Buy or Sell: New Orleans Pelicans, Copa América and Brooklyn Nets

We’re back again for another “Buy or Sell,” and we have another big one for you this week. On this week’s edition of Buy or Sell, we talk about more of the big news going on in the NBA.

Cleveland Cavaliers vs. Brooklyn Nets” by Erik Drost is licensed under CC BY 2.0

How does the recent injuries to Kevin Durant and Klay Thompson impact NBA free agency? How about the NBA Draft and how the New Orleans Pelicans and Los Angeles Lakers trade changes the face of this year’s draft?

We’ll also be talking about how one of the best South American Soccer teams could be at risk of an early exit in the Copa América.

Join Aman, Joel and I as we discuss if the Brooklyn Nets will miss out on Kyrie Irving because Kevin Durant won’t join.


Joel: The Brooklyn Nets will lose D’Angelo Russell and miss out on Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving in free agency

Rahim: I buy the Nets miss out on all three of these guys. I think with the injury to Kevin Durant and him likely missing the whole 2019-20 season, a lot of teams have backed off of pursuing him.

The New York Knicks, Brooklyn Nets and Los Angeles Clippers are three teams still in the hunt, but I think all of them will miss out and Durant will opt into his final year with the Golden State Warriors.

I don’t want to give away too much about where I think Irving and Russell will end up, because I will be releasing several articles next week that will give you a good look at where each of the top 10 free agents from each position will play next season.

But only one of them with be a member of the Brooklyn Nets. I do see several other players actually wanting to go there though, so stay tuned for those articles starting on Monday, June 24.

Aman: I’m pretty sure Kevin Durant came to Golden State to win titles and he’s not leaving without another one. It’s unfortunate he faced an injury during the finals against the Toronto Raptors, but GSW couldn’t complete the job and went on to lose the Finals.

So it seems that it’s unlikely for Durant to leave Golden State, meaning that the Brooklyn Nets likely won’t even sign Kyrie Irving. But I don’t think the Nets will want to lose D’Angelo Russell in a situation like this. Losing him would be a big loss if Irving can’t be obtained, therefore the Nets will look to re-sign Russell in my opinion. Therefore, I sell this statement.


Aman: Argentina will make it out of the group stages in the Copa América

Joel: I buy Argentina making it out of the Group stages. They’re currently fourth in their group, with a record of 0-1-1. However, their next opponent is Qatar, who is also 0-1-1. If Argentina can grab a win, their chances skyrocket!

Columbia leads their group with a record of 2-0 right now, while Paraguay is in second with a record of 0-2-0. Paraguay takes on Columbia next, and I see Columbia winning, putting Paraguay at 0-2-1.

All Argentina has to do at that point is get a win against Qatar, and they move into second place. I’ll take Argentina over Qatar.

Rahim: I buy that Argentina gets out of the group stages in the Copa América, but I find it hard for them to go far.

I have always been a fan of Lionel Messi and I always wished for him to win every title, so I can trash talk all the Cristiano Ronaldo fans, but neither guy has had success with their National clubs.

For Argentina, it’s unacceptable that they haven’t won anything over the years. It’s been since 1993 when Argentina last won a cup title (not counting the Olympics). This Messi team has been close to it several times, and I don’t think we can really blame him.

They have a strong offense behind Messi, but their defense just doesn’t seem to hold up against the stronger teams of the world, like Columbia. I won’t let that loss to Columbia ruin the chance that Argentina has to get out of group stage.

Like Joel said, they need to win against Qatar, which we expect them to do. Of course, they need help from Columbia in their match against Paraguay. With a Paraguay loss and an Argentina win, and they are in!


Rahim: The New Orleans Pelicans will make the playoffs this season if they stay healthy

Aman: If everyone remains healthy throughout the season, then I buy. It won’t be easy since they’ll have to find a fruitful combination early and stick to it, but the New Orleans Pelicans will definitely have the talent to do so.

However, (there’s always a ‘however’ when it comes to me), they won’t get first place in their division as a very strong Houston Rockets will likely occupy that spot. If Pelicans want a playoff spot, they’ll need to aim for second, also not an easy task.

The San Antonio Spurs had 15 more wins than New Orleans, quite a defining margin. So I do buy the Pelicans making the playoffs, but they’ll just need a strong start to the season to do so.

Joel:  I’m going to have to sell the Pelicans making the playoffs next season, regardless of health. As things sit right now, this team has a lot of potential, but their star players are all young guys without a ton experience. The exception is Jrue Holiday.

Having Holiday, Ball, Ingram and Zion Williamson is great, but it won’t be enough. Zion Williamson is projected to be a star, but he’s going to be a rookie this season, meaning he’ll have his struggles. He’ll put up good stats for a rookie, but he won’t be leading a team to the playoffs.

It’s not very often we see a star rookie take his team to the postseason. Ball and Ingram have never been in the playoffs, and I’m not sure they’ve got the ability to lead a team there, especially a young team. I know the Lakers had injuries last season, but Ball and Ingram couldn’t take the Lakers to the playoffs with LeBron James, so why would they be able to do it now?

We also have to consider the teams in the Western Conference. Despite injuries and not knowing who’s coming back, the Warriors will be a playoff team. Despite the Rockets going through trade rumors, I believe they’ll be a playoff team. Then there’s the Blazers, Thunder, Jazz, Spurs and Nuggets. I believe the Lakers will be there too.

The Kings seem to be getting better, and the Clippers are legit playoff contenders. If the Clippers land Kawhi, they’re in for sure. With so many good teams in the Western Conference, I just can’t see the Pelicans making it to the playoffs.


And there you have it! Now, what do you think?

  • Will the Brooklyn Nets lose D’Angelo Russell and miss out on KD and Irving in free agency?
  • Will Argentina make it out of the group stages in the Copa América?
  • Will the New Orleans Pelicans make the playoffs this season if healthy?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment!

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