2019 NFL Season: Week 9 picks

NFL Investigation
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Current Standings

Adam: 71-49-1

Aman: 79-41-1

Dan: 77-43-1

Joel: 77-43-1

Rahim: 76-44-1


49ers @ Cardinals (Thursday night)

The 49ers are one of, if not the best team in the league right now. The Cardinals have been able to stay competitive this season, but they’re simply just no match for the 49ers. This defense will smother Kyler Murray all game long.


Adam: 49ers

Aman: 49ers

Dan: 49ers

Joel: 49ers

Rahim: 49ers


Texans @ Jaguars

Last time around the Texans came out with a one point victory over the Jaguars. I foresee this game being similar to the last. I don’t see a ton of points, but rather a defensive battle ending with one team barely getting past the other.


Adam: Jaguars

Aman: Jaguars

Dan: Jaguars

Joel: Texans

Rahim: Jaguars


Bears @ Eagles

This game is going to be interesting. Both teams have been up and down. One week they’re dominating their opponent, but then the next they’re getting walked all over. I can see another close game between these two teams, with it possibly coming down to a field goal. Hopefully for the Bears, that’s not the case!


Adam: Eagles

Aman: Bears

Dan: Bears

Joel: Eagles

Rahim: Eagles


Vikings @ Chiefs

With the way the Vikings have been playing, I don’t think I can take the Chiefs to win this game. Matt Moore did a nice job hanging in there with Aaron Rodgers, but he couldn’t get it done when it really mattered. I can see the exact same thing happening in this game.


Adam: Chiefs

Aman: Chiefs

Dan: Vikings

Joel: Vikings

Rahim: Chiefs


Colts @ Steelers

Pittsburgh got the win over Miami last week, but they did not look good for a half. The Colts have been quite the surprise this season, being one of the better teams in the league halfway through. Mason Rudolph didn’t look too good last week, and I can honestly see the Colts’ defense smothering him the entire game.


Adam: Colts

Aman: Colts

Dan: Steelers

Joel: Colts

Rahim: Steelers


Jets @ Dolphins

This is a game I can actually see the Dolphins winning. The Jets have looked horrible over the last two weeks. The Dolphins have looked horrible all season, so it really could go either way. I’ll take the Dolphins just for the fun of it!


Adam: Jets

Aman: Jets

Dan: Jets

Joel: Dolphins

Rahim: Jets


Redskins @ Bills

The Redskins have proved they can be competitive for a while, but they can’t put it together for an entire game. The Bills may let the Redskins hang around for a little while, but eventually they’ll walk away with a win when the Redskins can’t hold on anymore.


Adam: Bills

Aman: Bills

Dan: Bills

Joel: Bills

Rahim: Bills


Titans @ Panthers

The Panthers got wrecked by the 49ers last week, but that’s exactly why they’ll bounce back against the Titans. You can’t really blame Kyle Allen for having his worst game against the 49ers’ defense. The Titans have been better with Ryan Tannehill at quarterback, but I still don’t have much confidence in them after being one of the most inconsistent teams in the league.


Adam: Titans

Aman: Titans

Dan: Titans

Joel: Panthers

Rahim: Panthers


Lions @ Raiders

In my opinion, the Lions are one of the best teams with an average record. If a few calls had gone their way, they’d have a much better record right now. I think the Lions can compete with any team. The Raiders have been better this season, but they’re still a losing team.


Adam: Raiders

Aman: Raiders

Dan: Lions

Joel: Lions

Rahim: Raiders


Buccaneers @ Seahawks

There’s usually at least one game every week where I don’t have to give any explanation as to why I’m picking a team. This is that game this week. Seahawks win.


Adam: Seahawks

Aman: Seahawks

Dan: Seahawks

Joel: Seahawks

Rahim: Seahawks


Packers @ Chargers

The Chargers barely got by against the Bears last week, but that won’t be the case against the Packers. The Packers are one of the best teams in the league, and I see them walking all over the Chargers in their home stadium.


Adam: Packers

Aman: Packers

Dan: Packers

Joel: Packers

Rahim: Packers


Browns @ Broncos

Joe Flacco is out for this game due to injury. That might actually help the Broncos…. Everything points to a win for the Browns, so let’s see if they can actually follow through with it.


Adam: Browns

Aman: Browns

Dan: Browns

Joel: Browns

Rahim: Browns


Patriots @ Ravens (Sunday night)

This game will by far be the biggest test for both sides. Lamar Jackson will be tested by a dominating defense, while the Patriots will be tested by a team who’s actually good. It’ll be interesting to see what game plan Bill Belichick comes up with to stop Lamar Jackson and this offense. Whatever it is, I think it works.


Adam: Ravens

Aman: Patriots

Dan: Patriots

Joel: Patriots

Rahim: Ravens


Cowboys @ Giants (Monday night)

Dallas put a beating on the Eagles before their bye week, which makes me want to pick them, but I wouldn’t be confident in that decision. Dallas has been very inconsistent this season, which is why I said I wouldn’t pick them again for the rest of the season. I’ll stick with that because I can honestly see the Giants winning this game.


Adam: Cowboys

Aman: Cowboys

Dan: Cowboys

Joel: Giants

Rahim: Cowboys

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