Hi everyone, my name is Joel Deering, the founder of Fourth Quarter Sports. I’m a graduate of BYU-Idaho with a Communication degree in advertising. During my last semester in school I was required to do a senior project. I was told I had to do something I loved and something applying to my major.

There’s one thing I’ve always loved, and that’s sports. I had always wanted to be a sports analyst or writer, but I had never taken any action to do so. I decided it was time to start working towards my dream, and that’s how Fourth Quarter Sports came to be.

I came up with the name Fourth Quarter Sports because the fourth quarter is where the game is won. You can’t stop working in the first, second, or third quarters and expect to get the result you want. You have to keep working until your goal is met, and then work some more.

It wasn’t easy to start a successful blog, but hard work and dedication has allowed Fourth Quarter Sports to grow into something we never thought we could be. Our team currently consists of myself, Aman Huda, RahimAli Merchant, Cullen Jekel, Mickayeen Farner, and Adam Hatlan. Fourth Quarter Sports has been going for over a year now and we’ve reached 1,000+ WordPress followers. We thank all of you for your support to us. Please continue to support us by reading our articles and sharing them with your friends and family. Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Twitter!


Copyright Notice: Fourth Quarter Sports uses images found via sites such as Flickr.com. We do all we can to give appropriate attribution and to obey all copyright laws. If you feel any images are a violation of these laws, please contact us. Any images in question of copyright laws will promptly be removed.
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