Is Rob Gronkowski Hall of Fame worthy?

After nine seasons in the NFL and after winning three Super Bowl championships, New England Patriots TE Rob Gronkowski has announced his retirement. Gronkowski has been one of the most dominate TEs in the NFL since entering the league nine years ago, but that was when he was on the field. Gronk missed good chunks of time throughout his career. Being a truly dominate player on the field, but missing time with injury and only playing nine seasons, is Rob Gronkowski Hall of Fame worthy?

Rob Gronkowski hall of fame worthy?
New England Patriots Rob Gronkowski – Buffalo Bills Micah Hyde” by Jack Kurzenknabe is licensed under Public Domain

Is Rob Gronkowski Hall of Fame worthy? In order to give an accurate answer to this question, we first have to take a look at the current members of the Hall of Fame at the TE position. There are currently eight TEs in the NFL Hall of Fame. Those TEs are Dave Casper, Mike Ditka, John Mackey, Ozzie Newsome, Charlie Sanders, Shannon Sharpe, Jackie Smith and Kellen Winslow. Tony Gonzalez will soon be officially inducted into the Hall of Fame as well, bumping that number up to nine.


Stats comparison

Let’s compare the numbers of these nine Hall of Fame TEs to those of Gronk’s to see if he deserves to one day be a member of this elite group. Let’s start with Gronkowski’s stats.

2010-2018: 115 games played, 521 receptions, 7,861 yards and 79 receiving TDs.

If Rob Gronkowski was to become the 10th TE in the Hall of Fame right now, here’s how he would rank in the categories listed:

Games played: 9th

Receptions: 5th

Yards: 5th

TDs: 2nd

I ask again, is Rob Gronkowski Hall of Fame worthy? After looking at this rankings in those four categories, it certainly looks as if he is. Gronk ranks higher than at least one current Hall of Fame TE in every category listed. In three out of the four, he’s ranked higher than at least five other guys. When it comes to TDs, which is perhaps the most important of the four categories listed, he ranks second, only behind the great Tony Gonzalez.



To strengthen his case to become a Hall of Fame member, I’ll throw in some of his accomplishments. In five out of his nine NFL seasons, Gronk was selected to the Pro Bowl. In four of his nine seasons, Gronk was named First Team All-Pro.

If you look at his stats season by season, you’ll see that most of the years Gronk wasn’t elected to either the Pro Bowl or First Team All-Pro, were his rookie season, his last season and two other seasons in which he played just seven and eight games in. I have no doubt that if Gronk was healthy in those two seasons, and even this past season, he would have been elected to at least the Pro Bowl every season except for his rookie year.


Super Bowls

Another strong case for Gronk to be in the Hall of Fame, is the fact that he earned three Super Bowl titles with the New England Patriots. Gronk was a huge factor in the Patriots not only reaching, but winning those Super Bowls.


Is Rob Gronkowski Hall of Fame worthy?

I say yes. With that being said, I’m not sure he’s going to be a first ballot Hall of Fame player. I’m not sure he’ll be seen as that type of guy, but I do think he’ll get in relatively quickly.


What do you think? Did Rob Gronkowski do enough in his nine NFL seasons to make the NFL Hall of Fame? Let us know in the comments below!



One reply to “Is Rob Gronkowski Hall of Fame worthy?

  1. Oh, sure he’s hall of fame material. He shouldn’t have to continue tearing up his body for a chance. He’s had injuries and hospital stays, that decades ago, would have put him in a wheel chair. He’s right to exit and get on with his life, but I don’t get the sumo thing.


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