Week 12 NFL picks

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Source: https://www.norebbo.com/?s=nfl

Last Week’s Prediction Records:

Aman: 8-5

Cullen: 8-5

Mickayeen: 9-4

Rahim: 3-10

Joel: 7-6

Adam: 8-5

Kevin: 7-6

Josh: 7-6

Dan: 4-9

Christan: 8-5


Overall Prediction Records:

Aman: 88-56-1

Cullen: 99-45-1

Mickayeen: 87-57-1

Rahim: 82-62-1

Joel: 90-54-1

Adam: 94-50-1

Kevin: 45-23 (Started Week 7)

Josh: 24-16 (Started Week 9)

Dan: 21-19 (Started Week 9)

Christan: 8-5 (Started Week 11)

It honestly wasn’t that great of a week for us last week, so hopefully Week 12 will be better. Our leader remains Cullen after Week 12. Adam is the top challenger to Cullen’s top spot. Will he be able to catch up this week? Don’t forget about the rest of us either. Anything can happen! Let’s see who we’ve all picked for every Week 12 game!



Bears vs Lions (Thursday)


Aman: Bears

Cullen: Lions

Mickayeen: Bears

Rahim: Lions

Joel: Bears

Adam: Bears

Kevin: Bears

Josh: Bears

Dan: Bears

Christan: Bears

The Lions currently have the 20th ranked offense in points per game (22.2). This week they’ll have a tough time against the fourth ranked defense in points allowed per game (19.5). The Bears are coming off a week in which they established themselves as the top team in the NFC North. Look for their defense to take control of Stafford and the Lions.

Although the Bears’ defense is expected to take care of the Lions, they’re coming off an upset victory over the Panthers. It will be much tougher for them to pull off an upset over the Bears, but this is a division game. Don’t count them out.



Redskins vs Cowboys (Thursday)


Aman: Cowboys

Cullen: Cowboys

Mickayeen: Cowboys

Rahim: Cowboys

Joel: Cowboys

Adam: Cowboys

Kevin: Redskins

Josh: Cowboys

Dan: Cowboys

Christan: Cowboys

This game is for the NFC East division lead! Last time these two teams faced each other, Dallas missed a kick to tie the game, giving the Redskins the victory. This time around, Washington will be without QB Alex Smith due to an unfortunate injury. How will the Redskins deal with his loss?

What may be more important, is how the Dallas offense will deal with the defense of the Redskins. Last time the Redskins defense got the best of Dallas, but over the last two weeks, Dallas has looked different offensively. They’ve responded in the biggest moments. This game is bigger than any moment they’ve faced, because if they win, they become division leaders. How will they deal with pressure?



Falcons vs Saints (Thursday)


Aman: Saints

Cullen: Saints

Mickayeen: Saints

Rahim: Falcons

Joel: Saints

Adam: Saints

Kevin: Saints

Josh: Saints

Dan: Saints

Christan: Saints

Anytime you get to watch a game between the Falcons and Saints, you should get excited! Although the Falcons are coming off a game in which they failed to outduel the offense of the Dallas Cowboys, their offensive potential is waiting to come out against the Saints.

In their previous meeting, the Saints won, but the Falcons took them to OT. This may not be another OT game, but expect the Saints to at least be challenged by their division rivals looking to knock them off.



Giants vs Eagles


Aman: Eagles

Cullen: Eagles

Mickayeen: Eagles

Rahim: Eagles

Joel: Eagles

Adam: Eagles

Kevin: Eagles

Josh: Giants

Dan: Eagles

Christan: Eagles

This game is a must win for the Philadelphia Eagles if they want any chance of winning the division. At 4-6, they’re not out of it yet. If Dallas beats the Redskins, they’ll both be 6-5. Dallas plays the Saints the week after, which will likely drop them to 6-6. The Redskins could have a tough time without Alex Smith, which makes the next couple of games very important for the Eagles. If they win the next two games, they’ll be right back in the thick of things in the NFC East.

For the Giants, this game is about playing spoiler to the Eagles and gaining momentum after winning two in a row. The Eagles are better than the two teams they’ve beat in the last two weeks, but their momentum may carry them.



Jaguars vs Bills


Aman: Bills

Cullen: Jaguars

Mickayeen: Jaguars

Rahim: Jaguars

Joel: Jaguars

Adam: Jaguars

Kevin: Jaguars

Josh: Jaguars

Dan: Bills

Christan: Jaguars

In the Bills’ last game, they put a beat down on the Jets, beating them 41-10. I don’t think it’s reasonable to expect that from them again this week. The Jaguars’ played much better last week despite giving up the lead at the end. They put pressure on Ben Roethlisberger and forced him to make a lot of bad throws. There’s a good chance they’ll do the same thing against rookie QB Josh Allen, who is making his return from injury.



Seahawks vs Panthers


Aman: Seahawks

Cullen: Seahawks

Mickayeen: Seahawks

Rahim: Seahawks

Joel: Seahawks

Adam: Panthers

Kevin: Panthers

Josh: Seahawks

Dan: Panthers

Christan: Panthers

This game could be one of those that goes back and forth. Seattle is feeling confident after their win over the Packers last week. Russell Wilson continues to carry them and perform when they need him most.

On the other side, there’s Cam Newton and the Panthers, who have lost two straight games. It could be tough for them against this Seattle defense, but they’ll be hungry for a win. They need this one to stay ahead in the Wild Card race.



Raiders vs Ravens


Aman: Ravens

Cullen: Ravens

Mickayeen: Ravens

Rahim: Ravens

Joel: Ravens

Adam: Ravens

Kevin: Ravens

Josh: Ravens

Dan: Ravens

Christan: Ravens

Lamar Jackson is likely getting the start against the Raiders this week. How will he follow up his 117 rushing yard performance? Last week he was able to lead the Ravens to a win over the Bengals. Can he lead the Ravens to a win over the lowly Raiders, who just failed to out tank the Cardinals?

Baltimore’s defense leads the NFL in points allowed per game, giving up an average of just 18.1 points. If they’re that tough against the Raiders, expect Jackson to have the ball a lot. Could we see another 100-yard rushing performance from him?



49ers vs Buccaneers


Aman: Buccaneers

Cullen: Buccaneers

Mickayeen: Buccaneers

Rahim: Buccaneers

Joel: 49ers

Adam: Buccaneers

Kevin: 49ers

Josh: Buccaneers

Dan: Buccaneers

Christan: Buccaneers

Here’s what scares me about the Buccaneers: They can’t choose who they want at QB. How many times now have they made the switch from Jameis Winston to Ryan Fitzpatrick and back? Too many to count. There’s no stability there. Despite that, the Bucs seem to put up a decent amount of points most games.

Their biggest problem is their defense, who ranks dead last in the league by allowing an average of 32.9 points per game. The 49ers aren’t a great offensive team, but they should be able to score some points on this Tampa Bay defense.



Browns vs Bengals


Aman: Bengals

Cullen: Browns

Mickayeen: Browns

Rahim: Bengals

Joel: Browns

Adam: Bengals

Kevin: Bengals

Josh: Browns

Dan: Bengals

Christan: Bengals

Is Baker Mayfield still feeling dangerous? The Browns were impressive in their last game, but will they carry that over to this game against their division rivals? The Bengals have faltered recently after a strong start. I think they’re still trying to recover from the beating they took from the Saints.

Fellow rookie QB Lamar Jackson just rushed his way to a win over the Bengals. If the Browns are smart, they’d try to do something similar with Mayfield and Chubb. Mayfield is nowhere near the rusher Jackson is, but he’s a capable rusher. They could try to take a page out of Jackson’s book, just with a better passer under center.


Patriots vs Jets


Aman: Patriots

Cullen: Patriots

Mickayeen: Patriots

Rahim: Patriots

Joel: Patriots

Adam: Patriots

Kevin: Patriots

Josh: Patriots

Dan: Patriots

Christan: Patriots

The Jets are at the bottom of the bowl right now after getting beat 41-10 by the Bills in their last game. Do we really expect them to beat the Patriots? No. It’s even less likely after the Patriots lost their last game. They’ll be hungry to get back on the winning side of things.



Cardinals vs Chargers


Aman: Chargers

Cullen: Chargers

Mickayeen: Chargers

Rahim: Chargers

Joel: Chargers

Adam: Chargers

Kevin: Chargers

Josh: Chargers

Dan: Chargers

Christan: Chargers

Both teams are coming of games in which their opponents hit game winning FGs. Which team will rebound? It looks like the Chargers are the clear favorite in this game, which makes sense. Philip Rivers is having a great season, and now he’s matched up against Josh Rosen, a struggling rookie QB.

The Chargers are deeper pretty much all around than the Cardinals. After getting knocked off last week, the Chargers need this win if they want any chance at winning their division. The Cardinals are a tank job, so I don’t see them beating the Chargers in this one.


Steelers vs Broncos


Aman: Steelers

Cullen: Steelers

Mickayeen: Broncos

Rahim: Broncos

Joel: Steelers

Adam: Broncos

Kevin: Steelers

Josh: Steelers

Dan: Steelers

Christan: Steelers

Jacksonville picked off Big Ben three times last week, which led to a 16-0 lead. Unfortunately, they couldn’t hold on to that lead and lost 20-16. Roethlisberger stepped up when the game mattered most.

Can the Broncos defense try to duplicate what the Jaguars did to Ben Roethlisberger? If they can, can they sustain that level of play throughout the whole game? The Steelers have so many weapons on offense, it will be hard to cover them all game long. Don’t expect the Steelers to have as poor of an offensive showing as they had a week ago.


Dolphins vs Colts


Aman: Colts

Cullen: Colts

Mickayeen: Colts

Rahim: Colts

Joel: Colts

Adam: Colts

Kevin: Colts

Josh: Colts

Dan: Colts

Christan: Colts

Andrew Luck is on fire right now! Over the last four games, Luck has completed 74.2% of his passes for 977 yards, 13 TDs. He’s only thrown one INT in that same time frame. If the Colts want a shot at making the playoffs, they’ll be relying on Luck to carry them there. Will he continue to stay hot against the Dolphins? I’ll believe it!



Packers vs Vikings (Sunday Night)


Aman: Packers

Cullen: Packers

Mickayeen: Packers

Rahim: Packers

Joel: Vikings

Adam: Vikings

Kevin: Packers

Josh: Packers

Dan: Vikings

Christan: Packers

Last time these two teams faced off was back in Week Two. The result of that game was a tie. I doubt we’ll be seeing that again, although this could be a back and forth game. Aaron Rodgers and the Packers need this win to get back into the playoff hunt, while the Vikings need it to stay close to the Bears in the NFC North.

Both teams are different this time around. Green Bay seems to have found a running with RB Aaron Jones, while the Vikings have been playing much better defensively. This one should be exciting!



Titans vs Texans (Monday Night)


Aman: Texans

Cullen: Titans

Mickayeen: Texans

Rahim: Texans

Joel: Texans

Adam: Titans

Kevin: Texans

Josh: Texans

Dan: Texans

Christan: Texans

Last time these two AFC South division rivals faced off was back in Week Two. The Titans won that game 20-17. That was part of the Texans’ 0-3 start, but since then they’re 7-0. This is a different Texans team in Week 12.

After getting injured in last week’s big loss to the Colts, who knows if Marcus Mariota will be good to go? If he does play, he won’t be at full strength. This Titans team has been inconsistent this season. Which version of the Titans will the Texans get? The Titans who beat the Patriots 34-10 or the Titans who lost to the Colts 38-10?

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  1. Falcons better not disappoint Thursday night! I’ve picked them to win every week since we have started this except when they played Steelers


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