NFL offseason trades

The official start of the NFL offseason was March 11th, 2019, and what a crazy few days it has been since the start. There has been so much happening that will change the course of the upcoming season and some franchises going forward. For the purpose of making everything easier to read, I’m going to write two different articles. The grouping will consist of an article about the trades and an article about the free agency signings.

Joe Flacco in 2018” by 2012champs is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

For this article I’m going to focus on the trades that have happened so far. Ten trades have gone down since the start of the offseason, so lets talk about all ten of them individually.


  • WR, Odell Beckham Jr.

o   The Giants will receive Safety Jabrill Peppers, a 2019 1st round pick, and a 2019 3rd round pick.

o   The Browns will receive Odell Beckham Jr.

This trade definitely shocked the entire league. Beckham Jr. has spent his entire career with the Giants and had a nice comeback season last year after his 2017 season was injury plagued. He was the 2014 Offensive Rookie of the Year and has made three Pro-Bowl appearances. Beckham Jr. will certainly make the revamped Browns offense even more dangerous going into this season.


  • DE, Dee Ford

o   The 49ers receive Pro-Bowl Defensive End Dee Ford.

o   The Chiefs receive a 2020 2nd, round pick.

Ford had a breakout season in 2018 for the Chiefs, as he forced seven fumbles and tallied 13 sacks. Ford also had 55 combo tackles, 42 solo tackles, and 29 QB hits on his way to his first pro bowl selection. Ford will bring a dangerous edge to San Francisco’s pass rushing for at least the next five years, as he also got a new contract.


  • WR, Antonio Brown

o   The Raiders receive Pro-Bowl Wide Receiver Antonio Brown.

o   The Steelers receive a 2019 3rd and 5th round draft pick.

Yes, this trade did come as a shock, but only because of what Pittsburgh got back for probably the best receiver in football today. Derek Carr will now have a top receiver to throw to, while Pittsburgh is stuck with two low round picks. It makes you wonder why they were willing to give up Brown for this deal. Brown will have a tough task in front of him trying to get Oakland back to the playoffs after a rough last couple seasons.


  • DE, Oliver Vernon and G, Kevin Zeitler

o   The Browns receive Defensive End Oliver Vernon.

o   The Giants receive Guard Kevin Zeitler.

This trade came before the OBJ trade, and seemed like a questionable one because of how good Vernon was for the Giants last season. He was selected to his first Pro-Bowl after seven years in the league. These are two trades that have really confused football fans around the league. I guess only time will tell if these risky moves pay off.


  • WR, DeSean Jackson

o   The Eagles receive Wide Receiver DeSean Jackson

o   The Buccaneers receive a 2019 6th round pick

This trade just seems fitting for a feel-good story. Jackson started out in Philly back in 2008 and was with the team until 2013. All three of his Pro-Bowl appearances came with Philly (2009, 2010, 2013) before he spent time in Washington and then Tampa Bay. Now being 32-years-old, who knows how long Jackson has left as he enters his 12th year in the league. His production has certainly gone down recently, but this is just an instance where a player wants to finish where he started.


  • DE, Michael Bennett

o   The Patriots receive Defensive End Michael Bennett and a 2020 7th round pick.

o   The Eagles receive a 2020 5th round pick.

Bennett has been widely regarded as one of the top defensive ends in the league since his arrival in 2009. Bennett will undoubtedly make an immediate impact for the defending Super Bowl Champions, as he made three straight pro bowls from 2015-2017 before having an average year for Philadelphia last year.


  • RT, Marcus Gilbert and G, Kelechi Osemele

o   The Cardinals receive Right Tackle Marcus Gilbert.

o   The Steelers receive a 2019 6th round pick.

o   The Jets receive Guard Kelechi Osemele and a 2019 6th round pick.

o   The Raiders receive a 2019 5th round pick.

I combined these two trades because they just aren’t big trades, I just felt that they should still be mentioned.


  • QB’s Case Keenum and Joe Flacco

o   The Redskins receive Case Keenum and a 2020 7th round pick.

o   The Broncos receive a 2020 6th round pick.

o   The Broncos receive Joe Flacco.

o   The Ravens receive a 2019 4th round pick.

These ones were combined simply because they are both Quarterbacks and the trades kind of tie together. The Ravens and Broncos made a verbal agreement a couple months ago to trade Flacco, which ultimately meant that Keenum was going to get traded. Flacco will now get another chance to start after losing his job to Lamar Jackson last season, and it’s presumed that Keenum will start in Washington after Alex Smith’s leg injury last season.



The NFL offseason is just getting started, and there has already been so many waves made around the league. Stay tuned for our article on the free agency signings!

One thought on “NFL offseason trades

  1. Very Good! Love it! Very quick and short update to keep us all caught up! Can’t wait for the free agency one! It’s a wild season!


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