Top five Super Bowl moments in Rams history

It’s Super Bowl week in Atlanta, Georgia as we all await the big game this Sunday. This will be the first time in 17 years the Rams have made the Super Bowl. It will be their third Super Bowl in 19 years. They are looking to give use some great Super Bowl moments, as they plan to add their second Super Bowl title in franchise history. Before we get to the big game, let’s take a look at the Rams’ top five Super Bowl moments. 

Top five Super Bowl moments - Rams


5. Kurt Warner leads comeback against Patriots, but Rams fall short in Super Bowl XXXVI

Super Bowl XXXVI marked the second Super Bowl appearance for the Kurt Warner led Rams. The Rams entered the game as favorites over the New England Patriots. Unfortunately for the Rams, they fell into 17-3 hole, but it wasn’t over yet. Kurt Warner led the Rams back, tying the game 17-17 with about 1:30 left. The reason this moment ranks number five, is because the Patriots ended up winning this game 20-17.

It kind of puts a spoiler on one of the Rams’ top five Super Bowl moments, but it still makes the list because the Rams were able to come back and tie the game. By tying the game 17-17, Kurt Warner became the first QB to throw game leading/tying touchdown passes in the last two minutes of two Super Bowls. It was a losing effort by Warner and the Rams. Despite that, the ability to even comeback makes this a top moment in their history.


4. Jack Youngblood plays Super Bowl XIV with broken leg

Unfortunately this Super Bowl moment for the Rams was also a loss. Despite the loss, this moment headlined by Jack Youngblood remains one of the best moments in their history. In 1979, the Los Angeles Rams lost Super Bowl XIV to the Pittsburgh Steelers 31-19. Even though they lost, the guts of DE Jack Youngblood stand out for the Rams. In a playoff game against the Dallas Cowboys, Youngblood suffered a break in his leg. Despite being injured in that game, he finished that game, the NFC Championship game, the Super Bowl and the Pro Bowl with that broken leg. You can say an injured player might be a detriment to their team, but Jack Youngblood displayed some of the gutsiest performances the football world has ever seen. The Rams won’t be remembered for winning Super Bowl XIV, but Jack Youngblood will be remembered for his gutsy performance in that very Super Bowl.


3. Los Angeles Rams win 1951 NFL Championship

In 1951, the Super Bowl wasn’t around, so technically this isn’t a top a five Super Bowl moment. However, I chose to include this moment in Rams history because it was the first time the Rams could bring a championship to Los Angeles. The Rams had won the NFL Championship in 1945, but they were the Cleveland Rams at the time. The next season they became the Los Angeles Rams. In 1949, the Los Angeles Rams made it to the NFL Championship game. They would lose that game to the Eagles. Then they made it to the NFL Championship game again the next year in 1950. They lost that game to the Cleveland Browns.

1951 marked the third straight year the Los Angeles Rams made it to the NFL Championship, only this was the year they finally brought their first championship to Los Angeles, beating the Cleveland Browns, who had beaten them the year before. Again, this isn’t technically a Super Bowl moment. However, I think it deserves to be on this list because the Los Angeles Rams have never won a Super Bowl. Their 1951 championship is the only title the Los Angeles Rams have ever won. Only the St. Louis Rams have won a Super Bowl. Maybe that will change on Super Bowl Sunday.


2. Kurt Warner to Isaac Bruce gives Rams the lead in Super Bowl XXXIV

This touchdown pass from Kurt Warner to Isaac Bruce marked the first time Warner threw a game leading touchdown pass in the last two minutes of a Super Bowl. After leading 16-0 against the Titans, the Rams allowed the Titans to come back and tie the game 16-16 with just over two minutes left. However, on the first play of the Rams’ next drive, Warner found WR Isaac Bruce for a 73-yard touchdown pass to give the Rams a 23-16 lead and victory. This touchdown pass helped the Rams secure their first ever Super Bowl win. However, the reason why this moment ranks number two on the list is because it’s overshadowed by another iconic play made by the Rams in this same game.


1. Rams stop Titans one yard short in Super Bowl XXXIV

After the Rams took the 23-16 lead over the Titans in Super Bowl XXXIV, it was Steve McNair’s turn to lead the Titans on a game tying drive. The Titans got themselves into scoring position, but had just six seconds left on the final play. McNair found Kevin Dyson, who almost got in for a touchdown. Almost. Rams LB Mike Jones made a tackle on Dyson at the three yard line. That tackle forced Dyson to stretch the ball as far as possible. On what was a good effort to get in for the touchdown, Mike Jones’ effort was better. He forced Dyson to come up less than a yard short of the goal line as time expired. That tackle by Mike Jones sealed the Super Bowl win for the Rams. This moment is the greatest Super Bowl moment in Rams history. It could also be the greatest moment in Super Bowl history.


We hope you enjoyed taking a trip down memory lane with us as we saw the top five Super Bowl moments in Rams history. Come back throughout the week to read more about the greatest Super Bowl moments as we lead up to Super Bowl LIII.


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