College Football Games To Watch: Week 10

College Football Games Week 10
GA VS LSU E101318 142” by Tammy Anthony Baker is licensed under CC BY 2.0

This is the week we’ve all been waiting for! As the College Football season reaches the final month of games, the level of competition gets much greater. This is the first time this season where we’ll see two SEC teams in the top four go head-to-head. It’s also the first time the committee ranked the teams, which has made it harder for me to pick the College Football games of interest this week.

I mean, we have mostly all conference or divisional games this week, aside from Norte Dame, who’s an independent team. You can read more about that below.

Others may want to keep an eye on the Ohio State Buckeyes as they look to bounce back, but I’m more interested in the Big 12 and what the West Virginia and Texas game will be like.

This should also be the weekend where we find out which two teams in the SEC will meet in the title game on December 1st. So let’s audible our way through this week’s College Football games.


TOP 25 VS. TOP 25

1 Alabama versus 4 LSU

This should be one of the best College Football games this week. All season long we’ve heard about Alabama and their Heisman candidate, QB Tua Tagovailoa. Alabama has been so good this season that Tua has yet to play the fourth quarter of any game, but that may change this week. Tua has been nearly perfect with 25 touchdowns and zero interceptions. He has fumbled the ball a few times, but Alabama was already ahead in that game. This will be their toughest game of the season, and Tua will have to play the entire game in a must-win situation.

It’s a winner take all college football game in the SEC West, where the winner will likely play in the conference championship game.

For LSU, it’s all about proving they aren’t a team to be messed with. They have one loss to the Florida Gators earlier this season, but have continued to dominate. They knocked the Hurricanes in week one and then shocked the War Eagles before taming the Bulldogs. Now they want to roll over the tide and make it back to the SEC title game. I, for one, hope LSU can pull off another win against a top-ranked opponent.

5 Michigan versus 14 Penn State

This is one of those College Football games that may not be a winner take all situation for the conference, but it’s a survival game for Michigan. Michigan has yet to lose a conference game this season. They are the front-runner to win the Big Ten East, but this game will change everything for Michigan if they can’t pull out a win. With a loss, Michigan will still be in front of Penn State in the conference standings, but the game everyone is waiting for is against Ohio State.

All eyes will be on if coach Jim Harbaugh can finally win the Big Ten. With a big win over Michigan State earlier in the season, Harbaugh got one step closer. This game will get keep them at the top until they face Ohio State.

Penn State has already lost to both Michigan State and Ohio State, which has eliminated them from any hopes of being in the conference championship. However, that wouldn’t stop them from being a spoiler for Michigan and knocking them out of the College Football Playoff picture. Will we see Michigan be able to hang on?

6 Georgia versus 11 Kentucky

Another one of those College Football games where it’s winner take all. Like the Bama-LSU game, this is for the top spot in the SEC East. We all expected to see Georgia in this position as we opened up the season, but the one loss makes their chances very slim. They must win against Kentucky in order to make it back to the title game.  Will Fromm and the Dawgs continue where they left off against the Gators last week, or will it be another week of struggle?

At 7-1, Kentucky has been here before. Their game against Georgia is the one that was circled on the schedule. They lost that game then and will probably lose this game, but will still be eligible for a bowl game. As we get closer to the end of the season, I will provide you with teams who are eligible, like the runner up of each of the SEC games this weekend.

12 West Virginia versus 15 Texas

This is one of the most important College Football games when it comes to conference titles. Texas, who lost one non conference game early, lost a conference game against Oklahoma State last week. That knocks them down in the rankings. They needed to finish strong if they wanted a chance at the title game. With the two losses, Texas’ College Football Playoff hopes are most likely gone, but they could still get to the Big 12 title game with another big win over West Virginia.

West Virginia is also on the outside looking in right now, but this game against Texas will give them what they need headed into the season finale against Oklahoma, who still has a chance to make the College Football Playoff.  West Virginia is also still alive in the College Football Playoff picture, but with the one loss, it’s win big or go home.



8 Ohio State versus Nebraska

Ohio State had a week off to think about the beating they took from the Purdue Boilermakers (49-20). They will be looking to bounce back in a huge way against Nebraska, who isn’t good this year. As they do beat Nebraska, they’ll have a close look on the Michigan and Penn State game, as their fate will be determined by it. Okay, not entirely, but with the one conference loss, Ohio State is now behind Michigan in the standings. Michigan is undefeated thus far in conference play. Ohio State looks to put an end to that if Penn State doesn’t do so already. Can Ohio State rebound from a bad loss and make it back to the College Football Playoff?

13 Florida versus Missouri

Florida is no longer eligible for the SEC title no matter what happens in the Georgia-Kentucky game because they have lost to both teams. But they will be bowl eligible at the end of the season.

Missouri has also lost to both Georgia and Kentucky, but their loss to Kentucky had to hurt the most after being up 12 points in fourth quarter and lost by one point. Not sure what makes this game so important for the SEC standings, because neither team will be in the title game. It will give one team momentum going forward as they look to finish the season strong.

19 Iowa versus Purdue

After losing to Penn State, Iowa’s chances of winning the Big Ten are on the fence. No,  Penn State hasn’t jumped them in the standings, but Northwestern has. Even though Northwestern is 5-3 compared to Iowa’s 6-2, Northwestern has only lost one conference game, and they may loss another non-conference game. But that doesn’t help Iowa unless they can win against Purdue, who has already upset Ohio State. If Iowa wants to be in the Big Ten title game, they’ll need a big win over Purdue and Northwestern next week.



3 Notre Dame versus Northwestern

Speaking of Northwestern, this is the biggest game of the season for them. They’ve already proven they can compete with some of the top teams in the Big Ten, but Norte Dame is ranked 3rd in the latest poll. I feel like that’s a bit high for the Fighting Irish and that Northwestern could beat them. At least, that’s what I hope. It’ll make next week’s match up with Iowa even more interesting, so why not do it?

7 Oklahoma versus Texas Tech

With Texas losing last week, Oklahoma is back in front of the Big 12 and they look to remain there. With a win over Texas Tech, they should seal their fate into the conference title game despite the winner of the West Virginia-Texas game. Can they make it back to the College Football Playoff again this year? Or will Texas Tech or West Virginia knock them out?

9 Central Florida versus Temple

Central Florida is still undefeated and still looking to prove they are the real “National Champions.” With just a few weeks left, their chance to prove it is almost over, but a win over Temple, Cincinnati and South Florida could help them. Temple is a dangerous team to watch out for though. We have already seen them knock out Cincinnati from the undefeated ranks and have had two weeks to prepare for Central Florida. Let’s see how this game goes for Central Florida as they try to make the College Football Playoff.

10 Washington State versus California

Out of all the teams in the PAC-12, would you have imagined it being Washington State on top? Yeah, me neither! They have only lost one game to USC and have beaten big opponents like Oregon last week. If they can beat Cal and then finish the season with a big win over Washington, we may just see them have a chance at the College Football Playoff. Let’s keep an eye on them going forward and see how they finish.


Until then, we’ll be watching and waiting to see if this week’s College Football games hold any upsets and which teams continue to stay undefeated! Tune in Saturday to find out what your favorite College Football team does and how these College Football games play out!

2 replies to “College Football Games To Watch: Week 10

  1. Totally agree with your assessment on the Notre Dame/Northwestern game. I think Notre Dame is vulnerable, and it should be a competitive game. Can’t count the ‘cats out, especially riding a four game win streak.


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