Buy or Sell: Tiger Woods, Cardinals, and Yankees

This week’s buy or sell has a new twist to it. Due to a busy schedule, Aman was unable to do this week’s buy or sell, but don’t worry; he’ll be back soon with an interesting take on Soccer, Cricket and the NHL.

In his place for the next two weeks is baseball specialist Dan Piersma. This is a surprise week in sports, as we all saw one of the greatest athletes of all-time has a successful run at a major title.

“Tiger Woods” by Keith Allison is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

That one person is the one you see in the image above. Tiger Woods won his first major title in 11 years, and has completed his comeback from personal and professional issues. We talk about whether or not he can pass the great Jack Nicklaus for the most major titles in golf history (18).

We will aso be talking about whether or not we think the Arizona Cardinals should trade the No. 1 pick in the draft. And of course, we have a little bit of baseball, as we buy or sell the Yankees winning their division and making it to the World Series despite several players on the IL.


Rahim: Tiger Woods can catch Jack Nicklaus for the most major titles

Dan: I will BUY this. Tiger showed that even at 43, he can still be one of the best golfers in the world by winning the Masters last weekend. He’s now three behind Jack Nicklaus, and honestly, if he stays healthy, Tiger could once again become one of the bigger threats in golf.

Let’s be honest here for a second. Tiger plays golf. Now I’m not knocking golf or anyone who plays it, because I do also enjoy golfing, but to say Tiger won’t win four more majors after seeing how he performed on Sunday is outrageous. Golf isn’t like baseball, basketball, and football. You can play well into your senior years, as that’s when a lot of people start playing the sport.

Tiger has been doing this since before I was born, and last weekend he looked just as good as ever. As long as he doesn’t get plagued with injuries, there is no doubt in my mind that Tiger will win 19 major championships at some point.

Joel: I will buy this. I think it’s obvious Tiger has learned from his struggles, and it has helped him get back on top. He’s at the top of his game once again, and I think his most recent win will help him stay on top for years to come. However, a lot of that does depend on his health. If he stays healthy, he can for sure do it. I think at this point in his career he can push through anything, so again, I’ll buy.


Joel: The Arizona Cardinals will trade the No. 1 overall pick in the NFL Draft.

Dan: I’m selling this idea. I don’t see it happening. Arizona needs this draft pick. If anything, trade Josh Rosen and draft Kyler Murray, but certainly don’t trade the No. 1 pick away. Yes, a lot of teams would give up a lot to get the No.1 pick, especially teams like the Bears or the Chiefs, who are just one piece away from winning a Super Bowl. I don’t see this happening after all the rumors going around that they will take Murray at No. 1.

Rahim: I will also sell this idea. Going into the NFL draft next week, I think it’s a clear cut decision that the Cardinals will take Kyler Murray, but like Dan said, maybe trade QB Josh Rosen to a team who could use him. Honestly, I like the idea of keeping Rosen and Murray on the roster under new head coach Kliff Kingsbury.

Maybe it would be a better idea to trade the pick and try to get more picks in this draft and future drafts to help develop the team, but Murray is a one of kind player. Let’s not forget that he was drafted in the MLB draft as well, but he chose to declare for the NFL draft, and the Cardinals and Kingsbury are the best fit for him to excel in his career.


Dan: With 11 players on the IL this early in the season, it will cost the New York Yankees their division, and potentially the World Series.

Joel: I’m buying their injuries costing them their division. Anytime a team has that many players on the IL, it’s going to be tough to overcome. It certainly hasn’t helped them so far this season, and I can only see it hurting them as the season goes on.

If they continue to get behind in the standings because of these injuries, it’s going to be tough to come back when the season matters most. By the time they get their players back, it may already be too late to overcome their missed time.

The good news is, most of the teams in their division are struggling right now too. That’ll keep them in the mix in their division. However, if the Rays keep up this pace, it could be too late for anyone in the AL East to catch them and take the division crown.

Rahim: I am going to have to buy this one! The Yankees are the richest team in baseball and can do whatever to get players on their team. We have seen this several times over the past two decades, and that’s honestly a major part to why they have the most championships in any sport ever (27).

But when it comes to injuries, that’s the one thing you can’t control. It doesn’t help if you have to rely on guys who are not as experienced or talented as what you had before the injuries.

The Yankees were able to get C.C. Sabathia back this past week, and he pitched a great game. The problem now is, that the rotation is playing well and they are slowly falling further and further back. Like Joel said, the entire American League East division is struggling right now, aside from the Tampa Bay Rays.

If the Yankees can manage to keep it a close division race until their key players return, they may be able to sneak into a wild card. But don’t count out the American League West either. At this point of the season however, things are still too early to call. As a non Yankees fan, I don’t mind them missing the playoffs, but I’d rather it be due to lack of effort instead of injuries to players.



And there you have it! Now, what do you think?

  • After completing his comeback, can Tiger Woods pass Jack Nicklaus for the most major titles?
  • Will the Arizona Cardinals trade the No. 1 overall pick?
  • How will the numerous players on IL affect the New York Yankees’ season and their quest to the World Series?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

One reply to “Buy or Sell: Tiger Woods, Cardinals, and Yankees

  1. I personally think that even though the Yankees are a really good team, due to injuries, I don’t think they can make it to WS imo. My backing’s on some other strong teams like the Braves, Cubs, or Pirates.


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