2019 NCAA Football Predictions: Atlantic Coastal Conference

After seeing where all the other teams will finish in Conference, we’ll now take time to find out where the reign National Champions will finish in theirs.

Can anyone really beat the Clemson Tigers? Will Clemson have another undefeated season? Let’s see who can beat them!

“Going after the ball” by Seth Youngblood is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Clemson is the team to beat in the nation, they have been in the playoffs for the last four seasons winning twice, but there’s always been a lot of talk about Miami,  Florida State, and the rest of the ACC trying to take down Clemson. But let’s face it, it probably won’t be this season either. 

ACC Atlantic:

  1. Clemson Tigers:

2018 record: 15-0

Bowl Result: Beat Notre Dame (30-3) in the Cotton Bowl/ Beat Alabama (44-16) in the National Championship Game

2019 Prediction: 12-0

2. Syracuse Orange:

2018 record: 10-3

Bowl Result: Beat West Virginia (34-18) in the Camping World Bowl

2019 Prediction: 10-2

3. Florida State Seminoles:

2018 record: 5-7

Bowl Result: N/A

2019 Prediction: 8-4

4. North Carolina State Wolfpack:

2018 record: 9-4

Bowl Result: Lost to Texas A&M (52-17) in the Taxslayer Bowl

2019 Prediction: 7-5

5. Wake Forest Demon Deacons:

2018 record: 7-6

Bowl Result: Beat Memphis (37-34) in the Birmingham Bowl

2019 Prediction: 5-7

6. Boston College Eagles:

2018 record: 7-5

Bowl Result: Bowl Game Cancelled

2019 Prediction: 5-7

7. Louisville Cardinals:

2018 record: 2-10

Bowl Result: N/A

2019 Prediction: 3-9

This will be Clemson’s conference again this year, the only way I see it not going in their favor is if they get upset by an unexpected opponent,  like maybe Virginia or Duke.  Clemson will be in the playoffs in January, but who will get there with them?

I think that Syracuse and Florida State will be better than last year and give Clemson a tough fight in the Atlantic division. But can Miami or anyone else get them a run for their money?

ACC Coastal:

  1. Miami Hurricanes:

2Now that we went through each of the divisions, we can turn our attention to the Conference Championships and see who will win each one? Also talk about Oklahoma\’s Heisman winners and who will get it this year? 018 record: 7-6

Bowl Result: Lost to Wisconsin (35-3) in the Pinstripe Bowl

2019 Prediction: 8-4

2. Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets:

2018 record: 7-6

Bowl Result: Lost to Minnesota (34-10) in the Quick Lane Bowl

2019 Prediction: 7-5

3. Virginia Tech Vokies:

2018 record: 6-7

Bowl Result: Lost to Cincinnati (35-31) in Military Bowl

2019 Prediction: 7-5

4. Pittsburgh Panthers:

2018 record: 7-7

Bowl Result: Lost to Stanford (14-13) in the Sun Bowl:

2019 Prediction: 6-6

5. Duke Blue Devils:

2018 record: 8-5

Bowl Result: Beat Temple (56-27) in the Independence Bowl

2019 Prediction: 6-6

6. Virginia Cavaliers:

2018 record: 8-5

Bowl Result: Beat South Carolina (28-0) in the Belk Bowl

2019 Prediction: 6-6

7. North Carolina Tar Heels:

2018 record: 2-9

Bowl Result: N/A

2019 Prediction: 2-10

I like Miami winning the Coastal division and taking on Clemson in the Conference Championship, but do they have what it takes, NO! I’m not even sure they’ll be ranked this year.

You could give Georgia Tech a chance to win the Coastal, but I don’t think they’ll have their new offense ready until game five.  Also,  don’t forget that they go against Clemson on Thursday night on the brand new ACC Network in week one.  That’s not going to be easy.

Virginia Tech and Pittsburgh will also be trying to get their share of the Coastal division title,  but all the team’s in the ACC will be battling each other and could ultimately end with a lot of teams in the Coastal division having seven to eight wins and earning bowl games.

Several ACC teams have to face Notre Dame as well.  Teams like Louisville, Virginia, Duke, Virginia Tech, and Boston College.


Notre Dame Fighting Irish:

2018 record: 12-1

Bowl Result: Lost to Clemson (30-3) in the Cotton Bowl

2019 Prediction: 9-3

Now Notre Dame might be able to beat all five of those teams, but let’s remind ourselves that their are independent team in college football,  so they have different opponents.

Opponents like Georgia and Michigan as previously mentioned. Those two teams will likely be top 10 all season long and I don’t see Notre Dame surviving either one.

The Fighting Irish is also play a few PAC-12 teams in USC and Stanford as they do every year. It’ll be interesting to see how they play here,  but I think the hungrier teams will win and Notre Dame will fail to make the playoffs.

Now that we went through each of the divisions, we can turn our attention to the Conference Championships and see who will win each one? Also talk about Oklahoma’s Heisman winners and who will get it this year?

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