NBA Free Agency: Top 10 small forwards

After spending the last few days looking at the other positions, it’s time to take a look at the most important position in the NBA. The small forward position includes big names like Kevin Durant and Kawhi Leonard.

“”1 kawhi leonard 2019 nba finals” by Chensiyuan is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

As we quickly approach the free agent period, everyone has their eyes set on these two guys. Let’s be honest, they might all be disappointed, but let’s see where they might actually go.


Top 10 small forwards

1. Kevin Durant

Current Team: Golden State Warriors

New Team: Los Angeles Clippers

Yes, you are seeing this right! Kevin Durant will leave the Warriors and join their division rival, Los Angeles Clippers. By doing so, he’ll team up with DeMarcus Cousins again. Durant is expected to be a part of one of the New York teams, but he’s also expected to meet with the Clippers. He could also opt into his deal with the Warriors. The injury will play a huge part in where he plays, and I think the Clippers would still be a playoff team if they sign him and still have to wait the year.


2. Kawhi Leonard

Current Team: Toronto Raptors

New Team: Toronto Raptors

Despite having meetings with both the Los Angeles Lakers and Clippers, the Raptors get the last laugh. Leonard hears them out, and stays with Toronto for the biggest contract in NBA history. Look at what he was able to do in just one year. With not many changes happening with the team, they could be right back there again. Pascal Siakam won most improved player and he’ll continue to improve with Leonard playing along side him.


3. Bojan Bogdanovic

Current Team: Indiana Pacers

New Team: Philadelphia 76ers

This is a match made in heaven for both sides, as the Sixers clearly need shooters with both Reddick and Butler leaving. Bogdanovic has been known for his lights out threes, which played a major part in the success of the Indiana Pacers when Victor Oladipo went down. With Bogdanovic and the addition of P.J. Tucker and Eric Gordon, the Sixers can have the offense they had last season. The problem will still be the injury prone Joel Embiid and the no jump shot Ben Simmons.


4. Khris Middleton

Current Team: Milwaukee Bucks

New Team: Milwaukee Bucks

Although Middleton opted out of his contract, I think he’ll stay with the Bucks. They were as close to the NBA Finals as they’ve been for a long time. If they can keep him, they have a better chance of getting there next season and in the future. They could also look to add more shooters to the bench to help take pressure off MVP Giannis Antetokounmpo.


5. Harrison Barnes

Current Team: Sacramento Kings

New Team: Indiana Pacers

Barnes is one of those forwards who’s underrated. He really grew into a nice star during his time with the Dallas Mavericks. The only reason why they moved him was to create space for the Porzingis trade. Having Luka Doncic playing well as a rookie was also a plus. I think Barnes could be a star in Indiana with all the other new pieces they have. Of course, the money will have to be figured out if they’re really going to have all the players they want.


6. Wilson Chandler

Current Team: Philadelphia 76ers

New Team: Sacramento Kings

Chandler has been a player who’s moved around so much over his career, and he’ll continue to do so. I hope he can find a big deal and be settled with one team again. With the Kings, it could be it. They’re on the rise and hoping to make the playoffs this year, if not the next. With the young team they’ve assembled, a playoff appearance could be in the near future, and it will be a good thing to see from this franchise.


7. Rudy Gay

Current Team: San Antonio Spurs

New Team: San Antonio Spurs

Gay has found a way to remain relevant in the NBA, and the Spurs seem to fit him well. He may visit other teams to see what they can offer, but he fits the Spurs well and I can see him adding a few more years with them.


8. Trevor Ariza

Current Team: Washington Wizards

New Team: Denver Nuggets

Since he came into the league, Ariza has always been known as one of the better three and D guys. He made several big plays as a member of the Lakers in their 2008-09 season. He’s helped several other teams, such as the Wizards and Houston Rockets, make the playoffs and be better defensively. I think him being added to the Nuggets will be a good spot for him. He can come in and set the tone for what the Nuggets want to do on defense. We already know they can score, but the addition to Ariza could help slow down their opponents.


9. Jabari Parker

Current Team: Washington Wizards

New Team: Washington Wizards

Parker hasn’t really been able to fit into the NBA like he’s wanted to. He had too many injuries in Milwaukee, which led to them letting him go. He got traded again from Chicago to the Washington Wizards. I think the Wizards are a better fit for him, because he’s not having to be be a star there. He was also able to learn behind Trevor Ariza, so if Parker can stay healthy, he could be a better player for the Wizards this year.


10. Kelly Oubre

Current Team: Phoenix Suns

New Team: Phoenix Suns

Speaking of the Wizards and Ariza, they traded Kelly Oubre to Phoenix for him. It made sense for the Wizards, because Oubre was costing them too much. That’s why they also shopped Otto Porter Jr. It was good for both Oubre and the Suns, who’ll likely stay together one more year on the player option and see where that takes them. I like this for both sides.


I hope you enjoyed the list of players who’ll hit free agency on July 1st. Don’t forget to share and comment what you think about each player and where they’ll be playing next season.

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