College Football games to watch: Bowl season!

It was a long College football season and we are about to wrap things up. All this week we have been seeing what college players have received awards for their outstanding play on the field, and there’s still one more award and game left for 39 teams.

2018 Rose Bowl – Oklahoma’s offense faces off with Georgia’s defense” by Jami430 is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

The one award left to decide is the winner of the Heisman trophy. You can read more details about the candidates and my pick here. The biggest game left is the National Championship game. Will we see a different champ this year?

I hope you have been keeping up with the games to watch in the world of college football, as you might have seen a number of great games, but none greater then the top teams in their conference playing against each other. Unfortunately, we won’t have any same conference games this bowl season, but instead several other games with two different conferences going head-to-head. Which raises the question of, which conference is dominant?

Given the past history, you’d probably say the SEC. They have 10 teams playing in a bowl game this year. The ACC has 11 teams in a bowl game, while the Big Ten has nine and both the PAC-12 and Big XII have seven teams representing. Below you will see all the bowl games that are set to take place this season. Hopefully, we’ll get an answer as to which conference is the best.

Also, stop by the New Year’s Five games and get a quick analysis of what we will see. I’ll break down the playoffs as well!


Saturday, Dec. 15th

Cure Bowl (1:30 PM)

Tulane (6-6) versus Louisiana – Lafayette (7-6)  

Winner: Louisiana – Lafayette

New Mexico Bowl (2:00 PM)

North Texas (9-3) versus Utah State (10-2)  

Winner: Utah State

Las Vegas Bowl (3:30 PM)

21 Fresno State (11-2) versus Arizona State (7-5)   

Winner: Arizona State

Camellia Bowl (5:30 PM)

Georgia Southern (9-3) versus Eastern Michigan (7-5)

Winner: Georgia Southern

New Orleans Bowl (9:00 PM)

Middle Tennessee (8-5) versus Appalachian State (10-2)  

Winner: Appalachian State


Tuesday, Dec. 18th

Boca Raton Bowl (7:00 PM)

UAB (10-3) versus Northern Illinois (8-5) 

Winner: UAB


Wednesday, Dec. 19th

Miami Beach Bowl (8:00 PM)

San Diego State (7-5) versus Ohio  (8-4)   

Winner: San Diego State


Thursday, Dec. 20th

Gasparilla Bowl (8:00 PM)

Marshall (8-4) versus South Florida (7-5)

Winner: South Florida


Friday, Dec. 21st

Bahamas Bowl (12:30 PM)

FIU (8-4) versus Toledo (7-5)     

Winner: Toledo 

Famous Idaho Potato Bowl (4:00 PM)

Western Michigan (7-5) versus BYU (6-6)    

Winner: BYU 


Saturday, Dec. 22nd

Birmingham Bowl (12:00 PM)

Memphis (8-5) versus Wake Forest (6-6) 

Winner: Memphis

Armed Forces Bowl (3:30 PM)

Houston (8-4) versus Army (9-2)

Winner: Houston

Dollar General Bowl (7:00 PM)

Buffalo (10-3) versus Troy (9-3)    

Winner: Troy

Hawaii Bowl (10:30 PM)

Louisiana Tech (7-5) versus Hawaii (8-5)     

Winner: Hawaii


Wednesday Dec. 26th

First Responder Bowl (1:30 PM)

Boston College (7-5) versus 25 Boise State (10-3)     

Winner: Boston College

Quick Lane Bowl (5:15 PM)

Minnesota (6-6) versus Georgia Tech (7-5)

Winner: Georgia Tech

Cheez-It Bowl (9:00 PM)

California (7-5) versus TCU (6-6)

Winner: TCU


Thursday Dec. 27th

Independence Bowl (1:30 PM)

Temple (8-4) versus Duke (7-5)

Winner: Duke

Pinstripe Bowl (5:15 PM)

Miami FL (7-5) versus Wisconsin (7-5)     

Winner: Wisconsin

Texas Bowl (9:00 PM)

Baylor (6-6) versus Vanderbilt (6-6)    

Winner: Baylor


Friday, Dec. 28th

Music City Bowl (1:30 PM)

Purdue (6-6) versus Auburn (7-5)      

Winner: Auburn

Camping World Bowl (5:15 PM)

16 West Virginia (8-3) versus 20 Syracuse (9-3)     

Winner: West Virginia

Alamo Bowl (9:00 PM)

24 Iowa State (8-4) versus 13 Washington State (10-2)

Winner: Washington State


Saturday, Dec. 29th

Belk Bowl (12:00 PM)

South Carolina (7-5) versus Virginia (7-5)

Winner: South Carolina

Peach Bowl (12:00 PM)

10 Florida (9-3) versus 7 Michigan  (10-2)    

Winner: Michigan 

Arizona Bowl (1:15 PM)

Arkansas State (8-4) versus Nevada (7-5)       

Winner: Nevada


New Year’s Eve

Military Bowl (12:00 PM)

Cincinnati (10-2) versus Virginia Tech (6-6) 

Winner: Virginia Tech

Sun Bowl (2:00 PM)

Stanford (8-4) versus Pittsburgh (7-5)

Winner: Pittsburgh 

Redbox Bowl (3:00 PM)

Michigan State (7-5) versus Oregon (8-4)

Winner: Michigan State 

Liberty Bowl (3:45 PM)

23 Missouri (8-4) versus Oklahoma State (6-6)

Winner: Missouri

Holiday Bowl (7:00 PM)

22 Northwestern (8-5) versus 17 Utah (9-4)      

Winner: Northwestern

Gator Bowl (7:30 PM)

North Carolina State (9-3) versus 19 Texas A&M (8-4)     

Winner: Texas A&M


New Year’s Five

Outback Bowl (12:00 PM)

18 Mississippi State (8-4)  versus Iowa (8-4)

Winner: Mississippi State

Fiesta Bowl (1:00 PM)

11 LSU (9-3) versus 8 Central Florida (12-0)

Winner: Central Florida

Citrus Bowl (1:00 PM)

14 Kentucky (9-3) versus 12 Penn State (9-3)   

Winner: Penn State

Rose Bowl (8:45 PM)

9 Washington (10-3) versus 6 Ohio State (12-1)

Winner: Ohio State

Sugar Bowl (8:45 PM)

15 Texas (9-4) versus 5 Georgia (11-2)     

Winner: Georgia

Four of the five games include an SEC team looking to dominate their opponents. The fifth game is the final game of a former SEC coach, Urban Meyer, as he’s decided to retire. Read more about it in my letter. That game will be Ohio State beating Washington in the Rose Bowl. That will also give the Big Ten a sweep over the PAC-12 in their three games against each other.

But for the SEC teams, I have only two winning, but it could be three. I just like what Central Florida has been doing and would love for them to beat an SEC team in their second consecutive bowl win.

The two SEC-Big Ten games will be a split with Mississippi State beating Iowa, but Penn State beating Kentucky. That will give the two conferences a tie in the bowl head-to-heads.

Georgia and Texas will be the third game between SEC-Big XII. Georgia will complete the 3-0 sweep against Big XII after Missouri and Alabama win their games. Speaking of Alabama, let’s take a quick long at how they fair in the playoff this year.


College Football Playoff

Cotton Bowl Classic (Saturday, 12/29 – 4:00 PM)

3 Notre Dame (12-0) versus 2 Clemson (13-0) 

Winner: Clemson

Orange Bowl (Saturday, 12/29 – 8:00 PM)

4 Oklahoma (12-1) versus 1 Alabama (13-0)     

Winner: Alabama

National Championship Game

1 Alabama (14-0) versus 2 Clemson (14-0)

Winner: TBA

By the looks of it, we’ll probably be seeing Alabama-Clemson for the fourth straight year in the playoff against each other. Last year was the only time it wasn’t in the National Championship game, but Clemson should want to revenge their ugly loss to Alabama. To be honest, I don’t care who it is, but the winner will be the first college football team to win 15 games in a season. But Clemson needs it more if they want to help their conferences overall record in the bowl games.


Final Conference Record Predictions

PAC-12: 2-5

BIG XII: 3-4

BIG 10: 6-3

ACC: 6-5

SEC: 7-3


I hope you enjoy the results of the Heisman trophy winner this week as we set yourselves up to watch some great bowl games and a lot of conference versus conference matchups. Also, I hope you enjoyed the weekly ride around the world of college football. Unfortunately, this is all I have left to give for this season, so enjoy the bowl games and my predictions until it’s time to meet again!

Make sure to comment your opinion about who you think will win the National Championship!

2 replies to “College Football games to watch: Bowl season!

    1. I believe they deserve chance in the playoffs. They might do better than Notre Dame would. I wonder if Georgia, Oklahoma, and Ohio State all lost the conference title games, if the committee would have given them a chance in the playoffs?


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