2019 NCAA Football Predictions: Pacific-12 Conference

As we get closer to the start of the College football season on Thursday, August 29th, we’ll be taking a look at each conference. And the PAC-12 conference is the first up!

Picture 084a” by Dinur is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

This conference has been one of the more disappointing ones of the Power Five because they haven’t had an real success in the playoffs.

And that’s where it’s mostly at, the best teams in college football are talked about their success in the college football playoffs.

Over the five years of existence, there have only been two PAC-12 teams to play in the playoffs, Oregon (2014-15) and Washington (2016-17).

Oregon was led by Marcus Mariota crushed Florida State (59-20) and made it to the National Championship game until getting beat by Ohio State (42-20).

Washington made it in as the 4th seed where they had to try to slay the defending champions, Alabama. It was a cake for Alabama as they won 24-7.

With another season set to start, every team has a chance at making the playoffs, but will this be the year that another PAC-12 team makes the playoffs? Will it be Oregon or Washington? How about Stanford or USC?

Let’s see how they will finish this year in terms of records before we talk playoffs.

PAC-12 North:

  1. Washington Huskies:

2018 record: 10-4 (with Bowl game including)

Bowl Result: Lost to Ohio State (28-23) in the Rose Bowl

2019 Prediction: 10-2

2. Oregon Ducks:

2018 Record: 9-4

Bowl Result: Beat Michigan State (7-6) in the Redbox Bowl

2019 Prediction: 9-3

3. Stanford Cardinals:

2018 record: 9-4

Bowl Result: Beat Pittsburgh (14-13) in the Hyundai Sun Bowl

2019 Prediction: 9-3

4. Washington State Cougars:

2018 record: 11-2

Bowl Result: Beat Iowa State (28-26) in the Alamo Bowl

2019 Prediction: 8-4

5. California Golden Bears:

2018 record: 7-6

Bowl Result: Lost to TCU (10-7) in the Cheez-It Bowl

2019 Prediction: 6-6

6. Oregon State Beavers:

2018 record: 2-10

Bowl Result: N/A

2019 Prediction: 3-9

Washington, Oregon, and Stanford are the best teams in the North and they all have the chance to win the conference. Of course, they all have to face each other which makes it hard for any of them to go undefeated. They also have tough non-conference matchups.

Washington has it easy as they play BYU and Hawaii in their non-conference games, but they could get upset if they’re not careful. Oregon plays SEC’s Auburn opening week, and we could likely count that as a loss for the Ducks. Stanford has it worst. They play Big Ten’s Northwestern in week one, Central Florida in week three and Notre Dame in the season finale.

All these teams will be playing nine of their 12 games against the conference and even those are going to be tough. You have teams like Utah and USC looking to prove that they are the best team in the PAC-12, so let’s see where they finish.

PAC-12 South:

  1. Utah Utes:

    2018 record: 9-5

    Bowl Result: Lost to Northwestern (31-20) in the Holiday Bowl

    2019 Prediction: 9-3

  2. USC Trojans:

2018 record: 5-7

Bowl Result: N/A

2019 Prediction: 8-4

3. Arizona State Sun Devils:

2018 record: 7-6

Bowl Result: Lost to Frenso State (31-20) in the Las Vegas Bowl

2019 Prediction: 8-4

4. Arizona Wildcats:

2018 record: 5-7

Bowl Result: N/A

2019 Prediction: 7-5

5. Colorado Buffaloes:

2018 record: 5-7

Bowl Result: N/A

2019 Prediction: 6-6

6. UCLA Bruins:

2018 record: 3-9

Bowl Result: N/A

2019 Prediction: 5-7

I am a believer of the Utah Utes this year! I think that they could surprise us all in the season. They finished with a 9-5 record last year and even that was a surprise after being one of the last place team. Utah managed to make it to the conference championship and I think they will do it again.

Looking at Utah’s schedule, I see them finishing with a 6-3 record in the PAC-12 conference. They will have the easiest nonconference games, but we will have to circle Sept. 20 on our calenders because that might be the game that determines who wins the PAC-12 South.

I’m not sure how you see it, but Southern Cal may be able to rebound from their tough season last year. In fact, I think all the PAC-12 teams will improve their records by a game or two. Southern Cal does have a rough schedule with Stanford, Utah, Washington, Oregon and Notre Dame as five ranked opponents that they have to go through to finish with the top record.

Regardless of who it is that wins the PAC-12, they will once again miss out on the playoffs because of how competitive this conference is. Let’s see how the BIG TEN favors with their chances?


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