Buy or Sell: MLB Draft and Copa America

We’re back with another weekly edition of Buy or Sell. This week things get interesting, as we talk about things we don’t get to too often. After weeks of focusing on one specific sport, and then the championships last week, we turn our attention elsewhere.

Japan national football team World Cup 2018” by Светлана Бекетова is licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0

This week, Dan, Aman and I really went for it, as we talk about two prospect catchers recently drafted in the Major Leagues and talk about the success they’ll have. We’ll also be talking about an Asian football team and their chances in the Copa America, as they get set for group stages on Friday, June 14th. Make sure to stay tuned for that.

Dan: Adley Rutschman will be on the MLB roster within two seasons?

Rahim: It was definitely a franchise-altering selection by the Baltimore Orioles when they drafted Adley Rutschman with the No. 1 overall pick. With this pick, you would assume Rutschman will be on the Major League roster within two seasons, and that is why I will buy this!

Rutschman just completed his second straight year of dominating baseball for the Oregon State Beavers. He hit 0.354, with a 1.225 OPS over 124 games. This season he led all Division I players in walks and on-base percentage. For more stats, check it out here.

If he can continue that great play in the minors, we could quickly see him up in the main roster for the Orioles. Not only that, but he is viewed as a strong defensive player. That’s a plus for him to jump to the majors quicker, especially with the Orioles being one of Baseball’s worst.

Aman: Unless he all of a sudden has a major dip in form in the Minors, what’s going to stop Adley Rutschman from wearing an MLB jersey in a couple years?

Looking at his stats, he’s honestly worthy of playing this season. Last season for Oregon State, in 57 games played, Rutschman scored 57 runs. Rather consistent, no? Also, you could argue that the team he was drafted by needs him sooner rather than later.

The Orioles are last in their conference. They’ll have to find a way to score more and consistently in the future in order to compete with teams like the Boston Red Sox or the New York Yankees.

I’d say Rutschman is one of the best options to do so, so I buy seeing him playing in the Majors in two seasons, if not even one. Check out Dan’s MLB Draft for more on Rutschman and all the picks from the first round!

Aman: Despite being a guest nation, Japan will surprise many by advancing out of the group stages in the Copa America.

Rahim: I will buy this! I don’t see the opponents being as tough as they are in the World Cup, and Japan will likely benefit from this.

The Copa America involves 12 countries split into three groups. Japan’s group includes Uruguay, Chile and Ecuador. They’ll play each team in group stages once. They have a chance to make it out of group stages into the quarterfinals.

However, I don’t think they’ll be able to win the group. The good thing for Japan, is that if they can get at least one win and one tie to finish 1-1-1 with four points, that could be enough.

In the other groups, you have Brazil, Columbia, Argentina and Peru as likely teams to advance. For Japan’s group, I see Uruguay and Chile advancing. That will leave two spots left for six teams.

Bolivia and Qatar will most likely be the first out, so now it’s between Venezuela, Paraguay, Ecuador and Japan. I think the one win Japan needs to get is against Ecuador, and hope that Paraguay loses to both Columbia and Argentina to give Japan a spot in the quarterfinals and advance out of group stage.

Dan: I’m going to sell Japan making it out of group stages, because it will just be tough to beat both Chile and Uruguay. Like Rahim said, it’ll take at least one win and one tie for them to even have a chance to advance. I don’t think Japan can beat Chile and Uruguay. Those are two of the stronger teams in the Copa America, and it’ll be a hard task to beat either one of them.

Although, I do think Japan could beat Ecuador, it would be a bit of a surprise if Japan were to beat one of the other two in their group, but it wouldn’t be the first time they have surprised us.

Japan made it out of group stages in the World Cup and managed to beat Columbia. They nearly edged out a win against Belgium in the round of 16 as well, but I find it hard to believe that they could do this again this time around.

Rahim: The Braves drafting catcher Shea Langeliers sets them up for World Series bid next year.

Dan: I’m going to have to sell that the Braves drafting Langeliers sets them up for a World Series bid next year, simply because I don’t think he’ll make it up through the farm system that quick.

I think you’ll see someone like Alex Jackson, Sal Giardina, or Raffy Lopez on the major league roster to back up Tyler Flowers before Langeliers.

Within the next five years, sure, I could absolutely see it, because Flowers is 33 and he’s not going to be playing much longer if he stays catching. Langerliers is the Braves’ catcher of the future, but I think next year is a little too early for him.

Aman: I buy the Braves being in the World Series next year, but I wouldn’t say Shea Langeliers would be the reason why. Although he would be quite a boost in the cause, he alone wouldn’t propel the Braves to the World Series.

Obviously, the Braves’ batting lineup is one of the best in the league with all the young talent, but their issue is typically the pitching, as I wrote about a while ago, which has caused set backs.

Therefore, if the Braves improve their pitching, they’ll definitely contest for a World Series spot. Langeliers will definitely solidify the team, but he alone wouldn’t be the reason the Braves could succeed. Therefore, I sell.

And there you have it! Now, what do you think?

  • Will Adley Rutschman be on the MLB roster within two seasons?
  • Despite being a guest nation, Japan will surprise by advancing out of the group stages in the Copa America?
  • Did the Braves drafting catcher Shea Langeliers set them up for World Series bid next year?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment!

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