Jerry….. It’s Time to Let Jason Garrett Go

Jason Garrett, Dak Prescott 2017” by Keith Allison is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Will someone please tell me when Jerry Jones will realize that Jason Garrett is never taking the Dallas Cowboys to the Super Bowl? Garrett’s been the head coach of the Dallas Cowboys since half way through the 2010 season after Wade Phillips led them to a 1-7 start.

Since Garrett took over as head coach, he has a regular season record of 70-58 (55.1%). You could look at Jason Garrett and say he has a winning record, but simply having a winning record isn’t good enough for the Dallas Cowboys, or any team for that matter.

During his coaching tenure from 2010 to present, Jason Garrett has led the Cowboys to the playoffs twice. Let me rephrase that. In seven full years as head coach of the Cowboys, Garrett has led them to the playoffs twice. After dropping to 3-5 last night against the Titans, that number will increase to twice in eight seasons.

So essentially once in four years, Jason Garrett will get a team to the playoffs. To make things even worse, Garrett has just one playoff win in his seven full seasons as head coach! He’s never made it further than the divisional round of the playoffs! His playoff record is 1-3.

Does that sound like a coach who’s going to take the Dallas Cowboys to the Super Bowl? To me that sounds like a coach who shouldn’t have his job!

For some odd reason, Jerry Jones continues to back Jason Garrett as the head coach of the Dallas Cowboys. “What we’ve got here is an asset that I think will get us to where we want to go, and that’s a championship,” Jerry Jones said about Jason Garrett.

Jones also responded to questions about making a head coaching change this season by simply saying “no.” I don’t get it. I just don’t. What in the world is Jason Garrett doing to keep his job?

As a Dallas Cowboys fan, I personally hope we lose the rest of our games this season. Why? The more games we lose, the higher the chances are Jason Garrett gets fired. I’ve never liked him as a head coach and thought he should have been fired years ago. Somehow though, there’s a part of me that wouldn’t be surprised if Jason Garrett stuck around if Dallas finishes 3-13 this season.

It’s like Jerry Jones forgot how to make smart decisions after winning three Super Bowls. His teams haven’t been anywhere near reaching another Super Bowl since then.

Some people might blame the lack of success recently on Dak Prescott, the offensive line, or another specific player, but it’s not them. I believe the right coach could come in and win with this group of players. Jason Garrett can’t do that because he doesn’t take risks, he doesn’t know how to use his players and he claps when bad things happen. I’ve got a list a lot longer than that, but I’ll spare you of having to read it.


A Quick Letter Jerry

Dear Mr. Jerry Jones,

It’s time to let Jason Garrett go. He’s not taking the Dallas Cowboys to a Super Bowl…. EVER. He’s not. Let him go.


The entire Dallas Cowboys fan base.

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