Are the Raiders Really the NFL’s Worst Team?

NFL's Worst team
Derek Carr” by Keith Allison is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

After their 34-3 loss to QB Nick Mullens and the San Francisco 49ers on Thursday night, many have called the Oakland Raiders the NFL’s worst team. I’ve been calling the Raiders one of the NFL’s worst teams this season, but I wanted to do some more investigating before officially making the claim they’re the NFL’s worst team. I decided to look into the numbers to see just how bad the Raiders have been this season.



By dropping to 1-7, the Raiders have the worst record in the NFL, but they do have competition for the worst record. The New York Giants are tied with the Raiders at 1-7. So which team is worse? I took a look at the numbers for both the Raiders and Giants on offense, defense and special teams. I then added up the scores based on each category to determine who is the NFL’s worst team.

NFL’s Worst Team Ranking Score:

Raiders: 0

Giants: 0



When it comes to points per game, the Raiders rank 28th with an average of 17.6 points per game. Where do the Giants rank? They’re ranked one spot ahead of the Raiders at 27th, averaging 18.8 points per game.

The next stats I looked at were passing and rushing yards per game. Oakland averages 258.8 passing yards per game, currently good enough for 16th in the NFL. Not too bad, but the Giants currently average 275.4 passing yards per game. That’s good enough for 11th.

Oakland has an advantage over the Giants in rushing yards per game. They average 95.0, which is bad enough to rank 25th. New York is second to last, only in front of the Cardinals, with an average of 77.9 rushing yards per game.

The final offensive stat I looked at was sacks allowed. New York ranks second in most sacks allowed this season (31). The Raiders are slightly better than the Giants, ranking seventh in most sacks allowed (25), but still terrible.

Which team has been worse offensively?

NFL’s Worst Team Ranking Score:

Raiders: 2

Giants: 2



We have a tie heading into the defensive stats!

I first checked the points allowed by both teams. Oakland ranks 31st in the NFL by averaging 31.5 points allowed. Where are the Giants? They rank 21st, with an average of 25.6 points per game.

The next stat I looked for was sacks. If you haven’t already heard, the Oakland Raiders are the NFL’s worst team when it comes to sacking the QB. Through eight games this season, the Raiders have just seven sacks. They’ve played more games than they have sacks. Maybe they shouldn’t have traded away Khalil Mack…… The Giants have been just as bad at sacking the QB, ranking just ahead of the Raiders with 10 sacks on the year.

This next part has to do with turnovers. First, let’s look at INTs. Both the Raiders and Giants are tied for 24th in the league with 4 INTs on the year.

Next, we’ll look at forced fumbles. The Raiders have forced just three fumbles all season long. The only teams worse than them are the Jaguars and Falcons. New York has forced five fumbles on the season, which puts them in a five way tie for 20th in the NFL.

If you can’t force fumbles, of course you’re not going to recover fumbles. The Raiders have recovered two fumbles on the year, while the Giants have recovered three. Not bad considering the amount of fumbles they’ve caused, but they need to force more fumbles and create more turnovers.

Which team has been worse defensively?

NFL’s Worst Team Ranking Score:

Raiders: 4

Giants: 0


Special Teams

I only looked at one special teams stat. That stat was field goal percentage. Oakland is tied with the Browns for 28th in the NFL in field goal percentage. Both teams have a field goal percentage of 71%. The Giants have actually been one of the better teams in field goal percentage, converting at a rate of 94%.

NFL’s Worst Team Ranking Score:

Raiders: 1

Giants: 0


Final NFL’s Worst Team Ranking Score:

This score is added up of the four scores between record, offense, defense and special teams. Who’s the NFL’s worst team?

Raiders: 7

Giants: 2

There you have it NFL fans. The Oakland Raiders take the title of NFL’s worst team with a score of seven to two over the New York Giants. Not only is everyone saying the Raiders are the NFL’s worst team, but the numbers actually support it.



2 replies to “Are the Raiders Really the NFL’s Worst Team?

  1. The emaciated ghost of Al Davis walks the dim cavernous concourses of Oakland-Almeda County Coliseum wondering what has become of the Silver and Black while muttering “Just win baby” over and over. Late at night Jon Gruden hears the raspy voice and searches hopelessly for Dead Al hoping to remind him of the past glory he brought to the franchise and remembering that he must omit any reference to his treachery in leaving for the Buccaneers and denying Al one last shot at glory.


  2. On paper the Raiders are the worst, but I like the young talent of Carr at QB. They are not performing, but I’m not convinced they lack talent. There’s also this odd message from releasing players like Mack, that the Raiders are doing a controlled deconstruction as they head to Las Vegas. I think the players are absorbing this mentality that now doesn’t really matter. The Raiders aren’t saying it officially, but it feels that way.


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