NBA Free Agency: Top 10 point guards

As we wrap up the 2018-19 NBA season and look ahead to the next, we focus on the next step for each team. We’ll be looking at which stars are available and where they’ll be going this offseason. Over the next few days, I’ll give you the top 10 players from each position and tell you where I believe they’ll end up next season.

Kemba Walker
“Kemba Walker” by Keith Allison is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

The first of the five positions is the most important, because they’re the floor generals. These guys are more than capable of leading their team to playoffs. They’re all looking to take the next step and win an NBA title.

Top Point Guards:

1. Kyrie Irving

Current Team: Boston Celtics

New Team: Brooklyn Nets

With the recent change of agents and decline of the player option, it’s clear Kyrie Irving will be leaving Boston. He never belonged there in the first place. As the newest member of Roc Nation, Irving will be looking for a new team. I don’t believe it will be in Los Angeles with LeBron James, but instead will be with the Brooklyn Nets. This will be the first of few moves the Nets make in free agency.

2. Kemba Walker

Current Team: Charlotte Hornets

New Team: Charlotte Hornets

As much hype as there’s been over Kemba Walker being a free agent, I don’t think he’ll leave Charlotte. I would love to see him join the Lakers, but I think Michael Jordan will do whatever he needs to to keep Walker.

3. D’Angelo Russell

Current Team: Brooklyn Nets

New Team: Minnesota Timberwolves

With Irving going to Brooklyn, I don’t see Russell wanting to stay there. I know there were reports of this being a possible duo, but I think Russell is out. The best place to go is with his best friend, Karl Anthony-Towns, in Minnesota. I know they already have Jeff Teague, but with other teams still trying to find that veteran point guard to help lead their team, I expect Teague to be traded before the season starts.

4. Terry Rozier

Current Team: Boston Celtics

New Team: Orlando Magic

One of those teams who could look for a Teague trade is the Celtics, especially after both Irving and Terry Rozier leave in free agency. Rozier wants to be a starter in the league, and he knows he won’t get that with the Celtics. He could try to get it as a member of the Orlando Magic, but he’ll have to prove he can outplay Markelle Fultz and whoever else the Magic sign.

5. Malcom Brogdon

Current Team: Milwaukee Bucks

New Team: Philadelphia 76ers

I want to see the Bucks bring Brogdon back, but with all the questions they have with their roster, he might be one of the players they’ll let go. Although he is a nice two way player, the Sixers could use him as both a starting point guard or a complimentary guard to Ben Simmons. There are still several questions that need to be answered for the Sixers at the guard position, but Brodgon could answer one of them.

6. Patrick Beverly

Current Team: Los Angeles Clippers

New Team: Los Angeles Lakers

Okay, this is interesting because of the situation the Lakers are in with the Anthony Davis trade. The Lakers will probably have a tough time finding players to fill up the roster around LeBron James and Anthony Davis. I think Beverly would be a good addition to the Lakers, because they could use a game-controlling, defensive-minded point guard to help with all the scoring done by James, Davis and whoever will join the Lakers this offseason. I also think Rajon Rondo will try to work out a deal to stay for cheap, so the Lakers point position is set.

7. Derrick Rose

Current Team: Minnesota Timberwolves

New Team: San Antonio Spurs

Rose had a reemergence last season after struggling to get his career back on track in New York and Cleveland over the past few seasons. He even struggled with Minnesota a bit last year, but Rose managed to find himself this season. That’ll help him find a better role next year. I think the San Antonio Spurs will be a good fit. Coach Gregg Popovich has always been good at bringing on veteran players who are trying to continue a reemergence. Rose would fit well with what the Spurs like to do.

8. Ricky Rubio

Current Team: Utah Jazz

New Team: Indiana Pacers

After the Jazz traded for Mike Conley, it was obvious Rubio is on the move. Regardless of the trade, we already knew Rubio was leaving. I think Indiana will be his next destination. The Pacers have a lot of free agency questions they need to address, but the main target is a point guard because all other positions have a bit more depth. Plus, I think Darren Collison will be leaving too.

9. Darren Collison

Current Team: Indiana Pacers

New Team: Phoenix Suns

Speaking of Collison and leaving, I think he’ll be in a good spot with the Suns, who are in a position where they don’t have a true point guard. Collison isn’t a superstar guard, but he has the ability to be a great leader on the court. With Collison running point, it’ll be easier for shooting guard Devin Booker. I think this will be a nice addition to the team.

10. T.J. McConnell

Current Team: Philadelphia 76ers

New Team: Dallas Mavericks

This is an interesting addition to the Dallas Mavericks, because they will already have scorers in Luka Donicic and Kristap Porzingis. The addition of McConnell will provide them more shooting and a better ball handler at the point guard position. McConnell has proven himself as a shooter in the NBA, and the style of basketball the Mavericks play could benefit him a lot more than his time at Philadelphia.

Let us know what you think about these players and what team they’ll be playing for next season. Also, make sure to watch for the release of the other positions throughout the week as we head into free agency in July.

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