NBA Lottery results prove why NBA must change its system

The New Orleans Pelicans were tied for the seventh worst record in the NBA this season, but ended up with the No. 1 overall pick after the NBA Lottery. That makes perfect sense……

NBA Lottery
3B7A6197” by Keenan Hairston and “2013 New Orleans Pelicans 1” by Michael Tipton are licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Heading into the NBA Lottery, the three teams with the best chance to get the No. 1 overall pick were the New York Knicks, Cleveland Cavaliers and Phoenix Suns. Each of those teams had a 14% chance to receive the first pick.

As the three teams with the worst record in the NBA, it makes sense they had the best chance to get the first pick. What doesn’t make sense, is the fact that none of those teams received the first pick, and only one of them is picking in the top three of the NBA Draft.

Instead, a team tied for the seventh worst record in the league is picking No. 1 overall, when they should be picking somewhere between seventh and ninth. Makes perfect sense, right?


The NBA Draft’s messed up system

If you couldn’t tell already, I’m not a fan of the NBA Lottery. It just doesn’t make any sense to reward a team with the best player in the draft, when they didn’t have the worst record.

I understand the lottery can help prevent teams from tanking, but what if a team is genuinely bad? I’m pretty sure we can say the Knicks, Cavs and Suns were just straight up bad teams this season.

The New York Knicks finished the season with the worst record in the league, so it only makes sense they would earn the No. 1 overall pick in the draft. Instead, the NBA screwed them over, giving them the No. 3 overall pick. WHAT?!?!?!?

The worst team in the NBA deserves the best pick in the draft, straight up. 

This example will use a different sport, but the principal still applies. It was just one season ago the Cleveland Browns were picking first overall because they finished the season 0-16.

Now, imagine if the NFL had a lottery for their draft. Imagine if the 0-16 Browns received the fifth pick in the draft. There would be an absolute outrage!! That would be the most ridiculous thing we’ve ever seen!

So if it doesn’t make sense in the NFL, it shouldn’t make sense in the NBA.


Pelicans didn’t earn No. 1

I was already bothered by the Pelicans getting the first pick, but then I was even more bothered when I got a notification on my phone saying the Pelicans “earned” that pick. What did the Pelicans do to earn the No. 1 overall pick? Nothing! They don’t deserve that pick.

There is only one team who deserves the No. 1 overall pick, and that’s the worst team in the NBA. That’s the team who actually earned it. If the Knicks had won the first pick, saying they earned it would be correct, but saying the Pelicans earned that pick is just straight up wrong.

The Pelicans earned the seventh pick. They got lucky by getting the first pick.

It’s time for the NBA to stop screwing bad teams over, and time to start giving them the picks they actually deserve. How the NBA Lottery is set up is just wrong, and it needs to be fixed. But since there isn’t anything you or I can do about it, congrats to the New Orleans Pelicans for getting lucky. You’ve luckily received Zion Williamson!


4 thoughts on “NBA Lottery results prove why NBA must change its system

  1. The league is trying to do everything in their power to keep AD in New Orleans and giving them Zion is suppose to help, but I don’t think Davis wants to be done there anyways.


  2. NBA’s tanking problems come from the sheer number of games they play. Teams know early on whether or not they can legitimately compete for a playoff spot, and so they tend to tank early in order to better their chance of getting that #1 pick. The Knicks are the perfect example, early into the season they knew they were not going to go far, so ended up trading their entire roster for nobodies and taking L’s like a charity. The entire season was one message “Tank for Zion.” It was bitter sweet as a fan when we didn’t get that #1 pick since I want the Knicks to be good, but I absolutely loathe tanking.


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