2019 NFL Season: Week 6 picks

NFL Week 6
Source: https://www.norebbo.com/?s=nfl

Current Standings

Adam: 44-33-1

Aman: 46-31-1

Dan: 51-26-1

Joel: 46-31-1

Rahim: 48-29-1


Giants @ Patriots (Thursday night)

What a surprise…… The Patriots play yet another terrible team. The easiest schedule in the NFL continues and the Patriots get another win to stay undefeated.


Adam: Patriots

Aman: Patriots

Dan: Patriots

Joel: Patriots

Rahim: Patriots


Panthers @ Buccaneers

Last time these two teams faced off, the Buccaneers dominated the Panthers. This time around, the Panthers are a different team. McCaffrey is dominating defenses, while Kyle Allen is still performing well in place of Cam Newton. For the Buccaneers, they must stay turnover free. That comes down to mostly Jamies Winston. If he can avoid turnovers, the Bucs are in good shape.


Adam: Buccaneers

Aman: Buccaneers

Dan: Buccaneers

Joel: Panthers

Rahim: Panthers


Redskins @ Dolphins

One of these winless teams will get their first win of the season. After seeing the Redskins hang with the Patriots for a half of football, I’m thinking it might be them who comes out on top.


Adam: Dolphins

Aman: Redskins

Dan: Redskins

Joel: Redskins

Rahim: Dolphins


Saints @ Jaguars

Let’s face it, the Saints are one of the best teams in the NFL. That’s with or without Drew Brees. This team is too well built, and they’ll continue to find a way to win against a competitive Jaguars team.


Adam: Saints

Aman: Saints

Dan: Saints

Joel: Saints

Rahim: Jaguars


Bengals @ Ravens

The Ravens are better than they showed last week against the Steelers. Against a winless Bengals at home, they shouldn’t have a problem coming up with a win this week.


Adam: Ravens

Aman: Ravens

Dan: Ravens

Joel: Ravens

Rahim: Ravens


Seahawks @ Browns

With a win over the Rams last week, Seattle made it clear they can compete with and beat any team in the league. The Browns still have many problems to solve, with the offensive line being one of them. They got wrecked by the 49ers’ defensive line. Seattle’s D-Line is one of the best, so it’s likely they’ll duplicate the success the 49ers had against Cleveland.


Adam: Seahawks

Aman: Seahawks

Dan: Seahawks

Joel: Seahawks

Rahim: Seahawks


Eagles @ Vikings

The Eagles seem to have found their groove, but so have the Vikings. After throwing the ball more last week, the Vikings were able to dominate the Giants. They finally took advantage of their dynamic receivers. For the Eagles, they have to get pressure on Kirk Cousins in order to stop their passing attack. With one of the best defensive line units in the NFL, it shouldn’t be a problem.


Adam: Vikings

Aman: Vikings

Dan: Eagles

Joel: Eagles

Rahim: Vikings


Texans @ Chiefs

The Texans went off last week against Atlanta, while the Chiefs suffered their first loss of the season. The Colts set a blueprint for how to beat Patrick Mahomes. After he lost his ability to move out of the pocket, he couldn’t make as many plays. We’ll see how well the Texans can contain Mahomes in the pocket. If they can do that, the Texans’ offense shouldn’t have trouble putting up enough points to earn a victory.


Adam: Chiefs

Aman: Chiefs

Dan: Chiefs

Joel: Chiefs

Rahim: Chiefs


Falcons @ Cardinals

Neither of these two teams are good, and it’s hard to predict who will win because they’re so similar. The Falcons are ranked 19th in points per game, while the Cardinals are ranked 20th. On defense, the Cardinals are ranked 28th in points allowed, while the Falcons are 31st. We’ll see which team can come up with the better game plan.


Adam: Cardinals

Aman: Cardinals

Dan: Falcons

Joel: Falcons

Rahim: Falcons


49ers @ Rams

This game will likely be one of, if not the best game of the week. The 49ers are still undefeated, but the best team they’ve played so far is the Browns. The Rams are by far the best team they’ve played. They have a dynamic offense, but they could get into trouble if Jared Goff has one of those games where he throws multiple interceptions. The 49ers have been very good defensively this season. If they can create multiple turnovers, it will help their offense a ton, much like it has all season.


Adam: Rams

Aman: Rams

Dan: 49ers

Joel: Rams

Rahim: Rams


Titans @ Broncos

What the Broncos did to Philip Rivers and the Chargers, I feel they can do to Marcus Mariota and the Titans. Then again, the Titans can go off at any time. The problem is, they’re usually just mediocre. After their dominating performance over the Browns in Week 1, we haven’t really seen that again. Will their lackluster offense continue into Week 6?


Adam: Titans

Aman: Broncos

Dan: Titans

Joel: Broncos

Rahim: Broncos


Cowboys @ Jets

After losing two straight games, this game against the Jets looks like the perfect bounce back game for the Dallas Cowboys. Sam Darnold has been cleared to return, but I don’t think it really makes a difference.


Adam: Cowboys

Aman: Cowboys

Dan: Cowboys

Joel: Cowboys

Rahim: Cowboys


Steelers @ Chargers (Sunday night)

With Mason Rudolph likely to not play, the Chargers should have themselves a win walking out of this one. However, the Steelers gave the Ravens a run for their money at the end of the game, so we’ll see if they can stay competitive with so many key injuries.


Adam: Chargers

Aman: Chargers

Dan: Chargers

Joel: Chargers

Rahim: Chargers


Lions @ Packers (Monday night)

The Packers have made it clear they’re one of the best teams in the NFC, but we can’t count out the Lions. They’re a very underrated team who’s been in every game they’ve played. This is a divisional game, so we really never know what will happen.


Adam: Packers

Aman: Packers

Dan: Packers

Joel: Packers

Rahim: Packers

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