Week 7 NFL Picks

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Last Week’s Prediction Records:

Aman: 8-7

Cullen: 10-5

Mickayeen: 7-8

Rahim: 11-4

Joel: 10-5

Adam: 11-4


Overall Prediction Records:

Aman: 39-37-1

Cullen: 50-26-1

Mickayeen: 42-34-1

Rahim: 43-33-1

Joel: 40-36-1

Adam: 47-29-1

Fourth Quarter Sports history continues to be made with our weekly NFL picks. Last week was the first time all of our writers were over .500. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to do that two weeks in a row, but this is the first week all of us have been above .500 in our overall predictions! It was also the first week multiple writers picked 11 games correctly.

Cullen still has the lead after Week 6, but Adam caught up by a game, cutting Cullen’s lead to three games instead of four. This week we’re adding our new writer, Kevin Dannaher, to the mix. Since he hasn’t been picking throughout the season so far, what we’ll do to figure out his position is use his percentage instead of amount of correct picks.  Can anyone catch up to Cullen this week? Let’s find out who we’ve all picked for every Week 7 game.


Broncos vs Cardinals (Thursday)


Aman: Cardinals

Cullen: Broncos

Mickayeen: Broncos

Rahim: Broncos

Joel: Broncos

Adam: Broncos

Kevin: Broncos

Denver hung in there pretty well with the LA Rams last week, only losing by three points. Even though they didn’t win, their defense rebounded from the beating they took against the Jets. This week they should continue to play well. Most of us think they’ll come out with a win against the Cardinals.

Rookie QB Josh Rosen continues to look like a rookie. He has a completion percentage of 55.6% this season. He also has a 2:2 TD to INT ratio. That’s in three games. Rosen hasn’t played a lot this season, but he hasn’t done much with his playing time so far. Can he have his first big performance against the Broncos?


Titans vs Chargers


Aman: Chargers

Cullen: Chargers

Mickayeen: Chargers

Rahim: Chargers

Joel: Chargers

Adam: Chargers

Kevin: Chargers

Tennessee went scoreless against the Ravens last week. Scoreless. This week they face a Chargers offense who ranks fifth in the league in points per game (29.2). The Chargers don’t have a defense as good as the Ravens do right now, but if the Titans can’t get anything going offensively, it’ll be tough to win this game.

QB Philip Rivers is playing great football this season and continues to be on my NFL MVP list to this point in the season. If the Titans offense isn’t scoring, expect the Chargers to be scoring instead.


Panthers vs Eagles


Aman: Eagles

Cullen: Eagles

Mickayeen: Eagles

Rahim: Eagles

Joel: Eagles

Adam: Eagles

Kevin: Panthers

The Philadelphia Eagles looked like themselves again last week, but it was against the New York Giants. Carson Wentz seems to be back to his old self. He’s thrown multiple TDs in three straight weeks and hasn’t thrown an INT in three games. With Wentz back at a high level, the Eagles are in good hands.

Carolina couldn’t get much going against the Redskins last week. Christian McCaffrey wasn’t a huge factor in that game, but he needs to be in this game against the Eagles. Saquon Barkley was the bright spot for the Giants in their loss to the Eagles, having 130 rushing yards and 99 receiving yards. Carolina should try to get McCaffrey involved like Barkley was for the Giants. McCaffrey isn’t the runner Barkley is, but he’s a big threat out of the backfield. If the Eagles can’t stop McCaffrey, Cam Newton might be running all over them.


Vikings vs Jets


Aman: Vikings

Cullen: Vikings

Mickayeen: Vikings

Rahim: Vikings

Joel: Vikings

Adam: Vikings

Kevin: Vikings

The last two weeks the Jets have scored 34 and 42 points. They now sit at 3-3 and continue to be one of the hardest teams to figure out in the NFL. I don’t know if they’ll be good or terrible from week to week. What will it be this week against the Vikings? The Vikings are favored to win this game, but they’re a team who has had their fair share of struggles already this season.

The Vikings got their running game going against the Cardinals last week, but can they keep it up? It hasn’t been great most weeks this season, which has put more pressure on Kirk Cousins. If the running game keeps up against the Jets, Kirk Cousins should have a good day and lead his team to victory, but if there’s no running game, watch out for the defense of the Jets.


Bills vs Colts


Aman: Colts

Cullen: Colts

Mickayeen: Colts

Rahim: Colts

Joel: Colts

Adam: Colts

Kevin: Colts

Andrew Luck’s INT problem continues to hinder the Colts. Luck is tied for the most INTs thrown this season. Last week he threw three INTs, which was a big reason why the Jets scored 42 points and beat the Colts. Luck did throw four TD passes, but the INTs couldn’t be overcome.

That could be the case against the Bills this week. If Luck keeps giving the ball away, it will make things a lot easier on the Bills’ offense. The Bills offense isn’t great, but they can look great if Luck keeps allowing their defense to put them in better situations.


Patriots vs Bears


Aman: Patriots

Cullen: Patriots

Mickayeen: Bears

Rahim: Patriots

Joel: Patriots

Adam: Patriots

Kevin: Patriots

Tom Brady and the Patriots seem to be back to their old selves again after beating the Chiefs 43-40 and winning their third straight game. This week they play a Bears team who has been better than expected this season, which makes for an interesting game.

Last week the Patriots faced one of the worst defense’s in the league. This week they face a Bears defense which currently ranks 4th in points allowed per game (19.2). The defense of the Bears is much more disruptive than what the Chiefs have, but the Bears don’t have an offense like the Chiefs.

If the Patriots are going to continue their winning streak, they likely won’t have to score 43 points, but they’ll at least need to make sure they can keep pace with Chicago’s offense. That may be hard to do with Khalil Mack and company coming after Brady.


Browns vs Buccaneers


Aman: Buccaneers

Cullen: Buccaneers

Mickayeen: Buccaneers

Rahim: Buccaneers

Joel: Buccaneers

Adam: Buccaneers

Kevin: Browns

Last week the Buccaneers lost a close one to the Atlanta Falcons. Jameis Winston looked good for the most part, but he did make some key mistakes which led to a loss. Winston threw two INTs, which were crucial in that game. If it weren’t for those mistakes, it would have been a great day for Winston and probably a win.

Cleveland has a defense tied for fourth in INTs this season (9), so Winston better be careful in this game. Cleveland’s offense still hasn’t quite put it all together yet. They can make plays from time to time, but they’re not consistent enough. If the defense can force Winston into turnovers, it will make things a lot easier on the offense.


Texans vs Jaguars


Aman: Texans

Cullen: Texans

Mickayeen: Texans

Rahim: Jaguars

Joel: Jaguars

Adam: Jaguars

Kevin: Jaguars

Probably one of the best things about watching the Jaguars get crushed by the Dallas Cowboys last week, was seeing the look on Jalen Ramsey’s face. He had nothing to say during or after the game. It was pretty easy to tell he wasn’t happy with his performance. This week he’ll matchup with DeAndre Hopkins. There’s a big key to this game. Can Ramsey and the Jags defense bounce back?

Houston’s defense has been playing much better in recent weeks. Can they replicate what the Dallas defense did to the Jags offense? If Bortles doesn’t get the offense moving, it could be another frustrating day for Jalen Ramsey and the Jaguars’ entire team.


Lions vs Dolphins


Aman: Dolphins

Cullen: Lions

Mickayeen: Dolphins

Rahim: Lions

Joel: Lions

Adam: Lions

Kevin: Lions

Last week the Dolphins just scrapped out a win over the Bears. This one won’t be an easy game for them either. Matthew Stafford and his offense are averaging 25 points per game this season. With Miami averaging 21.7 points per game, it may be difficult for the Dolphins to score in the 30+ range again. However, the Lions are giving up an average of 27.4 points per game.

Another thing to watch in this game will be if Miami’s defense can force Matthew Stafford into bad throws. Miami leads the league in INTs (11). If they can get some turnovers and put the offense in good positions, the Lions defense might be in trouble.


Saints vs Ravens


Aman: Saints

Cullen: Saints

Mickayeen: Ravens

Rahim: Saints

Joel: Saints

Adam: Ravens

Kevin: Saints

This is the second time this season we’ve got the best defense against the best offense. Last time it was the Jaguars against the Chiefs. The Chiefs came out on top with their high powered offense. Will this game have the same result? The Saints have the best scoring offense, averaging 36 points per game, but the Ravens defense is allowing an average of just 12.8 points per game.

It will be interesting because the Ravens offense is in the middle of the pack, but the Saints have one of the worst defense’s in the league so far. That was a similar situation for the Chiefs and Jaguars game too. Will the better offense or defense prevail?


Cowboys vs Redskins


Aman: Redskins

Cullen: Redskins

Mickayeen: Cowboys

Rahim: Redskins

Joel: Redskins

Adam: Redskins

Kevin: Redskins

Both the Redskins and Cowboys good performances last week. Dallas scored 40 points on what is supposed to be the best defense in the NFL last week. The Redskins didn’t score as many points as Dallas, but they did score 23 against a good Carolina defense. Which team can stay hot?

I personally chose the Redskins because of one key stat. Dallas is 3-3 this season. At home they’re 3-0, but on the road they’re 0-3. This is road game for them. In their three road games, the Cowboys have scored 8, 13 and 16 points vs home games where they’ve scored 20, 26 and 40 points. They’re terrible on the road this season and will likely continue to be.


Rams vs 49ers 


Aman: Rams

Cullen: Rams

Mickayeen: Rams

Rahim: Rams

Joel: Rams

Adam: Rams

Kevin: Rams

The 49ers did well to hang in there with the Packers all game long last week, but Aaron Rodgers was too much at the end of the game. Rodgers doesn’t have a lot of weapons available to him right now, but the 49ers still couldn’t stop him.

This week the 49ers play the last remaining undefeated team in the NFL, the LA Rams. If they couldn’t handle Aaron Rodgers with limited weapons, how will they handle Jared Goff, Todd Gurley, Brandin Cooks, etc.?


Bengals vs Chiefs (Sunday Night)


Aman: Chiefs

Cullen: Chiefs

Mickayeen: Chiefs

Rahim: Bengals

Joel: Chiefs

Adam: Chiefs

Kevin: Chiefs

Cincinnati’s defense was shredded in the air and on the ground by the Steelers last week, and there’s no reason to think that won’t happen again this week against the Chiefs. Kansas City is coming off a loss in which they scored 40 points. Their offense is fantastic, but the defense continues to give up a lot of points, which they weren’t able to overcome last week.

If the Chiefs keep giving up big plays, A.J. Green and Andy Dalton could have a great day. Even if they score a lot of points, can they score enough points to out duel Patrick Mahomes and his weapons? The Bengals could give up a lot of points to the Chiefs, but the Chiefs could give up a lot of points to the Bengals. Which defense makes the right plays when it matters most?


Giants vs Falcons (Monday Night)


Aman: Falcons

Cullen: Falcons

Mickayeen: Falcons

Rahim: Falcons

Joel: Falcons

Adam: Falcons

Kevin: Falcons

If there’s one bright spot for the New York Giants this season, it’s rookie RB Saquon Barkley. Barkley is doing it all for the Giants, but there isn’t much else. If the Giants are going to win this game, there has to be more from other players. Barkley should be able to have another good game against this Falcons defense who still has some injuries, but it won’t matter if the Giants don’t get production elsewhere.

Matt Ryan and his offense had a good showing last week, and that shouldn’t be a problem this week against the Giants. They gave up 34 points to the Eagles, and we don’t see any reason why they won’t give up a similar amount of points to the Falcons.



Who do you have winning each Week 7 game? Let us know if you agree or disagree with our picks by commenting below!

3 replies to “Week 7 NFL Picks

  1. It’s pretty easy to see the Patriots winning against the Bears, but I really hope Mickayeen is right and the Bears do get this win. Imagine what a confidence booster it would be!


    1. I also want the Bears to win, but the Patriots are hot right now. This pretty much happens every year where they get on a hot streak and then stay hot all season long. Hopefully the Bears can shut them down though.


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