Who wins the 2018 Heisman trophy?

With the College football regular season over, everyone turns their attention to bowl games and the College Football Playoff. Before we get there in another week, we have to find out who will be crowned the Heisman trophy winner.

Heisman trophy
Heisman Trophy, awarded in 1966 to University of Florida quarterback Steve Spurrier.” by Echo73 is licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0

This year’s candidates are Alabama QB Tua Tagovailoa, Oklahoma QB Kyler Murray and Ohio State QB Dwayne Haskins. Who do you think will win it?

All three of these guys had an amazing season. Both Murray and Haskins were taking over the job from former quarterbacks Baker Mayfield and J.T. Barrett. For Tua, it was his chance to prove he was better than last year’s starter, Jalen Hurts. He did just that, as coach Nick Saban choose him to be the starter all year long.

Before we make a decision on who we think will win the Heisman trophy, let’s look at the schools’ past winners and the accomplishments of each player.


Alabama Crimson Tide – Tua Tagovailoa

Let’s start with the defending National Champions, the Alabama Crimson Tide and their QB Tua Tagovailo. Past Heisman winners for the Tide have been several different running backs, such as Mark Ingram (2009) and Derrick Henry (2015), who are having good NFL careers. Can Tua be the first Crimson Tide quarterback to ever win the Heisman? If Tua does win, he’ll be the third Heisman winner in school history.

Passing Stats: 3353 passing yards, 37 TDs and a passer Rating of 202.3

Tagovailoa is second among all QBs in passer rating. He’s also tied for third in TD passes with West Virginia’s Will Grier. Tua has also led his team to another undefeated season and playoff berth as the top team. Are those numbers numbers good enough to win the Heisman?


Oklahoma Sooners – Kyler Murray

For the Oklahoma Sooners, they’re trying to be the first team since Southern California to have two different players win the Heisman in back-to-back years. Last year we saw quarterback Baker Mayfield win the trophy. He went to be the No. 1 overall pick in the NFL draft. Former Sooners quarterback Sam Bradford has also won the trophy (2008). Murray is looking to become the 7th Heisman trophy winner in school history.

Passing Stats: 4083 passing yards, 40 TDs and a passer rating of 205.7

Murray’s passing TDs are the second highest among QBs this season. He also has the best passer rating. He led his team to a conference title and a date with Alabama in the College Football Playoff. Can Murray beat Tua twice in one season?


Ohio State Buckeyes – Dwayne Haskins

The Ohio State Buckeyes have reached news about coach Urban Meyer retiring. I have given my thanks in a letter to him (here). Despite that news, they are looking to finish strong. Haskins wants to be the 8th Buckeye to receive the Heisman trophy. The two most recent have been QB Troy Smith (2006) and RB Eddie George (1995). Does Haskins have a chance to add his name to the list of Heisman trophy winning Buckeyes?

Passing Stats: 4580 passing yards, 47 TDs and a passer rating of 175.8

Haskins has the most passing yards and TDs of any QB in college footballthis year. However, his passer rating is tied for third with Georgia’s Jake Fromm. He will also not be able to participate in the College Football Playoff, due to the one loss they took. Haskins played well in the conference championship game to give Ohio State a chance at the playoff. He threw for 499 yards and five touchdowns. I wonder if that will be enough to give him the edge over his two competitors.


I personally want to see Haskins win it as a parting gift for coach Urban Meyer. Who dp you think will win it and why? We’ll find out the winner on Saturday, December 8th at 8 P.M.

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