarterback like Murray. The question that remains is, what are they going to do with second-year quarterback Josh Rosen?

For the Niners, this pick makes perfect sense. They didn’t do as good as they had hoped for last year with the additions of Jimmy Garappolo and Jerrick McKinnon, but both of those guys got injured and missed the rest of the season. So the Niners should leave the offense alone for now, especially after drafting to protect their quarterback last year.

The Jets’ offense is still a question, but they did find ways to stay in games with the offense they did have, so let’s get them better on the defensive line. The Raiders, oh Raiders! We could honestly go anywhere with this first pick, but they have three picks in the first round thanks to the Amari Cooper to Dallas and Khalil Mack to Chicago trades. The fourth pick belongs to the Raiders, and with that pick, they will try to find their replacement for Khalil Mack in edge rusher, Josh Allen. The Raiders will then draft TE Noah Fant to replace the loss of Jared Cook to the Saints, and add RB Josh Jacobs to add more depth at a position they just couldn’t get a handle on over the past few years.

Now I know the pick for Dwayne Haskins may surprise you for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, but they could probably get their guy at 10, so they trade with the Denver Broncos. Let’s be honest, the Broncos are completely lost at QB and are looking for anything and everything that will get them back on the right side of things. They signed Case Keenum last year, and then traded him to Washington after trading for Joe Flacco, but Flacco isn’t the best option either. Tampa Bay is looking for a guy who could help them with the weak defense they had last year. That guy could be linebacker Devin White.

The New York Giants and Jacksonville Jaguars are also two teams who could’ve used a QB with their pick, but it appears that neither one will get one. The Giants actually take wide receiver D.K. Metcalf to replace their loss of Odell Beckham Jr. They also did go with QB Daniel Jones in hopes that he could potentially take over for Eli Manning.

With Haskins and Metcalf already off the board, the Jaguars would settle for an offensive linemen to both protect newly acquired QB Nick Foles, and help the run game of RB Leonard Fournette. That offensive linemen is Jawaan Taylor, and he will be asked to do more earlier on the season, as they try to reclaim the division.

The Detroit Lions’ biggest struggle wasn’t on offense, but instead it was on defense. They could honestly use a lot of help in different areas, but we’ll have them take an EDGE like Rashan Gary.

The Buffalo Bills used free agency to help them improve themselves with the offensive weapons, and their defense is fairly decent, but they need to worry about one thing. That one thing is protecting second year QB Josh Allen, who will be one of the young bright stars in the league if he can stay healthy. Hopefully drafting an OT like Andre Dillard will help with that.

The Cincinnati Bengals are like the Lions in the fact that they need more than what they can get. Though the offense took a big hit with injuries to the QB, WR, TE and RB, all those guys are expected back ready and healthy, so the Bengals will focus on getting themselves an EDGE in Montez Sweat.

The Green Bay Packers are going to be a totally new looking team. They will have a new head coach and several different players. The one constant is QB Aaron Rodgers, and they will look to the draft to find him more offensive weapons. With the 12th pick, Green Bay will draft TE T.J. Hockenson as the future of Green Bay with the injuries and age of Jimmy Graham being in question. The late first round pick, 30th, will be a speedy receiver who will come in to take the place of Randall Cobb, who has moved on to Dallas.

The Miami Dolphins are most certainly looking for a QB in this draft, but don’t be surprised if they try to trade up to get Haskins or Murray. I think Drew Lock might be a better pick for how they like to run their offense. Let’s see how the Dolphins’ players around him can play though after being very inconsistent all of last season.

At 14, the Atlanta Falcons have their man. Okay, we all believe they should be trying to draft an OL to help protect QB Matt Ryan, but when one of the best defensive linemen falls to you, there’s no way you pass him up. Plus, the Falcons are known for going defense early in drafts, so that’s why Ed Olivier makes perfect season. Pairing him up with Grady Jarrett could be good for the Falcons, who struggled defensively last season.

Washington now has three different QB’s on the roster, and that’s why we can’t see them taking one in the first round. Whether it’s Colt McCoy, Case Keenum or Alex Smith who starts for the Redskins, they need to find a way to protect and keep them healthy, so the addition of an OT like Jonah Williams would help!

The Carolina Panthers offense wasn’t the problem at all, despite watching QB Cam Newton struggle to play through an injury all season. We aren’t focusing on the offense, because the defensive is the bigger priority. They too need an Edge rusher who can disrupt the opposing QBs, especially being in a division like the NFC South. That’s why Clelin Ferrell is the perfect pick here.

The Minnesota Vikings are one of those teams who are almost ready to get to the big game, they just need a few more pieces to help with that. Those pieces are on the offensive line, and an addition of Cody Ford could be a huge plus for the Vikings as they try to give Kirk Cousins more time to do what he does best.

The Tennessee Titans could go with many different positions here, but with an aging defensive line, it’s only fitting they go with a younger defensive linemen in Dexter Lawrence, as he hopes to lead the Titans in sacks and hopefully help them get back into the playoffs.

The Pittsburgh Steelers could go in any direction, but we know the offense will figure things out without having to worry about the drama of Le’Veon Bell and Antonio Brown, so we’ll leave the offense allow for now. Instead, let’s help them get better on defense with one of the best linebackers available in the draft, Devin Bush!

Had the Seattle Seahawks and QB Russell Wilson not agreed to a deal, this pick might have happened earlier, and with different people involved. Fortunately, it was a done deal this past week, and now the Seahawks can turn their attention to the defensive side of the ball. There is always going to be the defensive first when it comes to the Seattle Seahawks and their draft picks. This year will be no different as they select DL Christian Wilkins.

The Baltimore Ravens pick is pretty obvious. They are going to go one of two ways with a receiver or a DB. Given the style of offense that the Ravens play with Lamar Jackson at QB, I am going to pass on them taking a wide receiver here. Instead, they will take safety Jonathan Abram to try to help feel the void that is left with Eric Weddle’s departure.

The Houston Texans have had some success with their offense and how things have been going for them! They will need to address the aging defense and having a young corner back like Greedy Williams could definitely help as they look to go even further.

The Philadelphia Eagles could also use the help at cornerback as they saw what Saints QB Drew Brees and WR Micheal Thomas did to them twice last season. An extra DB to help them cover the better receivers in the NFC could help them be a Super Bowl team again and I think Byron Murphy will be a good addition.

The Indianapolis Colts shocked the world last year the way they were able to make the playoffs. The good thing about this pick is that they know what direction they want to go in, but it’s a matter of which one they want to draft.  After watching the young defense hold teams down, the offense led by QB Andrew Luck would turn it up. They need to get him more weapons though and that’s where this pick comes in at. Marquise Brown will be a nice complimentary piece to the weapons like T.Y. Hilton, Eric Ebron, and Marlon Mack.

For the Chargers, it’s a pick that will help add a few more years onto QB Philip Rivers playing career. That pick is offensive guard Chris Lindstrom.

Had it been the Kansas City Chiefs pick , they would’ve taken a receiver because we know how important it is to have somebody who can catch the ball deep for the arm of QB Patrick Mahomes. It’s also a security blanket for if anything does go wrong with the investigation of WR Tyreke Hill. That’s why A.J. Brown would be a nice addition to the Kansas City Chiefs.

The Los Angeles Rams are probably the most stacked team on the defensive side of the ball and they don’t really need to go out and draft much, but they will need to think about the future of their offensive line and QB and that’s why this pick to grab Garrett Bradbury makes perfect sense. It will allow him a year or so to develop into one of the young offensive players.

But now it’s the pick that everyone is always interested in. That pick is the pick of the Super Bowl winning champions, New England Patriots. It’s a tough decision because you want to see them go for a tight end, but with both Hornsenon and Fant have already gone off the board this late, we could see the Patriots find a steal in a player like Brian Burns who has fallen in the draft because of other positions on the offensive side that needed to be addressed. So why not take advantage of another man’s treasure.


jac.fbc.vsColorado.” by Maize & Blue Nation is licensed under CC BY 2.0

This draft is a polar opposite from last years draft. The year before was loaded with quarterbacks and offensive weapons while this one is loaded on the defensive side of the ball. All positions have crazy first round depth and all can be major play makers for their respected teams.

Arizona fans will see yet another quarterback took in the first round this year, this time a Heisman Trophy winner in the name of Kyler Murray. Murray going here is not that much of a surprise. The only question left is where Josh Rosen is going to go and how much are the Cardinals going to get for him.

I think the biggest surprise in the top ten is going to be TJ Hockenson, Tight End from Iowa going as high as eight to the Detriot Lions. Matt Patricia is a protege of Bill Belichick and I think he is going to try and model his offense around the great one. Though I think it is a stretch for a Tight End, but he is versatile and I think used well could produce for the Lions.

Another surprise to round out the top ten will be Drew Lock going to the Broncos. Rumors have it that Elway is in love with the quarterback out of Missouri and I think we can all say that Joe Flacco isn’t the long term answer for them. Expect them to sit Lock behind Flacco, learn a little and take over as early as this season.

A pick that I really love is Marquise Brown, a wide receiver from Oklahoma going to the Redskins at fifteen. The Skins have not seen a great receiver since the days of Art Monk running routes. With Derrius Guice getting healthy alongside Alex Smith and newly acquired Case Keenum, I think this is a great opportunity for them to add more weapons for the future.

RaShan Gary once considered a top ten pick, drops in the laps of Pittsburgh at twenty. I am a Michigan fan and I will be the first to say that Gary is highly overrated. Never produced the numbers many in Ann Arbor expected from a top recruit in the nation. Really is a workout warrior and I think tape really shows that. An environment like Pittsburgh could change that though.

At twenty-two, I think the Raven’s will go with EDGE rusher Brian Burns. To me, this is a typical pick for the Ravens who lost half their defense to free agency this year. Needing to replace the likes of Suggs and Preston Smith, Baltimore is going to need rebuild in that area. Burns will play a pivotal part in that process.

At twenty-four and twenty-seven, the Raiders add to their offense with weapons like RB Josh Jacobs from Alabama and TE Noah Fant from Iowa. The second TE took from Iowa, Fant will replace the missed Jared cook in the Silver and Black. A better pass catcher than a blocker, Fant will provide a safety blanket for Carr. With the news of Marshawn Lynch retiring, Oakland now has a need at running back and Jacobs is the best option. Built like a tank Jacobs was the best runner in the three-headed monster that formed the Bama backfield. He is also the best pass catcher the Tide had to offer as well.

All in all, I feel there will not be many shockers in this first round. I will say though I wouldn’t be surprised if the Saints trade up into the first round to take one of the premier defensive players this draft has produced.


Devin White, SELU vs LSU at Tiger Stadium, September 8th 2018” by Tammy Anthony Baker, Photographer is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

Despite the rumors we’ve heard about Kyler Murray not going No. 1 overall to the Cardinals, I still believe he’s going there. If he goes number one, Nick Bosa is a sure fire second pick. The next few picks of Quinnen Williams and Josh Allen coming off the board are pretty standard compared to most mock draft’s I’ve seen.

The biggest variation between the three of us starts at pick five, where I have the Bucs taking OT Jawaan Taylor. I believe the Bucs need to get better along the offensive line if Jameis Winston is actually going to be what he was drafted to be. The back and forth rumors of the Giants taking or not taking Dwayne Haskins at six hasn’t swayed my pick. I believe that’s where the Giants should go. At pick seven, the Jags need to get Foles a big target, which is why D.K. Metcalf comes off the board there.

Now let’s skip down a bit to where the Titans pick. You’ll notice I have them taking Rashan Gary. If you’ve seen a lot of mock drafts, you probably haven’t seen many where Gary is out of the top 10, if not the top five. I believe Gary will fall because he doesn’t stick out to me as being on the same level as the guys who are slated to go above him.

Another interesting pick I have comes right after the Titans. I have the Steelers selecting Antonio Brown’s cousin, Marquise Brown. I think a lot of people want to see that happen, mostly for the drama it will cause, although that’s a reason why it may not happen.

I think the last really interesting pick I have in the first-round would have to be QB Daniel Jones going to the Chargers. Jones will become the next franchise QB for the Chargers. He’ll sit behind Rivers for a year or two, and then take over the starting role after watching and learning from a great QB.

Odell Beckham Jr. trade

Grading the Odell Beckham Jr. trade

After going 0-16 just two seasons ago, the Cleveland Browns improved their record to 7-8-1 after several great moves in free agency and the NFL Draft. The Browns are looking to continue their improvement next season, as they just traded for Giants WR Odell Beckham Jr. Like every time there’s a trade of this caliber, we have to grade the trade. Let’s give grades to both the Giants and Browns on the deal they got in the Odell Beckham Jr. trade.

Odell Beckham Jr. trade
“Odell Beckham Jr.” by Erik Drost is licensed under CC BY 2.0

I think the Browns won the Odell Beckham Jr. trade, but not by much. Both teams actually did pretty well. This trade is more of a win now move for the Browns, but for the Giants, it’s a move that will help them build for the future. Let’s take a look at my grades and break down what each team received.


Cleveland Browns: A

One of the biggest needs the Browns had this offseason, was getting a legit number one WR for their young QB, Baker Mayfield. Mayfield had Jarvis Landry, and while he’s a good WR, he’s not the number one guy teams are looking for. Odell Beckham Jr. is that guy. You can easily make the case that Odell Beckham is the best WR in the NFL.

His presence for this team almost completes this offense. Mayfield had a phenomenal rookie season, and will only get better. WR Antonio Callaway and RB Nick Chubb had solid rookie seasons. Cleveland signed RB Kareem Hunt this offseason, although he may not be around every game because of suspension issues. With a young core and established veterans in Jarvis Landry and Odell Beckham Jr., this offense could be one of the best in the NFL next season.

Now let’s get into what the Browns gave up. The first thing that sticks out is the first-round pick. The Browns gave the 17th overall pick to the Giants. In addition to that, they gave up a third-round pick and DB Jabrill Peppers.

Just focusing on the picks, it may seem like a lot, especially when you consider what the Raiders got Antonio Brown for. However, if you think about it, there was a good chance the Browns would have drafted a WR with the 17th overall pick anyway. The Browns won the Odell Beckham Jr. trade because they got a WR who’s far better than any WR they could have drafted in this draft.

Jabrill Peppers is a young DB who’s shown promise, but I think Odell Beckham Jr. is a far better player. A talent like Odell Beckham Jr. is far better than a player like Jabrill Peppers, despite what side of the ball they play on.


New York Giants: B+

I’m not giving the Giants as high of a grade in the Odell Beckham Jr. trade, but I do think they still did really well.

One of the main reasons why the Giants get a B+ and not an A in this trade, is because they gave up one of, if not the best WR in the NFL. You never want to lose a talent like that. You can make the argument the Giants didn’t want to deal with Beckham’s drama anymore, which is valid, but are they better without him? The answer is no.

Remember when Odell Beckham was injured two seasons ago? Eli Manning was significantly worse. Just look at his stats. The entire offense struggled because he wasn’t there. I kinda feel sorry for RB Saquon Barkley, because now he’s the only threat on this offense. Teams no longer have to worry about Odell Beckham, so now they can focus just on stopping Barkley.

Where the Giants won this trade comes from the picks and getting DB Jabrill Peppers. After losing S Landon Collins to the Redskins, the Giants had to get someone to replace him. Peppers isn’t the same caliber of player Collins is, but he does give them someone with at least some experience who can play a nice role for this defense.

In addition to getting Jabrill Peppers, the Giants got the 17th overall pick and a third-round pick in the draft. Let’s focus on the first-rounder. Having the No. 6 pick and No. 17 pick, the Giants can now get two players at positions of need to build this team for the future.

Most people believe the Giants will go QB at No. 6, whether that be Dwayne Haskins, Kyler Murray, Drew Lock or someone else. If they do go QB, they could then target a WR with the 17th pick. If they got both a QB and WR in the first-round, it’d give this offense a young QB and WR to grow together with their young star RB, Saquon Barkley.

Cleveland won this trade for the now, but the Giants received great compensation to build their team for the future.


Post-Combine NFL Mock Draft

2019 Post-Combine NFL mock draft

Last week, before the NFL Combine, I put out my first 2019 NFL mock draft. To take a look back at my Pre-Combine NFL mock draft, follow the link here. Now that the Combine is over, several players have changed their draft stock, meaning things will look a little different this time around. Who will your favorite NFL team select? Let’s take a look at my Post-Combine NFL mock draft! 

Post-Combine NFL Mock Draft
jac.fbc.vsColorado.” by Maize & Blue Nation is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Post-Combine NFL mock draft

1. Arizona Cardinals: QB Kyler Murray, Oklahoma

Although Kyler Murray didn’t participate in any workouts during the NFL Combine, he came out as the consensus No. 1 overall pick in the NFL Draft. The buzz around Murray being the first pick continues to grow stronger, so I think there’s a pretty good chance this happens. He’s a great fit for Kliff Kingsbury’s offense. What does that mean for QB Josh Rosen? We’ll find out later in this Post-Combine NFL mock draft.


2. San Fransisco 49ers: DE Nick Bosa, Ohio State

If the Cardinals select Murray first, Bosa is going to be the pick here. Bosa is widely considered the best player in the draft, and with a strong workout at the NFL Combine, his draft stock was only solidified. After ranking 23rd in the NFL in sacks last season, it’s clear the 49ers could use an elite edge rusher. His brother Joey Bosa came into the league and made an immediate impact for the Chargers. Scouts are saying Nick is a better prospect, so the 49ers should expect him to come in right away and improve their pass rush.

3. New York Jets: DT Quinnen Williams, Alabama

I believe the Jets are more in need of an edge rusher, but Quinnen Williams is too good to pass on. With him and Leonard Williams on the inside, the Jets could have one of the best, if not the best pair of interior lineman in the NFL. With a lot of money to spend in free agency, the Jets could look there for an edge rusher. That would allow them to take the best player available, which would be Williams.


4. Oakland Raiders: DE Josh Allen, Kentucky

We all know the Raiders were historically bad at rushing the passer last season. That makes this selection easy. Josh Allen is the second best edge rusher in this draft, with Bosa being the first. Oakland’s number one priority has to be improving on their lowly 13 sacks from a season ago. Allen instantly upgrades that pass rush. Easy selection here.


5. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: DE Rashan Gary, Michigan

There are several ways the Buccaneers could go here. I had them taking CB Greedy Williams last time around because of how bad their pass defense was last season, but I think they need to take the best player available. That player is Rashan Gary. The Bucs were 21st in the NFL in sacks last season, so Gary also fits a need for them, giving them a pass rusher with elite potential.


6. New York Giants: QB Dwayne Haskins, Ohio State

This pick remains the same for me. Dwayne Haskins is seen as the best QB in this draft by many. Even if the Giants do view Kyler Murray as the better QB, he’s off the board. I think Haskins is a better fit for the Giants anyway, as they’re used to having a pocket passer in Eli Manning. Haskins could sit and learn from Eli for a bit, and then take over mid season. Eli won’t last that long.


7. Jacksonville Jaguars: WR D.K. Metcalf, Ole Miss

If the Jaguars are getting Nick Foles, they’re going to need to give him weapons. Foles had a great connection with Alshon Jeffrey in Philadelphia. Jeffrey is a big receiver who can go up and get the ball, which Nick Foles absolutely loved. D.K. Metcalf is also a big receiver, but he’s a big receiver who’s as fast as anyone on the field. The Foles to Metcalf connection could be great for sometime. Metcalf made a big jump up in my Post-Combine NFL mock draft because of his great Combine performance. He’s likely a top 10 pick, and this is a great spot for him.


8. Detroit Lions: DE Montez Sweat, Mississippi State

Same position as last time for the Lions, but a different player in this Post-Combine NFL mock draft. With the Lions likely moving on from Ziggy Ansah, they need a pass rusher to step in and fill his spot. Montez Sweat greatly helped himself at the NFL Combine, showing athleticism and speed. He showed everything teams want from their star pass rushers and significantly increased his stock.


9. Buffalo Bills: OT Jawaan Taylor, Florida

I’ve still got Taylor to the Bills in this Post-Combine NFL mock draft. He didn’t work out at the Combine, so his stock wasn’t helped or hurt. Many still view him as the best OT in this draft. There are many ways this team could go, but I believe they need to get Josh Allen protection if he’s going to reach his potential.


10. Denver Broncos: QB Drew Lock, Missouri

After hearing the Broncos acquired Joe Flacco, I thought there was no way the Broncos would take a QB this early. After more thought, I think it’s a real possibility. Joe Flacco can be a good bridge QB for the Broncos as they ease Drew Lock in slowly. Denver needs to find their next franchise QB, and Joe Flacco isn’t that. Lock didn’t have the greatest workout at the Combine, but he didn’t hurt his stock too much. He’s still the best QB on the board at this point.


11. Cincinnati Bengals: DT Ed Oliver, Houston

I had Drew Lock at this spot in my Pre-Combine draft, but with him off the board now, the Bengals go with the best available player in my Post-Combine NFL mock draft. Ed Oliver overcame a few concerns at the Combine, which has raised his stock back up a little. Oliver is the best player left on the board at this point, but I also think the Bengals could use another DT to help the middle of their defensive line, so it’s a great match.


12. Green Bay Packers: LB Devin White, LSU

With the possibility of losing Clay Matthews, the Packers should try to acquire the NFLs next great LB. That could be Devin White. Even if Matthews comes back, he’s not the same player he once was. Devin White is big, strong, quick, athletic, instinctive, and just about everything teams look for in a LB. It seems like every year now, some of the best players in the NFL are rookie LBs. Now it’s Devin White’s turn.


13. Miami Dolphins: DE Clelin Ferrell, Clemson

I originally had QB Daniel Jones here, but I don’t think he goes this high after his Combine performance. Instead, the Dolphins will look to address one of their biggest needs in this Post-Combine NFL mock draft. Last season they had just 31 sacks, ranking 29th in the league. That needs to be better, and Clelin Ferrell can help with that. He’s an experienced and proven pass rusher who can help the Dolphins from day one.


14. Atlanta Falcons: CB Greedy Williams, LSU

Although Greedy Williams had a good Combine performance, I have moved him down a little in this Post-Combine NFL mock draft, but it’s not because of his talent. I just think the players ahead of Williams are considered to be the better players. Anyway, the Falcons had all sorts of problems on their defense last season. A lot of that was because of injury, but it was also because of underperformance. The secondary could use an upgrade, and Williams could step in nicely as not only their big CB, but their fast CB.


15. Washington Redskins: WR A.J. Brown, Ole Miss

Don’t get confused because I didn’t go QB here. I know the Redskins need a QB, but if the Cardinals are taking Kyler Murray first, I think Washington is a leading candidate to land Josh Rosen. If the Redskins land Rosen and still have their first-round pick, they need to get Rosen a legit receiving threat. A.J. Brown didn’t do as well at the Combine as D.K. Metcalf, but, did anyone? He still had a nice performance, proving he’s one of the top WRs in this draft.


16. Carolina Panthers: OT Jonah Williams, Alabama

The Carolina Panthers’ OL needs to be better. Period. Cam Newton has suffered through several bad offensive lines over the years, and this needs to be fixed. The beating Newton is taking is impacting him as a QB. Jonah Williams can help this line right away, giving Newton a lot more protection and helping him get back to his best form.


17. Cleveland Browns: CB Byron Murphy, Washington

CB may not be the biggest need for the Browns, but I absolutely love the pairing of Byron Murphy with Denzel Ward. Ward had a great season in his rookie year. Now he needs someone reliable across from him. Murphy is a good sized CB who may not be the fastest, but he’s a hard hitter who can also play well in coverage. With Ward and Murphy together, the Browns will greatly improve their defense.


18. Minnesota Vikings: C Garrett Bradbury, NC State

We all know the Vikings need to improve their offensive line. They could go with several different offensive lineman with this pick. I had Jonah Williams here before, but he’s not on the board in this Post-Combine NFL mock draft. Instead, the Vikings go with Garrett Bradbury, who had an impressive performance at the NFL Combine and secured himself a spot in the first-round. I also believe he’s a good fit here because he can play multiple OL spots. The Vikings can plug him where they need him and get better by doing so.


19. Tennessee Titans: TE T.J. Hockenson, Iowa

At first I didn’t think the Titans would go TE, but I don’t think it can hurt to have multiple impactful TEs on a roster. Hockenson is the best TE in this class because of his ability to not only catch the ball, but block. He’s a well rounded player who knows how to play to his strengths. He will greatly help Marcus Mariota.


20. Pittsburgh Steelers: WR Marquise Brown, Oklahoma

I had Brown as my first WR off the board in my first draft, but his stock dropped a little bit in my Post-Combine NFL mock draft because of his injury and not working out at the Combine. Anyway, this would be an interesting pick, wouldn’t it? Picking the cousin of disgruntled Antonio Brown! Risky move, but I like what Brown brings to the table. He’d be a nice addition to JuJu Smith-Schuster.


21. Seattle Seahawks: DT Christian Wilkins, Clemson

I’m sticking with Christian Wilkins here. I still believe the Seahawks need to upgrade the middle of their defensive line. Wilkins is the best interior defensive lineman left on the board in this Post-Combine NFL mock draft, making him the selection.


22. Baltimore Ravens: LB Devin Bush, Michigan

With CJ Mosley being a free agent, the Baltimore Ravens will need to find a replacement at LB if they don’t re-sign him. Devin Bush would be a great replacement. He may be a little undersized, but he’s a quick LB who plays sideline to sideline and just flat out makes plays. Losing Mosley would hurt this defense, but adding Bush would make it hurt a lot less.


23. Houston Texans:  OT Cody Ford, Oklahoma

I had Andre Dillard, another OT, in this spot before, but I think Cody Ford has put himself ahead of Dillard for now. Regardless of who they pick, the Texans have to address the offensive line, and must address it early. Deshaun Watson can’t be allowed to take so many sacks. I can only imagine how good their offense could have been had Watson not been sacked the most times out of any QB.


24. Oakland Raiders (From Chicago Bears): S Jonathan Abram, Mississippi State

LB Devin Bush was in this spot previously, but he’s taken in this Post-Combine NFL mock draft. Instead, the Raiders look to improve their secondary by taking the top S in the draft, Jonathan Abram. I think the Raiders could really use a guy like Abram on their defense, as he can not only play safety, but could step in at LB at times. He’s a versatile player this defense doesn’t have.


25. Philadelphia Eagles: RB Josh Jacobs, Alabama

I’m sticking with Josh Jacobs in this spot. Jacobs didn’t workout at the NFL Combine, but he still remains the draft’s best RB. As I said before, the Eagles don’t have a workhorse RB. They struggled to run the ball last season, and need to improve their run game for Carson Wentz to get back to his MVP form.


26. Indianapolis Colts: DE Brian Burns, Florida State

After Jachai Polite had a bad showing at the Combine, I’ve not only removed him from this spot, but from the first-round all together in this Post-Combine NFL mock draft. However, I still have the Colts going with a DE. They need to get better pressure off the edge for this defense to get even better than it was. Brian Burns had a great showing at the Combine, elevating himself into the first-round.


27. Oakland Raiders (From Dallas Cowboys): TE Noah Fant, Iowa

After going defense with their first two picks, the Raiders look to improve their offense. TE Jared Cook is a free agent and may not return. If he’s gone, Noah Fant would be a good option to fill his spot. Fant is a quick, athletic TE who can easily run by people and make big plays. This offense lacked big plays last season, so Fant’s abilities to do so would be much welcomed.


28. Los Angeles Chargers: QB Daniel Jones, Duke

Daniel Jones dropped down the board after his Combine performance, but he’s still going in the first-round. This may be one of the best spots for Jones, as he would get to learn from Philip Rivers for a season or two before taking over as the starter. With a guy like Jones, I think it’d be best for him to sit and learn for a least a little bit, rather than being thrown in as a starter right away. Jones can learn, and the Chargers get their QB of the future. It’s a win for both sides.


29. Kansas City Chiefs: CB Deandre Baker, Georgia

Deandre Baker remains the pick at this spot for the Chiefs. Their secondary last season was one of the worst in the league, so this has been an easy choice for me so far. Deandre Baker can make an early impact on a secondary who struggled mightily a season ago.


30. Green Bay Packers (From New Orleans Saints): OT Andre Dillard, Washington State

One of the biggest issues the Packers have on offense is along the offensive line. I think G is their biggest need. Andre Dillard is an OT, but I don’t think he’d have any problem sliding inside to be a G. We’ve seen this done several times before, and I think Dillard could be the next candidate to make the switch while still being very impactful.


31. Los Angeles Rams: S Taylor Rapp, Washington

I had Jonathan Abram slotted here last time around, but he’s off the board this time. The Rams will still go with a S though, choosing Washington’s Taylor Rapp. Rapp is another versatile safety the Rams could use in a lot of different ways. With Lamarcus Joyner potentially not coming back, this pick would fill a need for the Rams, and I think, improve their defense as well.


32. New England Patriots: DE Jaylon Ferguson, Louisiana Tech

Jaylson Ferguson is relatively unknown because he played for a smaller school, but his impact on the field was not small in any way. This guy set an NCAA record for sacks, totaling 45 during his college career. He may have played for a small school, but he knows how to rush the passer. Teams will shy away because he had a small character issue a few years back, but he’s been good since then. The Patriots don’t have a problem taking players with character issues anyway.



Make sure to stay tuned for my next 2019 NFL Mock Draft, as it’s sure to be different next time around! NFL Free Agency is about to start, meaning several teams will fill positions of need and look elsewhere come NFL Draft time.