College Football Games To Watch: Week Three

We have seen some interesting football so far that included a few ranked teams losing. Both Texas teams that were ranked in the top 25 last week had the tough task of taking on superior opponents.

“Iowa Beats Iowa State” by Phil Roeder is licensed under CC BY 2.0

For Texas,  it was a shoot out that helped put LSU over the top and grab a spot in the top four.  Had Texas won,  they might have landed themselves in the top five, but they have season dropped out of the top ten.

Texas A&M had the task of trying to get revenge on Clemson from their close loss last year, but couldn’t get anything going.  They too are still ranked and will be looking to bounce back. Let’s see who else will be looking to bounce back this week as we do not have any top 25 match ups this week. 

Bounce Back Games:

12 Texas vs Rice

Texas had a hard fought game in their loss to LSU this past Saturday. QB Sam Ehlinger dueled with LSU’s QB Joe Burrow at home.  This week,  Texas stays close to home as they look to rebound from their home loss. Texas might have lost,  but they still have a chance to make the playoffs if they can take of the rest of the season. 

16 Texas A&M vs Lamar

Let’s be honest, Texas A&M should enjoy being ranked while they can because they have one of the toughest schedules in all of College Football. They lost to No. 1 Clemson this past week, and they still have dates with Alabama, LSU,  and Georgia who are all in the top four. The Aggies will also have a game against Auburn next week, so we’ll see them on a weekly basis.

23 Washington vs Hawaii

Washington was suppose to be a favorite in the PAC-12 and we thought it could be them battling for the conference title this year,  but an early loss to a division foe does not look good for their chances of doing that, especially when that foe was an unranked California team. 

Washington will restart their season against Hawaii who could be another surprising team for them as we have already seen them beat PAC-12’s Arizona.  Can Washington get things back on the right track?

Stanford vs 17 Central Florida 

This was one game that was suppose to be a top 25 match up until Stanford got embarrassed by Southern California and is no longer ranked.

Even though we are three weeks into the season, I believe that this game against Central Florida will decide the season for Stanford.  They still have games against Washington,  Oregon, and Notre Dame, so this is a must win. 

But Central Florida is out here trying to prove that they can compete with the Power five conferences,  and a game against the vulnerable Stanford could be what they wanted from all this.

Games of Interest:

1 Clemson vs Syracuse

This is going to be the last tough opponent that the Clemson Tigers have to face all season.  They have the easiest road to the playoffs out of all the teams in the top 25. That’s mainly due to the fact that the ACC isn’t as great as we would hope for it to be.  Clemson will likely be 12-0 and facing another ACC team like Pittsburgh or Miami who will be 8-4.

But let’s see how Syracuse plays against the Tigers after a disappointing loss.

9 Florida vs Kentucky

Kentucky surprised many of us last season as they finished third in the SEC East behind Florida and Georgia.  One of their highlighted games was against Florida last year as they beat them for the first time in 32 years. 

Kentucky will be looking to do it again this season, but Florida will want revenge, so let’s make sure we keep a close look on this game and see if the Wildcats can continue their streak.

18 Michigan State vs Arizona State

This is another rematch from last year that show Arizona State surprise the Spartans in a thrilling game that went down to the wire.  It’s kind of deja vu if you want to call it that because Michigan State was barely ranked and a loss like this knocked them out. Could this be the same fate?

19 Iowa vs Iowa State

This is another game that should be a top 25 match up, but due to Iowa State not having a game last week, they got jumped in the rankings and aren’t in there this week,  but they want to prove that they should be.

With a win over in-state rival Iowa, the Cyclones could make it back to the top 25 and stay there a while.  Both of these teams are looking to gain momentum for the rest of the season as they start to play conference games in the following weeks. 

20 Washington State vs Houston

I’m still not sure what to think of Washington State yet.  They are a decent team,  but it’s hard for me to give them a chance to win the PAC-12 with all the competition they have tp go through.

This game against Houston could help prepare them for the tougher part of schedule ah as they head into conference play.

24 Southern Cal vs BYU

Speaking of conference play in the PAC-12, let’s go to USC has they took a lead early in the South division. Their win over Stanford was impressive because of what they did after their starting QB went down in week one.  The Trojans are looking strong after two weeks and they could be the new favorite in the PAC-12. Can they take care of business against BYU? Or will they be upset? Can any of the unranked teams beat the ranked opponents? Will we have a new No. 1? Let’s see what happens with this week’s games, so we watch teams take revenge.

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