Buffalo QB Tyree Jackson is this year’s Josh Allen

Buffalo Bills QB Josh Allen was the No. 7 overall pick in the 2018 NFL Draft. Allen became the No. 7 overall pick because of his athletic ability, powerful arm and potential. This was despite being a QB who played college football against inferior competition and completing just 56.2% of his passes over the course of his college career. 

Everything that got Allen drafted seventh overall was what we saw during his rookie season, but we also saw everything that made scouts question his transition to the NFL. While Allen was trying to prove himself as an NFL QB, another Buffalo QB was trying to follow in Allen’s footsteps. That was Buffalo QB Tyree Jackson.

QB Tyree Jackson

QB Tyree Jackson is an interesting prospect in the 2019 NFL Draft. He’s got a big arm, great athletic ability, and is just simply a huge man. However, he doesn’t have the accuracy NFL teams look for, having completed just 55.8% of his passes throughout his college career at Buffalo. To make that number look even worse, Jackson played against inferior competition.

This all sounds oddly familiar. Are Buffalo Bills QB Josh Allen and Buffalo QB Tyree Jackson the same person? No, but their strengths, weaknesses and overall abilities are awfully close.


QB Comparison

To give you a more accurate sense of just how close these two QBs are, let’s take a look at their stats from their college careers.

Passing Stats


Completion % Passing Yards Yards per pass attempt TDs INTs Passer Rating

Josh Allen

 56.2% 5066 7.8 44 21


Tyree Jackson 55.8% 6999 7.3 49 24


In pretty much every passing category, QB Tyree Jackson and Josh Allen are extremely close in their stats. Jackson has significantly more passing yards than Allen had, but everything else is a close contest. In the most important category, completion %, Allen and Jackson are separated by just 0.4%. Neither QB excelled in this area in college.

Once again, their completion percentage numbers already look bad, but they look even worse when you consider the level of competition they played against. It was obvious in Josh Allen’s rookie season that he continued to struggle with his accuracy against higher level competition. Allen completed just 52.8% of his passes.

In all likelihood, Tyree Jackson will struggle with his accuracy if he sees the field in the NFL during his rookie season. That assumption is based on how Josh Allen performed. Both QBs were so similar in college that it only makes sense for Jackson to have a similar rookie season to Allen if he plays.

Rushing Stats


Attempts Rushing Yards Yards per attempt


Josh Allen 237 767 3.2


Tyree Jackson 201 757 3.8


We saw their passing comparison, which was extremely close, but those weren’t the only areas where they were similar. Just like both QBs struggle with accuracy, both of them are big, athletic players who can make plays on the ground.

Josh Allen relied on his athletic ability a lot during his rookie season, which resulted in him rushing for 631 yards and eight TDs. Based on the comparisons above, it’s safe to say QB Tyree Jackson would put up similar stats during his rookie season if he saw the field.


Josh Allen’s rookie season hurts QB Tyree Jackson

Despite the lack of accuracy and experience against higher level competition, Josh Allen’s big arm and athletic ability got him drafted No. 7 overall. If QB Tyree Jackson compares so well to Josh Allen, why isn’t he even being considered in the first-round of the 2019 NFL Draft?

Tyree Jackson is likely a third-round QB at best, but why? It’s simple. NFL teams saw Josh Allen struggle as a passer in his rookie season. Again, his completion percentage was 52.8%.

Accuracy is hard to teach, and Josh Allen simply doesn’t have it. That was, and will be one of his biggest struggles in the NFL. Accuracy is something Tyree Jackson doesn’t have, which means it will probably be one of his biggest struggles in the NFL.

Because Josh Allen struggled in one of the most important areas for a QB, teams don’t view Tyree Jackson as a first-round draft prospect. Instead, they view him as a developmental QB with athletic ability and a big arm. That’s how Josh Allen should have been viewed last year, but somehow was elevated all the way to No. 7 overall.

The jury is still out on Josh Allen as an NFL QB, and we don’t know what kind of QB Tyree Jackson will be in the NFL, but the two QBs are very similar. If Tyree Jackson sees the field during his rookie season, expect him to struggle and excel in similar areas where Josh Allen did in his rookie season.

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    1. Agreed. I personally don’t see him as a top level QB, but with the right coordinator I could see him having a good careers


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