Did the Warriors have the most disappointing arena farewell of all-time?

Being down 3-2 in the NBA Finals, the Golden State Warriors had a golden opportunity to extend the series to a Game 7. Game 6 was played at Oracle Arena, but it wasn’t just any Game 6. This Game 6 was the last game the Warriors would ever play here. Warriors players and fans alike were hoping that would spark their team to a Game 6 victory and another championship. Instead, their farewell to Oracle may have turned out to be the most disappointing farewell of all-time.


It was win or go home for the Golden State Warriors in Game 6. After all, they would never play another game at Oracle. They had the home crowd. They had the momentum after coming off a Game 5 victory in Toronto. On top of that, they had motivation to win this one for KD, who ruptured his achilles in the previous game.

Everything was on their side. Everything was set up for the Warriors to give their fans one last show at Oracle before moving to a new arena. However, instead of giving Warriors fans something to cheer about one more time, what could have gone wrong, did go wrong.


Crowning new NBA Champs

The result of Game 6 was a Raptors win, which meant they were now the NBA Champs. The last game to ever be played at Oracle Arena resulted in the Toronto Raptors raising the trophy. What kind of farewell memory is that? It’s a memory many Warriors fans will want to forget, but I doubt it’ll be easy. How do you forget the last game to ever be played in this historic stadium? The memory of the Toronto Raptors winning a title in this building will last forever.


Losing Klay Thompson

If it wasn’t already bad enough to see another team win the NBA title in their building, Warriors fans had to see one of their stars, Klay Thompson, leave the game with what we now know is a torn ACL. What does this mean for their future?

Well, Klay Thompson is set to become a free agent, and it’s possible the Warriors could have seen the last of him as a Warrior. In what could have been his last game as a Warrior, Warriors fans had to see Thompson leave the game early with a serious injury.

What kind of last memory of Klay Thompson as a Warrior would that be?


Losing KD in Game 5

Technically, losing KD had nothing to do with the final game played at Oracle Arena. However, Warriors fans likely will never see Durant play another game for the Warriors.

Despite questions about how valuable KD was to the Warriors, Durant made his presence felt when he scored 11 points in 12 minutes during Game 5, which ultimately boosted the Warriors to extending the series. Shortly after dominating the first quarter, Kevin Durant went down with a devastating injury, an injury that could potentially never allow fans to see Durant in a Warriors jersey again.

It’s pretty likely Warriors fans were expecting Durant to be gone after this season anyway, but I doubt they thought they’d see Durant go out like that. They didn’t even get to see Durant play the final game at Oracle Arena. Just another disappointment.


Most disappointing farewell of all-time? 

It’s not every day we see an NBA team move from one arena to another. For that reason, I have to admit I haven’t seen a whole lot of them. Regardless of that, I don’t think there’s ever been a more disappointing final game in an arena than Game 6 of the 2019 NBA Finals.

KD didn’t play, and may never be a Warrior again. Klay Thompson got hurt, and may never be a Warrior again. If either of them are, they’re likely not playing next season. one didn’t get to play the final game at Oracle, and the other didn’t get to finish it. On top of that, the Toronto Raptors won a championship in the arena on its final night. How could you be more disappointed?

Unfortunately, the farewell to Oracle Arena could be a painful, long lasting memory in the hearts and minds of Warriors fans everywhere.


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