Buy or Sell: Cleveland Indians, NBA’s USA team, and Bears next Walter Payton (MVP)

We are once again covering different topics from the NFL, NBA and MLB, as Aman, Dan, and I discuss some more interesting topics.


4. Walter Payton” by Korye Logan is licensed CC BY-SA 2.0

With the MLB trade deadline approaching, we look at a team and might be ready to give up one of their pitchers for more assets. We’ll also look at how the USA Men’s basketball team will look without a lot of big names. And the biggest question of the week is who will be the next MVP for the Chicago Bears? The one and only time the Bears had an MVP was Walter Payton in 1977. Do they have an MVP on the team this season?

Aman: The Cleveland Indians will back-track and decide not to trade Trevor Bauer?

Dan: I sell that the Indians won’t end up trading Trevor Bauer. It’s really just a relationship that needs to end. Doing one-year deals and going to arbitration every year for like 4-5 straight seasons and screwing this guy out of the money he actually deserves to get is burning bridges.

They don’t want to pay him and if he doesn’t get traded he’ll just end up in arbitration again this offseason. Why keep doing that to a top pitcher especially when you can probably get a couple really good prospects back for him.

Currently the Philadelphia Phillies are the top team for him and are said to be in ‘Deep’ discussion about acquiring Bauer. This is a team that has so much young talent and a lot of money. Why not go out and add another starting pitcher to help out guys like Jake Arrieta and Aaron Nola. He’s 28, so if he was to go to a team like the Phillies, it would boost their chances to win and he would be right in the middle of that while finally getting the money he should be getting. I think he is definitely gone by the deadline.

Rahim: This is a hard sell because of where the Indians have been over the past three years. The Indians have won their division each of the last three years and had it to the World Series in 2016 where they blew a 3-1 lead against the Chicago Cubs and ended their curse.

But the reason I am selling this is because the Indians need a change of pace in their roster and they have managed to keep themselves in the hunt for both the Wild Card spot and another division title. If the postseason were to start today the Indians wouldn’t been division championships (Minnesota Twins led by three games). The Indians would be battling the Oakland Athletics in the Wild Card game.

Unfortunately, there still roughly 60 games left in the season and the Indians are looking for something to help them move ahead in their division. Trevor Bauer has been the only pitcher for the Indians this season with the other guys like Danny Salazar, Corey Kluber, and Carlos Carrasco all missing a handful of games. Bauer is the only one with trade value right now and it would be smart to move him while he is playing well.

I don’t think a trade like this will effect the Indians chances of making the playoffs and if they get good value for him, it might actually benefit them more in the playoffs once everyone else returns from injury.

Rahim: Is USA Basketball now a joke with all superstars opting out of playing this summer?

Aman: I sell this! I think that it is quite a dismay that the country’s greatest stars won’t be representing their country at the upcoming World Cup, but I still wouldn’t take this team lightly.

The US has the best domestic league in the world, so there is a myriad of talent from the NBA to fill up the team. This is a good chance for young players to perform at their best and bring pride to their country.

Another point is that there couldn’t be a better coach then Greg Popovich to lead this team and I would keep faith in his coaching ability in forming a solid, unified US national team.

Dan: I sell that the NBA USA team is now a joke. I don’t think it’s that players don’t want to play for the team I think it’s more the fact that’s this tournament is so close to the NBA season.

The tournament starts August 31st and the finals of that tournament would be September 15th. The NBA preseason starts on October 4th. Those dates are very close together especially when a lot of the guys asked to be on that are Western Conference guys fighting for a championship spot and really even a playoff spot after what has happened this offseason.

Also to throw this in, their all-team USA has do is finish 1st or 2nd out of seven teams and if they fail to do that they still have another opportunity to qualify for the Olympics in the FIBA tournament next year. So this really isn’t as big of a deal as people are making it out to be.

I think you’ll see a lot of these bigger name players next year for FIBA if need be and certainly the Olympics. The roster for this year’s tournament still has Kemba Walker, Khris Middleton, Kyle Lowry, Andre Drummond, Kyle Kuzma, and Harrison Barnes. There’s some all stars in there and guys that people know can get the job done. Team USA will be okay this year.

Dan: The Chicago Bears last MVP was Walter Payton (1977). But with the MVP-caliber players they have on their roster, this will be the year the franchise gets their second MVP

Aman: Although it’s a long shot, I buy for two reasons:

A. This is the best chance the Bears have to put up an MVP worthy performance. Someone like the QB Mitch Trubisky or defender Khalil Mack. Sure, there might be more profound QBs in the league than Trubisky, but if the Bears make a Super Bowl run, Trubisky could be worthy of the award.

B. The other reason responds to Mack. Obviously, a defender hasn’t had his hands on the MVP trophy in a while, but as defenders are becoming more valued, Mack might be on the top of that list. Therefore, although a long shot, I buy this being possible.

Rahim: I’m definitely selling this. I know the Bears won their division for the first time since 2010, but I don’t think they have the next MVP on their team. I do think the Bears win likely win the division again in 2019 and maybe make it further than a missed kick in a Wild Card game.

When I look at the Bears roster I see two potential MVPs (QB Mitchell Trubisky and EDGE Khalil Mack), but looking at the players in front of them, it will be a tough task to accomplish.

Trubisky isn’t even a top 10 quarterback in the league and for him to get to the MVP status, the Bears will have to have the best record in the league with the no. 1 offense. Trubisky will need more than just one game of 6+ touchdowns to get him there.

Mack, on the other hand, has a harder road to the MVP award simply because it’s rarely ever reward to a defensive player. The last and only defensive player to win MVP was Lawrence Taylor in 1988, and though we have seen what kind of impact Mack has on a team like the Bears, I don’t think he’ll get the looks for this award.

I mean honestly speaking the MVP award is mostly an offensive player award rewarded to the best QB of the season. It honestly surprises me how New Orleans Saints QB Drew Brees has yet to win one. I think his time should’ve been last year. But I’ll be selling any Bears player winning the MVP in 2019. Sorry Dan and Aman, it won’t happen!

There you have it! Now, what do you think?

  • Will the Cleveland Indians back track and not trade SP Trevor Bauer?
  • Is USA basketball team a joke without the superstar players we are use to seeing?
  • Can a Chicago Bears play win MVP like former RB Walter Payton did in 1977?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment!

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