Top Five NFL MVP Candidates After Week 6

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Week 6 was another great week for the NFL. We continued to see big performances from some of the leagues best players. Did anyone do enough to move themselves up the MVP list this week? Who might be off the list? Let’s find out who ranks in my top five for the NFL MVP award after Week 6.


1. QB Patrick Mahomes, Kansas City Chiefs

Despite not being able to lead his team to a victory over the New England Patriots, Mahomes remains in the number one spot for me. Even though his team didn’t win, they still scored 40 points and the game came down to the wire. Mahomes threw two more INTs in that game, but he also threw four TD passes and threw for 352 yards.

One loss isn’t going to take away an MVP award. His team is still 5-1 and will likely be one of the best teams when the regular season is over. Mahomes still leads the league in TD passes (18). He’s also ranked fifth in QB rating and sixth in passing yards.

2. QB Drew Brees, New Orleans Saints

I’ll keep this one short and sweet. Brees didn’t play this week because of a bye. I can’t knock him down or move him up for having a bye week. Not playing this week does hurt his rankings in terms of stats for now, but he’ll get back up there when other QBs have their bye. Brees has 1,658 yards and 11 TDs with no INTs on the season. His QB rating still leads the league. He also still has the highest completion percentage.

3. RB Todd Gurley, Los Angeles Rams

Gurley had an incredible game against the Denver Broncos this past week, rushing for 208 yards and 2 TDs. With that performance, Gurley now leads the NFL in rushing yards (623). He also remains the leader in rushing TDs this season (9). He’s also the only RB in the league averaging over 100 rushing yards per game.

You’ll notice that I moved Gurley up from four to three this week. I also removed his fellow teammate and QB Jared Goff from the MVP list. I’ll talk more about that in the “Who’s Off the List”? section of this article. For now, let’s just say I’ve always thought Gurley was the best offensive player on this still undefeated team.

4. QB Tom Brady, New England Patriots

Tom Brady finally makes an appearance on my MVP list this season. How could I not put him on here after the performance he put on against the formerly undefeated Chiefs? Brady led his team to a 43-40 victory. Most importantly, he played like an MVP when it mattered most. The game was tied 40-40, but Brady led his team into field goal range.

After starting the season 1-2, the Patriots are now 4-2 and winners of three straight games. That’s more like the Patriots we’re used to seeing. Right now Brady ranks 17th in passing yards, 11th in completion percentage, is tied for sixth in TDs and is 15th in QB rating. He doesn’t rank high in most categories among QBs, but he plays for one of the most popular teams in the NFL and is one of the most well known players.

If Brady continues to lead his team on a hot streak like we’ve seen many times before, expect him to stay on and move up this list despite not having the best numbers.

5. QB Philip Rivers, Los Angeles Chargers

Philip Rivers didn’t have a great game against the Browns, but it most certainly wasn’t a bad game either. Rivers threw for 207 yards and 2 TDs. He did throw an INT and only completed 55% of his passes, but he led his team to a 38-14 victory over the Browns.

As a whole this season, Rivers is playing great football. He’s second in QB rating, ninth in completion percentage, 11th in passing yards and third in TD passes. The most important thing for Rivers is having his team sitting at 4-2 and now only one game behind the Chiefs in their division. Even if Rivers doesn’t get his team a division title this year, he should at least be able to keep them close and get them into the playoffs.


Who’s Off the List?
QB Jared Goff, Los Angeles Rams

Jared Goff has better numbers than some of the guys ranked on this MVP list, but here’s why I took him off. One reason why is because he followed up his big performance against the Vikings with two subpar performances. Last week wasn’t too bad, but this week was bad (58.8 QB rating). What I want from an MVP candidate is consistency.

The second and most important reason why I took Goff off my list, is because I believe Todd Gurley is the best offensive player on their team. If I had to choose one player from the Rams to be their MVP this season, I’d pick Gurley, obviously. It’s not just because of stats either. I think Gurley is the more popular player for the NFL’s best team.

Having another MVP candidate on his team makes it difficult for Goff. Even if he does have better numbers than some of the other guys I have ranked, it will be too tough for him to overcome Gurley’s weekly production.

3 replies to “Top Five NFL MVP Candidates After Week 6

  1. I think Aaron Rodgers should be on the list too. He’s doing more with less and still manages to win games despite two of his top three receivers missing the past few games.


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