The curse is over! Atlanta now champions of MLS World.

It’s been a long time coming for the city of Atlanta, and now that time is here! The time to celebrate one of their sports franchises winning a title. There’s only been one team in the history of Atlanta sports to do that, until now.

Delta, Atlanta United paint the town” by Delta News Hub is licensed under CC BY 2.0

The Atlanta United FC Five Stripes have won the MLS Cup for the first time ever. The interesting thing is, it has only taken them two years to do so. They have only be a part of Major League Soccer for two seasons. In both seasons, they have made it to the Cup finals.

Last year they came up short, but this year they weren’t backing down and it has lifted the spirits of all the Atlanta sports fans! To find out more about what this win meant to the city and it’s people check out Aman’s article here.

The first chapter of the historical story of Atlanta United FC has been closed,  but there will be plenty more historical chapters to come in the teams history.

It’s not only about the historical story of an MLS team just starting off, but about the curse they have lifted. The last time an Atlanta team won a major title in any sport was the Atlanta Braves in 1995, when they defeated the Cleveland Indians in the game six of World Series. The Braves had two other opportunities to win another championship, but they lost to the New York Yankees in both 1996 and 1999. That 1996 World Series loss was the start of a now 23 year old curse.

That curse would continue with the beloved Atlanta Falcons. Or maybe not so beloved after the recent events, like a losing season in the year in which their city hostS the Super Bowl. The Falcons had two chances to add another championship to the city of Atlanta.  One was also in 1999, where they lost to John Elway and Denver Broncos in Super Bowl XXXIII 34-19.

It might have taken some time to get over that one, but their most recent chance still hurts Atlanta Falcons fans today. The recent loss was in Super Bowl LI when they lost to Tom Brady and the New England Patriots 34-28 after leading 28-3 at one point in the game and completely blew it! It was definitely a heart breaker for the Atlanta fans.

Ironically, Falcons’ owner Arthur Blank is also the owner of the Five Stripes and just watching Mr. Blank have the biggest smile on his face is the feeling of Atlanta’s spirits being lifted. And he deserves to cherish every moment of it!

I wonder if he’ll let the Falcons players touch the MLS Cup, so they can know what it feels like to not choke or cough up the game late.

Also, we will not mention the NBA team, Atlanta Hawks, because they haven’t even given the city anything to cheer for, besides maybe getting Zion Williamson in the NBA Draft.

But in case you missed it, United FC’s Most Valuable Player, Josef Martinez, scored the first goal in the first half of the game. He also assisted on the second goal midway through the second half that secured the victory, because they were able to hold off the Portland Timbers from scoring and they picked up the clean sheet.

So congrats to the Atlanta United FC Five Stripes and the entire city of Atlanta. Don’t forget to show up for the Parade on Monday morning, as we celebrate the first title in 23 years.

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