Fourth Quarter Sports’ College Basketball power rankings: Week nine

There wasn’t much change in last week’s top 25, besides the fact that we got to see another team go down! This doesn’t have much of an impact on which teams are in or out, but it does leave a few teams to keep an eye out for as they slowly progress down the rankings and out of the top 25.
In last week’s standings, you might have noticed I left everyone’s beloved North Carolina Tar Heels out the top 25 due to them having three losses. Well, I have to admit that was a bit harsh on my part, because all three of their losses were against top 25 opponents at the time. But they will be featured back into the top 25 this week, like they are in this week’s polls.
“In-game action during the Indiana Hoosiers vs. Michigan Wolverines men’s basketball game at Crisler Center in Ann Arbor, Michigan (United States). Michigan won 84–80.” by Michael Barera is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

In fact, we will see Arizona State out of the top 25 after losing to Ivy League’s Princeton 67-66. Despite it being a one-point loss, Arizona State has had many chances to prove themselves. They were able to beat the former No. 1 Kansas a few weeks ago. Wisconsin also took another loss this season, making it their third. That loss was to a 7-6 Western Kentucky team. Wisconsin will now be one of the teams looking to stay alive in the top 25, with some important Big Ten games coming up this week!

To find out all the important games of the week, you can read the weekly preview article that will be posted later today! But until then, let’s find out where we have each of the top 25 teams ranked and how it might look next week.
  1. Virginia (12-0)
  2. Duke (11-1)
  3. Michigan (13-0)
  4. Nevada (13-0)
  5. Tennessee (11-1)
  6. Kansas (11-1)
  7. Michigan State (11-2)
  8. Florida State (11-1)
  9. Virginia Tech (11-1)
  10. Gonzaga (12-2)
  11. Marquette (11-2)
  12. Kentucky (10-2)
  13. Mississippi State (12-1)
  14. Ohio State (12-1)
  15. North Carolina (9-3)
  16. Texas Tech (11-1)
  17. Auburn (10-2)
  18. Houston (13-0)
  19. Indiana (11-2)
  20. Buffalo (12-1)
  21. North Carolina State (12-1)
  22. Nebraska (11-2)
  23. Wisconsin (10-3)
  24. Iowa (11-2)
  25. Oklahoma (11-1)

On the Bubble

Kansas State, Seton Hall, TCU, Cincinnati, Iowa State, St. John’s, Temple, South Florida, Notre Dame, Clemson, Pittsburgh and Minnesota.

Dropped from the Rankings

Arizona State

Top 25 Breakdown

Numbers One through Five

We’ll keep this one short, sweet and simple. I say that as if the top five teams actually would change. Last week, we saw Kansas fall from the top ten, but this week there will not be much of a change in the top five. I did, however, switch the positions on some of the teams.

As you could tell from last week, I have switched No. 2 through No. 5 around based off what they have been doing lately. But this week will be a big test for several of the top five teams. We might actually see this change next week if one or two of these teams end up getting beat. If you look at this week’s schedule of games, you’ll see plenty of games that could change this.

Numbers Six through 10

Kansas could make their way back into the top five with a loss by any team ahead of them. With the Big Ten and ACC starting off the new year with conference games, we’ll see a lot of turnover here. It’s now time to find out who’s for real!

Michigan State, Florida State and Virginia Tech all have important games this week against ranked or bubble teams. Both of their conferences are likely the two strongest ones. We’ll see a lot of the teams in the tourney, but where will they be placed next week?

Hopefully, Gonzaga can find a way to keep themselves in the top 10 as well, because the teams below them have a stronger schedule and Gonzaga could drop.

Numbers 11 through 15

Marquette and Mississippi State continue to look for a way to jump into the top 10. They have gotten themselves off to a great start and will look to continue it. Hopefully some teams ahead of them can help with their jump to the top! But they still need to take care of business as well.

Kentucky and North Carolina played each other a few weeks ago and Kentucky got the win. They are looking to continue taking care of the lighter part of their schedule as the season goes on.  North Carolina will be doing the same, as they look to be the only three loss team in the top 15. Remember when I knocked them out last week? I’ll give them a chance to prove me wrong.

Another team who needs to prove something is Ohio State. Yeah, they have one loss against Syracuse, but the rest of their games haven’t been all that impressive. With conference games set, Ohio State will have a lot of eyes on them this week. They could either rise up or fall down in the standings.

Numbers 16 through 20

Both Texas Tech and Indiana have important conference games this week and this could help both of them improve on the season. Texas Tech will need to rebound from their loss against Duke and prove they can be one of the elite teams in the nation. Indiana wants to prove they are one of the best in their conference and will likely have success in the Big Ten.

Auburn, Houston and Buffalo don’t play any games of importance and should be able to find their way around in the top 25. Unfortunately, one might end up falling next week if the teams below them can find a way to win big games.

Numbers 21 through 25

Nothing has really changed here, besides Wisconsin dropping all the way to No. 23 after their loss to Western Kentucky. They will have their chance to prove themselves this week. Actually, all five of these teams have good games this week and we will see a lot of changes to this part of the top 25.

With Iowa and Oklahoma having big games this week, they could be in or out of the top 25, which will change everything for both teams.

North Carolina State and Nebraska will also be in good games, but I don’t think it will impact the standings for them as much as it would for Oklahoma and Iowa. Will the committee give them a chance in the top 25 next week with their record?


Will we see the same teams in the top 25 next week? Who will rise? Who will fall? Can one of the bubble teams make their case for a top 25 spot? Stay tuned next week and see who’s in and out of the top 25. Also, share who you believe should be in the top 25 based on what you’ve seen this season!

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