NFL Fantasy: Top 15 QBs + Sleepers and Rookie watch

Have you been trying to think of a nice strategy to help you win your fantasy league after failing to succeed last season? I don’t know what strategy I’ll be using this year yet, but I want to make sure that we have the best quarterbacks available to us.


“Philip Rivers” by Brook Ward is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0

Honestly, I don’t think a QB should be drafted until at least round five depending on who else is available for those picks. I will be giving you top 15 QBs in fantasy football and five sleeper QBs that could have big years.

I have also added the top rookies section as we keep an eye on which rookies will have success first. So let’s get started.

Top 15 Fantasy QBs:

  1. Patrick Mahomes, Chiefs
  2. Aaron Rodgers, Packers
  3. DeShaun Watson, Texans
  4. Russell Wilson, Seahawks
  5. Andrew Luck, Colts
  6. Baker Mayfield, Browns
  7. Cam Newton, Panthers
  8. Drew Brees, Saints
  9. Matt Ryan, Falcons
  10. Carson Wentz, Eagles
  11. Jared Goff, Rams
  12. Mitchell Trubisky, Bears
  13. Phillip Rivers, Chargers
  14. Derek Carr, Raiders
  15. Ben Roethlisberger, Steelers

I don’t think there’s any arguments to be made here as we saw what each of these players did last year. Patrick Mahomes outshined Drew Brees for the M.V.P., and we could expect the two of them to battle for it again this season.

Andrew Luck proved that he’s back after spending the past few seasons dealing with injuries.

Watson also made a nice comeback from an injury the year before and helped push his team back into the playoffs. We’ll likely see more of that this season.

But how will Rodgers and Wilson do this season? They both have several different receivers to try to build chemistry with, but if we know anything from these guys careers is that they can do it.

Mayfield will probably be on a lot of people’s queue on draft night with the addition of Odell Beckham Jr. and possibly Kareem Hunt.

Ryan is looking to have a healthy Devonte Freeman back to help with his numbers.

Newton and Wentz are solid QBs when healthy and if healthy they could help your team win games, especially Cam Newton. Over the years, he has proven to be one if the best QBs in the league. But both guys could give you a nice average of 20-25 points as a starter.

How about Goff and Rivers? Both of these Los Angeles Quarterbacks will be looking to led their teams in the playoffs again. What makes them a top QB is that they’ll most likely be relaying on their arm a lot more than you might think despite the stud running backs each of them have.

For Trubisky, it’s about staying healthy and proving that he’s capable of being one of the top QBs. I’m interested to see if he can give one lucky owner another six touchdown game like he did last year, maybe another year with the some offense can help him get to that status.

Or maybe Big Ben or Derek Carr can continue their success despite the changes on offense. Both are dealing with new receivers and running backs, so let’s see how they do.

Top Five Sleeper QBs:

  1. Dak Prescott, Cowboys
  2. Tom Brady, Patriots
  3. Josh Allen, Bills
  4. Jimmy Garoppolo, 49ers
  5. Lamar Jackson, Ravens

I put Prescott in as a sleeper because we haven’t seen enough passing success from him over the years to make him a top 15 QB yet. Maybe with a full season of Amari Cooper, he’ll be there and I think it’ll be a better season for him.

Brady will be without one of his favorite targets (Robert Gronkoswi) for the first time in nearly a decade, and that’s why I don’t have him in the top 15 for fantasy. He does still have WR Julian Edelman and some young receivers, but don’t forget about his use of the running backs. He’ll be a solid QB 2 and bye week replacement.

I really like Josh Allen as a sleeper and with all the new weapons around him, he could actually find some success and get some touchdowns. If you’re a fantasy owner that likes to have multiple QBs, I think Allen is one you could grab in the last few rounds of the draft.

I think if healthy, Garoppolo will finally become what he was suppose to be last year. Surrounded by a lot of young, talented receivers, Jimmy G could be a nice QB for your team.

And then there’s Lamar Jackson, the Ravens have put in a lot of trust into Jackson and they have had moves for him to succeed. Recently in one of Fourth Quarter Sports “Buy or Sell” articles, we discussed how successful Jackson could be this year.

Rookie Watch:

  1. Kyler Murray, Cardinals
  2. Daniel Jones, Giants
  3. Dwayne Haskins, Redskins
  4. Jarrett Stidham, Patriots
  5. Will Grier, Panthers

As promised, we are giving you some Rookies to watch this season. And the only clear rookie QB right now is Kyler Murray which is rightfully so since he was the No. 1 overall pick. I think Murray will be on 100 percent of rosters in every league and likely be some people’s starters. Not sure of what his career will be like yet, but everything looks good with the offense that he and coach Kingsbury will bring.

Jones could be this year’s Baker Mayfield or Lamar Jackson as he’ll likely come in play due to an injury to Eli Manning. If that happens, there’s no saying what will happen with the Giants season.

Haskins had a poor preseason so far and will have to work his way up the depth chart behind Case Keenum, so let’s continue to watch this one over the course of the season.

Both Stidham and Grier will only really get playing time if either Brady or Newton aren’t fit to go. Given Brady’s success, Stidham may not see the field at all. But Grier has a possibly to do so if Newton can’t start the season or stay healthy. These guys will be QB 3’s and not added until we know the status for sure.


I hope you enjoy this list and don’t forget to return tomorrow to find out the top 25 running backs in fantasy.

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