Week 9 NFL Picks

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Source: https://www.norebbo.com/?s=nfl

Last Week’s Prediction Records:

Aman: 12-2

Cullen: 10-4

Mickayeen: 10-4

Rahim: 10-4

Joel: 12-2

Adam: 10-4

Kevin: 9-5


Overall Prediction Records:

Aman: 62-42-1

Cullen: 73-31-1

Mickayeen: 61-43-1

Rahim: 64-40-1

Joel: 64-40-1

Adam: 68-36-1

Kevin: 21-7 (Started Week 7)

We had another great week in Week 7! For the second week in a row, we were just one game short of having every writer pick 10 games or more correctly. This week we’re making it harder on ourselves by adding new writers to our team. We’ve recently added Kevin Dannaher, and now we’re adding Josh Cartwright and Dan Piersma.

Cullen remains the leader in wins, but the rest of us seem to be heating up as the season goes on. Can Cullen sustain his success and hold on to the lead as we get into the second half of the season? Let’s find out who we’ve got winning every Week 9 game!


Raiders vs 49ers (Thursday)


Aman: Raiders

Cullen: Raiders

Mickayeen: 49ers

Rahim: 49ers

Joel: Raiders

Adam: 49ers

Kevin: Raiders

Josh: Raiders

Dan: Raiders

Two teams at the bottom of the NFL totem pole. Which team wants to tank more? I think the 49ers are still actually trying to win games, but I do think there’s a good chance the Raiders are tanking. I’m personally still picking the Raiders though.

The trade deadline has passed and QB Derek Carr is still in Oakland. He’s been assured he’s the QB for the Raiders, but I think he wants to prove he’s really worth keeping around so there’s no question about it. Carr could have a big game.


Falcons vs Redskins


Aman: Redskins

Cullen: Redskins

Mickayeen: Falcons

Rahim: Falcons

Joel: Falcons

Adam: Falcons

Kevin: Falcons

Josh: Redskins

Dan: Redskins

This should be an interesting one. The Falcons currently hold the number 11 offense when it comes to points per game, while the Redskins hold the number 25 offense. The story defensively is completely different. Atlanta holds the number 30 defense in points allowed per game, while the Redskins hold the number five defense.

Will offense of defense prevail?


Lions vs Vikings


Aman: Vikings

Cullen: Vikings

Mickayeen: Vikings

Rahim: Lions

Joel: Vikings

Adam: Vikings

Kevin: Lions

Josh: Vikings

Dan: Vikings

Despite their loss to the Saints last week, the Vikings have been playing better football as of late. They seem to lose to the best teams (Rams, Saints), but the Lions aren’t one of the best teams.

Detroit has struggled to be consistent this season. They’ve had some good wins, but also some bad losses. They just traded away WR Golden Tate, who was having a good season with 44 receptions for 517 yards and 3 TDs. He was their leading receiver. I’d argue the Lions got worse.


Steelers vs Ravens


Aman: Steelers

Cullen: Steelers

Mickayeen: Ravens

Rahim: Steelers

Joel: Steelers

Adam: Steelers

Kevin: Ravens

Josh: Ravens

Dan: Steelers

I love watching the games between the Steelers and Ravens. One of best division matchups every year! Last time around the Ravens came out on top, but the Steelers seem to have found their stride now.

Last time the Steelers and Ravens played, Ben Roethlisberger was relied upon to do everything because there was no running game. RB James Conner has now rushed for over 100 yards and 2 TDs in three straight games. Can the Ravens slow him down? Last time they held him to 19 rushing yards.


Chiefs vs Browns


Aman: Chiefs

Cullen: Chiefs

Mickayeen: Chiefs

Rahim: Chiefs

Joel: Chiefs

Adam: Chiefs

Kevin: Chiefs

Josh: Chiefs

Dan: Chiefs

“Last time Patrick Mahomes and Baker Mayfield faced one another, Mayfield’s Oklahoma Sooners prevailed 66-59 over Mahomes’ Texas Tech Red Raiders. In that game, Mahomes went 52/88 (88 pass attempts!) for 734 yards, 5 touchdowns and 1 interception. He also ran for 85 yards and another 2 touchdowns. Mayfield went 27/36 for 545 yards and 7 touchdowns with zero interceptions. Call me a skeptic, but I don’t think the Chiefs and Browns will combine for 125 points between them on Sunday.” – Cullen Jekel


Jets vs Dolphins


Aman: Dolphins

Cullen: Dolphins

Mickayeen: Jets

Rahim: Dolphins

Joel: Dolphins

Adam: Dolphins

Kevin: Jets

Josh: Dolphins

Dan: Dolphins

Neither team is particularly great on offense or defense. Both teams have lost two straight games, so neither is on a hot streak. Miami has been the better team over the last two games scoring points, but they haven’t had to play defense’s as tough as what the Jets have faced. Which team can get themselves back on track in this one?


Bears vs Bills


Aman: Bears

Cullen: Bears

Mickayeen: Bears

Rahim: Bears

Joel: Bears

Adam: Bears

Kevin: Bears

Josh: Bears

Dan: Bears

I don’t care who the QB is for the Bills, I expect the Bears’ defense to eat him alive. Even if the Bears don’t have Khalil Mack, they should still dominate. While the attention for the Bears has been on the defense a lot, the offense has been a lot better this season.

QB Mitchell Trubisky is having a great season in his second year, and that should continue against the Bills. Last week, the Bills held the Patriots in check for a lot of the game, but the Patriots took over at the end. This game may have a similar result.


Buccaneers vs Panthers


Aman: Panthers

Cullen: Panthers

Mickayeen: Panthers

Rahim: Buccaneers

Joel: Panthers

Adam: Panthers

Kevin: Panthers

Josh: Panthers

Dan: Panthers

The Panthers put up 36 points against the defense allowing the least amount of points last week. This week they play a Buccaneers defense who is giving up the most points per game. Cam Newton could be running all over the Bucs in this game.

But will FitzMagic return and overcome Newton’s attack? He almost led the Buccaneers to a comeback last week. We’ll see if he can work some more magic like he did at the beginning of the season.


Chargers vs Seahawks


Aman: Seahawks

Cullen: Seahawks

Mickayeen: Seahawks

Rahim: Chargers

Joel: Chargers

Adam: Seahawks

Kevin: Chargers

Josh: Seahawks

Dan: Chargers

A tough Seattle defense against the explosive offense of the Chargers. Will offense or defense win? Philip Rivers has been one of my top five MVP candidates this season, and I expect that to continue through the second half of the season. He should remain hot going into this game, but Russell Wilson might have something to say about who wins.

As is the case whenever a team plays the Seahawks, the Chargers have to account for Russell Wilson on the ground. If they let him escape the pocket, it could be trouble for the  Chargers.


Texans vs Broncos


Aman: Texans

Cullen: Texans

Mickayeen: Texans

Rahim: Texans

Joel: Texans

Adam: Broncos

Kevin: Texans

Josh: Texans

Dan: Texans

The Broncos just traded WR Demaryius Thomas to the Texans, and now they play the Texans. Not sure if Thomas will play in this game, but even if he doesn’t, he can tell the Texans things about the Broncos’ offense.

Houston is hot right now after being winners of five straight games. I still don’t see them as serious playoff contenders because they haven’t beaten any playoff caliber teams, but winning is winning. Denver isn’t a playoff caliber team, so Houston’s winning streak could continue.


Rams vs Saints


Aman: Rams

Cullen: Saints

Mickayeen: Saints

Rahim: Rams

Joel: Rams

Adam: Saints

Kevin: Rams

Josh: Saints

Dan: Rams

The Rams overcame Aaron Rodgers. Can they overcome Drew Brees? They face a top five and future Hall of Fame QB for the second week in a row. Talk about tough. The Saints are a much different team than the Packers though. Brees has more weapons at his disposal than Aaron Rodgers. Can the Rams find a way to eliminate all of his weapons?

On the other side, can the Saints find a way to eliminate all the weapons the Rams have? Jared Goff is playing at a high level. Gurley is having another phenomenal year. This is going to be fun to watch!


Packers vs Patriots (Sunday Night)


Aman: Patriots

Cullen: Patriots

Mickayeen: Packers

Rahim: Packers

Joel: Patriots

Adam: Packers

Kevin: Patriots

Josh: Patriots

Dan: Patriots

After suffering a heart breaking loss to the Rams last week, the Packers now have to face the Patriots. That’s about as tough of a two game stretch that I’ve ever seen. They came close to beating the Rams, but fell just short. Will they have the same fate against the Patriots?

This is the G.O.A.T. vs G.O.A.T. game. Rodgers vs Brady. We’re all blessed to get to witness this. I fully expect this game to be a shoot out that goes down to the wire. The winner of this game will likely be the team who doesn’t make the crucial mistake at the end, like the Packers did a week ago.


Titans vs Cowboys (Monday Night)


Aman: Titans

Cullen: Cowboys

Mickayeen: Cowboys

Rahim: Titans

Joel: Cowboys

Adam: Cowboys

Kevin: Titans

Josh: Titans

Dan: Cowboys

Despite featuring two 3-4 teams, this should be one of the more exciting games to watch. The Titans have struggled to get their offense going this year, but have shown some flashes. They’re coming off a bye week, so maybe they figured out a way to get their offense going more consistently.

Dallas, who is also coming off a bye, will be interesting to watch because they recently acquired WR Amari Cooper from the Raiders. How will Cooper fit into their offense? Did he have enough time to learn the system? Will Jason Garrett and Scott Linehan actually use him how he’s meant to be used?

Another important factor to keep in mind for this game, is the fact that the Cowboys are undefeated at home this season so far.

4 replies to “Week 9 NFL Picks

  1. So many tight games this weekend. The Chargers-Seattle game looks the most competitive to me. I actually would be surprised if the Rams and/or Patriots lose.


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