2019 NFL Predictons: Playoffs/Awards

Now that we’ve predicted the outcomes of every division, we’ll now take a look at who Aman and I have making the playoffs and how far they’ll go.

Chicago Bears vs. Green Bay Packers at Lambeau Field on December 25, 2011″ by Mike Morbeck is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

We’ll provide a round by round breakdown of all the teams who will make the playoffs, working our way to the Super Bowl. You can take a look at all eight of the divisions as we listed the standings. Each division covers the biggest acquisitions and departures for all teams, as well as who we have winning each division. Follow the links to find out more!

NFC West:                                         AFC West:

1. Los Angeles Rams (12-4)           1. Los Angeles Chargers (12-4)

2. Seattle Seahawks (9-7)              2. Kansas City Chiefs (11-5)

3. San Francisco 49ers (8-8)         3. Denver Broncos (9-7)

4. Arizona Cardinals (6-10)          4. Oakland Raiders (6-10)

NFC North:                                       AFC North:

1. Chicago Bears (10-6)                  1. Cleveland Browns (10-6)

2. Minnesota Vikings (8-8)            2. Pittsburgh Steelers (10-6)

3. Green Bay Packers (7-9)            3. Baltimore Ravens (8-8)

4. Detroit Lions (6-10)                    4. Cincinnati Bengals (6-10)

NFC South:                                       AFC South:

1. New Orleans Saints (13-1-2)     1. Houston Texans (11-5)

2. Carolina Panthers (9-7)             2. Jacksonville Jaguars (9-7)

3. Atlanta Falcons (8-8)                  3. Tennessee Titans (9-7)

4. Tampa Buccaneers (4-12)         4. Indianapolis Colts (6-10)

NFC East:                                          AFC East:

1. Philadelphia Eagles (10-6)        1. New England Patriots (12-4)

2. Dallas Cowboys (9-7)                 2. Buffalo Bills (9-7)

3. Washington Redskins (6-10)    3. New York Jets (7-9)

4. New York Giants (4-12)             4. Miami Dolphins (4-12)

Now that you’ve had a chance to look at all the divisions, it’s time to take a look at which six teams from the NFC and which six from the AFC will make the playoffs.


Playoff Picks

Rahim’s Picks:

NFC West: Rams (2)                       AFC West: Chargers (1)

NFC North: Bears (3)                     AFC North: Browns (4)

NFC South: Saints (1)                    AFC South: Texans (3)

NFC East: Eagles (4)                      AFC East: Patriots (2)

Wild Card 1: Seahawks               Wild Card 1: Chiefs

Wild Card 2: Cowboys                 Wild Card 2: Steelers


Aman’s Picks:

NFC West: Rams (2)                      AFC West: Chiefs (2)

NFC North: Bears (3)                    AFC North: Ravens (3)

NFC South: Saints (1)                   AFC South: Texans (4)

NFC East: Eagles (4)                     AFC East: Patriots (1)

Wild Card 1: Vikings                   Wild Card 1: Browns

Wild Card 2: Seahawks              Wild Card 2: Jaguars


Aman and I agree that the Rams, Saints, Bears, Chiefs, Patriots, Texans and Browns (you read that right) will make the playoffs. The Eagles and Seahawks are also two teams we agreed upon to make playoffs, but what about the Chargers and Cowboys?

As of yesterday, the Cowboys and running back Ezekiel Elliott agreed to a new deal. That will boost the Cowboys, helping them become a playoff team again. I believe that despite Elliott, the Cowboys would’ve made the playoffs anyway. However, Aman doesn’t believe so, as he has the Vikings sneaking into the last playoff spot in the NFC. That means teams like the Falcons, Packers and Panthers will miss the playoffs again.

I’m a big believer in the Chargers, as I have them being the top team in the AFC without Gordon all season long. I think this will be a good year for the Chargers, as long as they can manage to stay healthy. Aman doesn’t think the Chargers can repeat from last year, but does have better hopes for the Ravens and QB Lamar Jackson to win their division again.

I say the Browns will edge out the Steelers for a division title, but the Steelers get the last playoff spot in the AFC. Aman is believing in QB Nick Foles to lead the Jaguars to a playoff spot.

Who will get the final two spots? Do the Broncos, Colts, Raiders, Titans, Jets or Bills have a chance? Let us know what you think in the comment section below while we jump into the Wild Card matchups!


Wild Card Matchups

Rahim’s Picks:

  • 5. Seahawks over 4. Eagles
  • 5. Chiefs over 4. Browns
  • 3. Bears over 6. Cowboys
  • 3. Texans over 6. Steelers

Aman’s Picks:

  • 4. Eagles over 5. Vikings
  • 5. Browns over 4. Texans
  • 3. Bears over 6. Seahawks
  • 3. Ravens over 6. Jaguars


Divisional Round

Rahim’s Picks:

  • 1. Saints over 5. Seahawks
  • 5. Chiefs over 1. Chargers
  • 1. Rams over 3. Bears
  • 2. Patriots over 3. Texans

Aman’s Picks:

  • 1. Saints over 4. Eagles
  • 1. Patriots over 5. Browns
  • 2. Rams over 3. Bears
  • 2. Chiefs over 3. Ravens

Divisional Round Recap:

There will be no Wild Card surprise in this year’s playoffs either. We each had at least one of the No. 5’s to advance, but they will lose to the No.1 teams. Well, at least the Seahawks and Browns will lose. I have the Chiefs as a No. 5 beating the top ranked Chargers to advice to their second straight Conference Championship. In fact, we have all four of the same teams from last year’s Conference Championships in there again, as they continue to dominate the NFL. For the sake of good ratings, we might actually want to see the Browns or the Bears make it this far, but are they both ready for that big moment?


Conference Championship

Rahim’s Picks:

  • 2. Rams over 1. Saints
  • 5. Chiefs over 2. Patriots

Aman’s Picks:

  • 1. Saints over 2. Rams
  • 1. Patriots over 2. Chiefs

Conference Recap:

I guess it’s time for me to explain why I have the Chiefs as a No. 5 seed in the AFC playoff standings, but still the AFC representative in the Super Bowl. I think the Chiefs’ offense won’t be as explosive as we saw it last year. Everyone was wowed by what QB Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs did despite all the Kareem Hunt controversy. Mahomes surprised us all, as he threw for 50 touchdowns in a season and earned MVP honors last year, but I don’t think he’ll be able to have the same numbers this season, and the team will lose at least five games.

The thing that sucks is that they will finish with a better record than the Browns and the Texans, but still be a Wild Card team. I think they will thrive off the energy of the fans that cheer for them away from Arrowhead and make it to the Super Bowl.

I also think the Rams will win their second Conference Championship game against the Saints, and this time it won’t be controversial. Aman thinks differently, and that’s what makes this interesting. He has the Patriots going to their fourth straight Super Bowl. I think the Chiefs will beat the Patriots and start a new era. I like who Aman picked for the Super Bowl matchup, because honestly, I wanted to see the Saints and Patriots matchup last year, so let’s see who we both have winning the Super Bowl.


Super Bowl LIV

Rahim’s Pick: Los Angeles Rams over Kansas City Chiefs

Aman’s Pick: New Orleans Saints over New England Patriots

Super Bowl Recap:

As you can see, Aman and I both picked the NFC champs to win the Super Bowl, and this is a start of a new era that could see the Patriots championship runs come to an end.

Now let’s see who earns the greatest honor of the season, with awards like Most Valuable Player and Offensive player of the year. Aman and I will share our picks for those awards as we wrap up our predictions and head into the 2019 NFL season.


Award Predictions

Most Valuable Player:

Rahim’s Pick: QB Drew Brees, New Orleans Saints

Aman’s Pick: RB Alvin Kamara, New Orleans Saints


Offensive Player of the Year:

Rahim’s Pick: RB Saquon Barkley, New York Giants

Aman’s Pick: QB Mitchell Trubisky, Chicago Bears


Defensive Player of the Year:

Rahim’s Pick: DE Bradley Chubb, Denver Broncos

Aman’s Pick: OLB Khalil Mack, Chicago Bears


Offensive Rookie of the Year:

Rahim’s Pick: QB Kyler Murray, Arizona Cardinals

Aman’s Pick: WR Marquise Brown, Baltimore Ravens


Defensive Rookie of the Year:

Rahim’s Pick: DE Nick Bosa, San Francisco 49ers

Aman’s Pick: CB Justin Layne, Pittsburgh Steelers


Comeback Player of the Year:

Rahim’s Pick: QB Jimmy Garoppolo, San Francisco 49ers

Aman’s Pick: RB Devonte Freeman, Atlanta Falcons


Coach of the Year:

Rahim’s Pick: Freddie Kitchens, Cleveland Browns

Aman’s Pick: Sean Payton, New Orleans Saints

After agreeing on most of the playoff teams, Aman and I find disagreements on the awards. I like Brees as MVP, simply because he has never won it before. Aman is all in on Kamara this year. He even drafted him on his fantasy team.

I think Barkley will come into the season looking to get the rushing title, but he’ll also be one of the leading receivers on his team. Can Trubisky become Offensive Player of The Year?

How about Defensive Player of The Year? I think Denver’s new defensive scheme will help Chubb lead the league in sacks and QB hits, which will earn him the award. You can’t forget about Mack or Aaron Donald either, though. It’s going to be an interesting season.

When I say interesting, I mean interesting, because this could be a year where we see the No. 1 and No. 2 picks from this year’s draft win the Rookie of the Year award, but Aman doesn’t think so.

How about Comeback Player of The Year? Both Garoppolo and Freeman will be in the running for this award, and it’s honestly going to be good to see these guys back on field.

Can Kitchens lead the Browns to the players and earn himself Coach of the Year honors? A lot of us think the Browns are a favorite to win. If they make playoffs, Kitchens should win this award.

Now that you’ve read our thoughts, let us know yours in the comments below!

One reply to “2019 NFL Predictons: Playoffs/Awards

  1. I cannot argue with any of the playoff picks really. I have similar predictions with a different SB winner. I agree with Rahim that Brees may very well win his first MVP, and I think if anyone from the Saints were to win it, it would be Brees. Aman, I get being all in on Kamara this year, but do you really think he will perform at an MVP level? The last RB to win MVP almost broke the single season rushing record. Do you think Kamara has that type of year?


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