Buy or Sell: Durant’s decision, Gold Cup and Kawhi’s legacy

Here we are again! As we continued to watch the NHL and NBA wrap up their championship series, we bring you another week of “Buy or Sell.”

This week we’ll be talking about more NBA as we focus on two of the biggest stars in the league.

“USA vs Jamaica – Georgia Dome #atl #chooseATL #goldcup2015 #goldcup #soccer” by smoddelm is licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0

Those stars are Kevin Durant and Kawhi Leonard, and they are both hitting free agency this summer.

For Durant, it’s an option to stay with the Warriors or take his money elsewhere. But how will his recent injury affect that? I believe Durant will opt to stay one more year, but let’s see what Aman and Joel have to say about it.

Leonard is giving it all he got for the Toronto Raptors and he could go down as the greatest Raptor ever if he can win this NBA title?

Speaking of winning? Let’s talk about if Jamaica can finally win the Conacaf Gold Cup this year!


Rahim: Despite the report, Kevin Durant opts into final year of contract and his injuries play a huge part?

Joel: There’s a report out there that Kevin Durant will only opt into his contract with the Warriors as a last resort, meaning he’ll only do it if no other teams want to sign him for the money he’s looking for.

I can see how teams might shy away from giving Durant big money after his serious injury, but come on, this is Kevin Durant.

Sure, he might be out for a long period of time, but you best believe that when he comes back, he’ll quickly get back to the top of his game.

I believe several teams will want to pay Durant regardless of the injury. Just the thought of having him locked up when he returns from injury will be too good to pass up, so I’ll have to sell Durant opting into the final year of his contract.

Aman: Admitted, Kevin Durant has been injury prone this season. But, that doesn’t mean he’s any less of a skilled player.

Durant played very well in the minutes he could and was an important part of giving Golden State the lead in the first half in game five against the Toronto Raptors.

So I think it would be kind of shocking if not even one other team considered having Durant on their team. Therefore, I’m selling Durant opting into a final year. It would be even less likely in my opinion, to be honest, if Golden State wins the Finals.


Aman: Jamaica will win the Gold Cup this summer!

Joel: Since the beginning of the Gold Cup in 1991, only three countries have won. Those countries are Mexico, Canada and the USA.

Mexico has won it seven times, USA has won it six times, and Canada once.

Considering the history, I’m going to have to sell Jamaica winning the Gold Cup this year. Jamaica has been the runner up twice in a row now, but I’m not sure they can get there again.

Making it to the championship game three or more times in a row has only been done by two teams, Mexico and USA. No other country has ever made it there three times straight, therefore confirming my sell.

Rahim: Although Jamaica does look like the team to beat, I’ll sell this! Like Joel said, the only two teams to be in the Finals for consecutive years was been USA and Mexico. I think Jamaica can make it back to the finals for a third time in a row, but it will be tough.
This is USA and Mexico’s tournament to loss. And despite the USA’s 3-nil loss to Venezuela in their last international friendly before heading into this year’s Gold Cup. Venezuela is not in the Gold Cup, so no need to worry there! Also USA has a quite easy path to the Quarterfinals as they and Panama will likely advance from Group D.
Mexico probably has the harder group of the four as they have to try to beat Canada and Cuba. But I can see them being fine and continuing to get out of the the Group and finish as the top three like they have every single year since 2005.
With Mexico and USA already going to have two of the final four spots, it’ll come down to Jamaica and the rest of the field! Unlike Joel, I think the Jamaica can make it back to the final four again, but to make it to the Finals of the Gold Cup they will likely need to beat one of those two teams. I don’t think they will be able to beat both USA and Mexico in the same season, that is why I stick with my sell on this one!

Joel: If the Raptors win the championship, Kawhi Leonard will go down as the greatest Raptor ever in just one season with the team.

Aman: I can easily see why Kawhi Leonard can be seen as a truly great player, if not the greatest in a Raptors’ jersey, but I still personally think one season isn’t enough to outclass Vince Carter.

Seven seasons yielded a mountain of achievements for Carter, something which I’m sure Leonard can overtake in less than seven seasons, but definitely more than one.

Out of seven of those seasons, Carter’s name was in the NBA All-Stars five times. He’s scored the second most number of points for the Raptors in history and his 51 points in one game was truly majestic.

Kwahi, without a doubt, is just as amazing of a player, which means he isn’t incapable of surpassing Carter, but for now, Carter holds the crown. Therefore, I sell this statement.

Rahim: Just for the sake of the Raptors historic season, I will buy this! I believe that Leonard has proven why he is the best player in the league today! Despite everything that has happened with Kevin Durant and the Warriors, Leonard has taken his Raptors team to the NBA Finals and took a 3-1 lead.

We will find out on Thursday night whether or not, Leonard and the Raptors can actually close this series out! But I think that Leonard has all the fans going crazy in Jurassic Park as they are hoping for their first ever NBA finals in just 24 years of existence. That’s what makes this question interesting because in just one season with the Toronto Raptors we has taken them further than all past Raptors superstars have done.

Aman has spoken highly of Vince Carter and how he is the greatest Raptor of all-time and you can’t argue those facts about Carter because he gave the Raptors hope. I just think that Kawhi Leonard is a greater player than Carter ever will be. I mean yes, Carter has been able to play for 21 seasons and he has a lot of numbers and achievements as a Raptor, but I just can’t get over the fact that Kawhi was traded to this team and he was able to bring this team all the way to the NBA Finals.

Not only was it Kawhi, but the Raptors head coach, Nick Nurse in his first ever head coach job. I think that Kawhi will arguably be in the talks of the greatest Raptor ever, and if he stays with the Raptors then he will definitely be there!


And there you have it! Now, what do you think?

  • Will Kevin Durant opt into the final year of contract with injuries playing a huge part?
  • Will Jamaica win the Gold Cup this summer?
  • Will Kawhi Leonard go down in history as the greatest Raptor ever with an NBA title in one year?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment!

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