Why Kyler Murray should throw at the NFL Combine

The 2019 NFL Combine takes place this coming Tuesday, February 26th. One of the biggest questions entering the NFL Combine this year surrounds Oklahoma QB Kyler Murray.

Kyler Murray

Murray recently decided to choose the NFL over MLB. Now scouts have to determine where he sits on their draft board. That may be hard for some scouts to determine, as there are questions as to whether or not Murray will throw at the combine.

We’ve seen plenty of top QBs in the past not throw at the NFL Combine and do just fine. Sam Darnold and Lamar Jackson are some recent examples. If QBs like Darnold and Jackson can get away with it, should Murray follow in their footsteps?

The answer to that question is no. Kyler Murray should absolutely throw at the NFL Combine! I’ll tell you why.


Why Kyler Murray should throw at the NFL Combine

1. It shows what kind of QB he is

In my mind, not throwing at the NFL Combine shows you’re a coward. It shows who’s scared they’ll perform poorly. Right off the bat, that tells me something about the kind of QB they are.

If I’m an NFL team, I want a QB who’s not afraid to show what he’s made of with every opportunity. I don’t want a QB who’s afraid to show what he’s got because he’s afraid he might mess up.

In the NFL, QBs can’t be afraid to mess up. I want a confident QB, who’s not afraid to do so. This is one reason why I loved Baker Mayfield in the draft last year.  He wasn’t considered the top QB heading into the draft, but many considered him to be a first-round pick.

Mayfield threw at the NFL Combine, showing he’s not afraid. Mayfield did well at the combine and in his workouts, ultimately elevating himself to be the No. 1 overall pick. I seriously doubt Mayfield would have gone No. 1 overall had he not thrown at the NFL Combine.

Sam Darnold was widely considered the best QB in the draft, but chose not to throw. We all know he wasn’t the first QB selected. Had he thrown, I think his chances of being selected No. 1 overall would have been greater. Instead, Darnold showed he was scared to make mistakes.


2. His passing won’t be what hurts him

If Kyler Murray does decide to throw at the NFL combine, his passing display won’t be what hurts his draft stock. Everyone who’s watched Murray play knows he can sling the ball around with ease.

Sure, Murray might miss a throw or two during his combine workout, but doesn’t every QB? Nobody completes all their passes, all the time. Murray completed 69% of his passes at Oklahoma last season, and that was in game situations. This passing workout won’t be in a game situation, so Murray should be able to complete at least 69% of his passes, if not more with ease.

So if his passing won’t hurt him, what will? His measurables. If you’ve heard any of the draft talk around Murray, you know a lot of teams have the height issue. Teams have an issue with his height before being measured at the Combine. How do you think they’re going to react when he actually gets measured?

If anything is going to hurt Murray at the combine, it will be how tall he stands. It won’t be any sort of workout he does.


3. This is a chance to prove he’s all in on football

Kyler Murray has said he’s chosen the NFL over MLB. He’s said he’s going all in on the NFL. Now he has his chance to prove that. This reason goes directly with number one. If he chooses to throw, it shows he’s confident in what he can do. That shows what kind of QB he is.

If he chooses to throw, it shows he’s making commitments to football. That shows what kind of person he is. An NFL team doesn’t want a guy who will change his mind a year, two years, or even five years into his NFL career. They want guys who are fully committed to the NFL, especially when it comes to QBs.

By choosing to throw, Kyler Murray can show teams if he’s really chosen to play football over baseball. If he doesn’t throw, teams will speculate about how much he loves football and actually wants to play in the NFL.


Kyler Murray should absolutely throw at the NFL Combine

There’s no question in my mind that Kyler Murray has to throw at the NFL Combine. Teams want to see he’s committed to football. I don’t believe his throwing will hurt him at all. If anything hurts him, it will be how tall he is.

The number one reason why he should throw, is because it shows he’s the type of QB who wants to take every opportunity to put his abilities on display. It will show how confident he is in himself, and that’s what you have to be as an NFL QB!

I don’t like QBs who choose not to throw at the NFL Combine. The only excuse they have to not throw is if they’re injured, which Murray is not. QBs who don’t throw at the NFL Combine are cowards, and I would beware of drafting them if I were an NFL team.

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