Buy or Sell: Toronto Blue Jays, Daniel Jones and Golden State Warriors

Welcome to the future!

Vladimir Guerrero Jr.” by DR. Buddie is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

In this version of the “Buy or Sell,” we will take a look at the future and where it could take three teams. Join Aman, Dan, and I as we look into the future championship hopes of the Toronto Blue Jays, Daniel Jones, and Golden State Warriors.

Can any of us be right in our buys or sells? Find out what we think about them here.

Dan: With their elite young core, the Blue Jay’s can win a World Series within the next 5-6 years?

Aman: If I’m going based off of the Toronto Blue Jays’ current competition, then no, of course not, but down the road, as the Blue Jays get stronger and the good players of the likes of the Chicago Cubs, Atlanta Braves, or the Los Angeles Dodgers age, the Blue Jays winning is actually a probable reality.
But this will only work if the Blue Jays’ key players remains with the team. Unfortunately, what I see happening is another team offering more money and a better deal to the likes of, how Rahim says, Guerrero Jr., leaving the Blue Jays behind. So, I’m going to end up selling this.
Rahim: I buy this! I’ve been saying it all season that this was the last year the Golden State Warriors were going to win an NBA title. I didn’t think they would have gotten D’Angelo Russell the way they did. But regardless of that addition, it will be hard for them to repeat what they did over the past five seasons.
There is also that fact that Dan said about the Los Angeles teams. Whether it’s Kawhi Leonard’s Clippers team or LeBron James’ Lakers, I think the Warriors will finish third best in their division. It’s going to be a hard road back to the Finals for the Warriors and I don’t think their time will come again. So yes, I buy the idea that they will fail to win an NBA title for the next three years, especially with Clippers and Lakers now standing in their way.

Rahim: Daniel Jones will win two Super Bowl titles in his career and silence all critics?

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