Top five NFL MVP rankings after Week 13

NFL MVP rankings after Week 13
Russell Wilson” by Keith Allison is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

The top five NFL MVP rankings after Week 13 make another shift. We’ve got movement throughout the entire top five, with MVP candidates moving at the top, middle and bottom of the rankings. We’ve also got another new name on the list this week! Let’s see how the MVP race is shaping up after Week 13.


1. QB Patrick Mahomes, Kansas City Chiefs

Patrick Mahomes claims the number one spot in my NFL MVP rankings after Week 13. He’s back on top! Mahomes continues to stuff the stat sheet every game. This week against the Oakland Raiders, Mahomes threw for 295 yards and four TDs. The best part for Mahomes, is the fact that he didn’t throw any INTs this past week. His 10 INTs on the season are one reason why I’ve continually kept him at number two.

After Week 13, Mahomes is still the leader in TD passes (41), leading that race by nine. He’s also second in passing yards and passer rating. Mahomes did get some help from the Dallas Cowboys’ defense this week to move him back into first, but he also had another impressive performance.


2. QB Drew Brees, New Orleans Saints

Drew Brees looked average at best against the Dallas Cowboys on Thursday. The Dallas defense held Brees to 127 yards passing and one TD on 64.3% completions. That completion percentage was his second worst of the season. In addition to the low numbers, Brees also threw an INT. However, this was no regular INT. Brees had the ball with an opportunity to put the Saints up on that drive, but he threw the INT early in the drive, which ended up giving Dallas the win.

Overall, Brees is still having a great season. He still leads the NFL in completion percentage and passer rating. The reason I moved him down in the NFL MVP rankings after Week 13, is because there’s not much room for bad performances as the MVP race begins to wind down. With Mahomes lighting it up every week, this bad performance may have cost Brees.


3. QB Philip Rivers, Los Angeles Chargers

With a comeback win over the Steelers and another great performance, Philip Rivers makes his highest appearance in the NFL MVP rankings after Week 13. In the Chargers’ 33-30 win, Rivers threw for 299 yards and two TDs on 72.2% completions. The comeback was the most impressive thing about this game for Rivers. With the Chargers down 23-7, it looked like things were over.

But then Philip Rivers and the entire team turned things around. Not all the credit can be given to Rivers for this comeback win, but he does deserve a lot of it. On the season, Rivers is third in passer rating, behind only Brees and Mahomes. Rivers may not be getting the attention Mahomes and Brees are for MVP, but I think he should be. He deserves it.


4. QB Russell Wilson, Seattle Seahawks

Russell Wilson makes his first appearance on the NFL MVP rankings after Week 13. Wilson has played well all season long, but his MVP case hasn’t picked up until recently when the Seahawks have been winning games. Now sitting 7-5, Russell Wilson’s MVP case is getting better and better. Against the 49ers, Wilson threw four TD passes, helping the Seahawks earn a 43-16 win.

On the season, Wilson ranks fourth in passer rating and fourth in TD passes. It seems like  if Russell Wilson doesn’t have a good game, the Seahawks won’t win. On their three game win streak, Wilson has been playing great football. Look for him and the Seahawks to finish the season strong as they fight for a playoff spot.


5. QB Jared Goff, Los Angeles Rams

Goff had a bad performance against the Lions on Sunday, which is why he’s been moved down two spots in the NFL MVP rankings after Week 13. He helped the Rams get a 30-16 win, but I think that win was more on Gurley than Goff. Goff was held to 51.5% completions for 207 yards, one TD and one INT. His passer rating was 68.6, which was his second worst of the season.

Despite the bad game, Goff is still fifth in passer rating, sixth in TD passes and fourth in passing yards. Those numbers make the fifth spot in the rankings look like the perfect place for the QB leading the league’s best team.


Who’s off the list?

QB Andrew Luck, Indianapolis Colts

After being on fire over the last five weeks and earning himself a spot in the top five, Andrew has fallen back out after the Jaguars shut down the Colts. Luck threw for 248 yards, but he didn’t throw any TDs and threw one INT. The Colts scored zero points. An MVP candidate can’t let his team not score at all. Overall, Luck is having a pretty good season, but it’s hard to elevate his status as an MVP candidate when the Colts are 6-6 and he’s coming off a bad game.


    1. I’ve been hard on Mahomes for throwing INTs, especially during the end of games when the game is on the line like he did twice against the Rams. Brees wasn’t doing it, but he did last week and it cost his team the win.


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