5 Takeaways From the Bears’ Week 8 Win

Chicago Bears
2012 Chicago Bears Schedule Wallpaper (Alt Version)” by Charlie Lyons-Pardue is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0

1. Mitchell Trubisky is the Chicago Bears’ Franchise Quarterback

Trubisky has now thrown for 200 plus yards in six of the Bears’ seven games this season. His only non 200 yard game was week one against the Packers, where he threw for 171 yards. Sunday was also the third game this season where Trubisky hasn’t thrown an interception, as the Bears’ offense looked very sharp. Trubisky was clutch when the Bears needed it. He knows how to lead this team with his arm and his legs.

2. The Bears’ Defense is Good Without Khalil Mack

It’s no question that when Khalil Mack is on the field, the Bears are arguably the best defensive team in the league. The Bears showed yesterday they can still be dangerous even without their star defensive player. While the Bears only tallied one sack, they held rookie quarterback Sam Darnold to 153 passing yards and the jets rushing game to only 57 total yards. Darnold was held to a 35.1 QBR and completed under half of his passes.

3. The Bears’ Offensive Line Was Unbelievable

The Bears’ biggest issue in the last decade or so has been their offensive line. During Jay Cutlers’ time with the team, he was the most sacked quarterback in the league. Trubisky was only sacked twice in this game. For Bears fans, seeing your quarterback only being sacked twice, getting the teams record above .500 and leading the division is a good feeling. On top of only allowing two sacks, they also were only called for two penalties all game and had zero giveaways. That’s about as good of a game as you can ask for from an offensive line.

4. Tarik Cohen Showed Once Again Why He’s a Top Offensive Player

While Cohen only had one reception, it was a 70 yard touchdown reception in the first quarter. He also rushed five times for 40 yards on the ground, averaging eight yards a rush. He showed why he is so valuable to this Chicago team. Cohen can run, receive and return kicks/punts. He’s right up there with the best of them.

5. This Team Can Be Scary When Healthy

The first few weeks of the season, Chicago was almost relying solely on defense to win them games. Then Khalil Mack got injured. Suddenly it seemed like the defense died coming out of the bye week against Miami and New England. Now, Mitchell Trubisky is leading this offense to dominating performances in recent weeks, but the defense had been losing the games.

On Sunday, the Bears played defense. They didn’t pass rush and dominate in the sack category like the first three weeks, but they held the Jets to 150 passing yards and under 60 rushing yards, showing they are still an elite defense, even when Mack is hurt. If the defense can play like they did in the first three weeks when Khalil Mack is healthy again, combined with the way Mitchell Trubisky and this offense are clicking, you’re going to be looking at a scary and serious contending team in the Chicago Bears.

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