Week 6 NFL Picks

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Last Week’s Prediction Records:

Aman: 9-6

Cullen: 10-5

Mickayeen: 10-5

Rahim: 8-7

Joel: 9-6

Adam: 8-7


Overall Prediction Records:

Aman: 31-30-1

Cullen: 40-21-1

Mickayeen: 35-26-1

Rahim: 32-29-1

Joel: 30-31-1

Adam: 36-25-1

For the first time this season, all six of our writers were above .500 picking games. Hopefully that trend will continue as we come to learn more about each NFL team. Cullen Jekel remains in the lead with an overall record of 40-21-1. He’s leading the pack by more games now after having another great week. Adam remains in second, but Mickayeen is catching up. Will anyone be able to move up the rankings after Week 6? Let’s find out who we’ve got in every Week 6 game.


Eagles vs Giants (Thursday)


Aman: Eagles

Cullen: Eagles

Mickayeen: Giants

Rahim: Eagles

Joel: Eagles

Adam: Eagles

This will be an interesting game. NFC East battles are always fun. This battle between the Giants and Eagles is for NFC East positioning. The Giants not only need a win, but with this win they can move in front of the Eagles and move them to 2-4. Wouldn’t that be something? The reigning champs at 2-4.

For the Giants, of course they want to win, but at this point in the season I think they should be set on playing spoiler to anyone they possibly can. They’ve got some nice offensive pieces, but they haven’t been able to put it all together yet. Last week they did offensively, but it still wasn’t enough.


Buccaneers vs Falcons


Aman: Falcons

Cullen: Falcons

Mickayeen: Falcons

Rahim: Falcons

Joel: Falcons

Adam: Falcons

Tampa Bay is coming off a bye week, hoping they can get back on track against the struggling Atlanta Falcons. Both of these teams need to get a win this week to keep their chances at winning the division alive. Tampa Bay is now going with Jameis Winston, who didn’t look great in his return to action two weeks ago.

Atlanta’s coming off a game in which they struggled to score. The Steelers got back on track against the Falcons, so now they have to hope they can finally get back on track. This is a division game between two teams who are struggling, so it could really go either way.


Chargers vs Browns


Aman: Chargers

Cullen: Chargers

Mickayeen: Browns

Rahim: Chargers

Joel: Chargers

Adam: Chargers

Cleveland is looking like a team who can finally compete in the NFL. They won a tight battle with the Ravens in OT last week, but now they have to face a Chargers team who has one of the best QBs in the league right now. Philip Rivers made his first appearance on my NFL MVP list yesterday. He’s playing great football this season, so expect to see that continue.

Cleveland’s defense was fantastic against the Ravens, but the Chargers offense is better than Baltimore’s in my opinion. Can they slow down Rivers and force him to make the mistakes he hasn’t been making so far?


Colts vs Jets


Aman: Colts

Cullen: Colts

Mickayeen: Colts

Rahim: Colts

Joel: Colts

Adam: Jets

Indy hung in there with the Patriots last week, but then everything imploded at the end of the game. They made crucial mistakes when it mattered most. No team can ever afford to make those mistakes. That’s the key for them this week against the Jets. Can they avoid those stupid mistakes?

The Jets are a team who haven’t been consistent at all this year. Not at all. Their scores so far have been 48, 12, 17, 12 and 34. They’ve had these random games where they explode offensively. Can they have another offensive explosion against a banged up Colts defense?


Seahawks vs Raiders


Aman: Raiders

Cullen: Seahawks

Mickayeen: Seahawks

Rahim: Seahawks

Joel: Seahawks

Adam: Seahawks

Seattle almost knocked off the LA Rams last week in a close 33-31 game, but they couldn’t come through when it mattered most. Although they didn’t win, Russell Wilson played pretty well, throwing three TD passes. If Wilson is given time by his offensive line, he can make the right plays.

This week they face a Raiders defense who ranks dead last in sacks (6). Coach Jon Gruden even said they have to get more pressure on the QB. Too bad he traded one of the best pass rushers in the league. Wilson should have all day to throw in this game, which will likely lead to a Seahawks victory.


Panthers vs Redskins


Aman: Panthers

Cullen: Panthers

Mickayeen: Panthers

Rahim: Redskins

Joel: Panthers

Adam: Panthers

Washington took an absolute beating against the Saints on Monday night. Now they have to face another strong NFC South team in the Carolina Panthers. Cam Newton won’t be setting an all time passing record in this game, so the Redskins won’t have to worry about that.

Instead, they’ll have to worry about containing Newton on the ground. Newton has 165 yards rushing so far this season. Can they stop Newton from making big plays with his legs?


Bills vs Texans


Aman: Texans

Cullen: Texans

Mickayeen: Texans

Rahim: Texans

Joel: Texans

Adam: Texans

Houston barely escaped with a win last week against the Dallas Cowboys. Their offense wasn’t great until the very end when DeAndre Hopkins made a superstar play, but their defense was great all game long. They gave Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliott a hard time getting anything going.

Will that defensive play continue against the Bills? It’s looks like we’re all saying yes. Houston can get themselves back in the mix by getting to 3-3 after an 0-3 start. This could be a trap game for them though. It seems like one week QB Josh Allen is flashing franchise potential, but then another week he’s just bad. Which version of him will the Texans get?


Cardinals vs Vikings


Aman: Vikings

Cullen: Vikings

Mickayeen: Vikings

Rahim: Vikings

Joel: Vikings

Adam: Vikings

Minnesota got themselves a much needed win over the Eagles last week. Kirk Cousins was great, completing 30 of his 37 passes for 301 yards and a TD. Adam Thielen and Stefon Diggs continue to be his favorite targets. Their running game has yet to get on track, but Cousins is doing what he can to overcome that.

The Cardinals got their first win last week over the 49ers. Josh Rosen didn’t make any terrible plays, but he still didn’t look great. He completed just 10 of his 25 passes for 170 yards. I’m taking Cousins to put on a better performance than Josh Rosen in this game. It looks like all my fellow writers are too.


Bengals vs Steelers


Aman: Bengals

Cullen: Steelers

Mickayeen: Bengals

Rahim: Steelers

Joel: Steelers

Adam: Bengals

Ben Roethlisberger and the Steelers exploded for 41 points against the Falcons last week. Before then they had been struggling to get anything going. Was their offensive explosion a result of facing a depleted defense? Or was it that they actually got back on track? This game will be a good test.

Cincinnati’s defense isn’t bad, but I wouldn’t call it good either. They’re currently averaging 26 points allowed per game, which ranks 21st in the league. It’s more about the offense for the Bengals. Can Andy Dalton continue to consistently get the ball to his playmakers? He and A.J. Green have been on fire this year. Can the Steelers slow them down?


Bears vs Dolphins


Aman: Bears

Cullen: Bears

Mickayeen: Bears

Rahim: Bears

Joel: Bears

Adam: Bears

Miami’s 3-0 start continues to slip away. They’re 3-2, losers of two straight. There’s a pretty good chance this week could be their third straight loss. Chicago is coming off a bye week, so they should be fresh against this now struggling Dolphins team. Expect Khalil Mack to put up another crazy performance that will bother and get the best of QB Ryan Tannehill.

Will Mitch Trubisky stay hot after throwing six TD passes last game? I doubt he’ll throw that many TD passes again, but I think we’ll see more from Trubisky after that performance. It had to give the Bears a lot of confidence in their young QB after seeing that. If Miami can get the best of Trubisky, they might have a chance in this game, but don’t count on it.


Rams vs Broncos


Aman: Rams

Cullen: Rams

Mickayeen: Rams

Rahim: Rams

Joel: Rams

Adam: Broncos

The Rams continue to show why they’re the best team in the league. Jared Goff and Todd Gurley have been fantastic this season, while the defense continues to get the job done. This week they face a Denver defense who got roasted by the Jets. Roasted by the Jets. That’s not encouraging for the Broncos.

What’s weird is that they played so great against Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs for most of that game, but then the next week they can’t do anything against Sam Darnold and allow Isaiah Crowell to rush for a Jets record. What?!?!?! That has to have them feeling low, and this is not a good game for them to rebound.


Ravens vs Titans


Aman: Ravens

Cullen: Titans

Mickayeen: Titans

Rahim: Titans

Joel: Titans

Adam: Ravens

The Titans are a team I haven’t quite figured out yet. They lost to the Bills last week, which doesn’t really bring confidence. However, they did beat the Eagles and Jaguars. Part of the problem for the Titans is that they haven’t scored a lot of TDs. Instead they’re getting field goals, which always allows the other team to stay in the game.

That was the problem for the Ravens last week against the Browns too. They couldn’t score TDs and got field goals instead. That eventually led to OT, where the Browns came out on top. So which offense can get back on track with some TDs?


Cowboys vs Jaguars


Aman: Jaguars

Cullen: Jaguars

Mickayeen: Jaguars

Rahim: Jaguars

Joel: Jaguars

Adam: Cowboys

Everyone is calling for Jason Garrett’s job right now, and rightfully so. Dallas would probably be 3-2 right now if it weren’t for a stupid call to punt on 4th and 1 in OT, which cost them the game. The Cowboys’ defense continues to keep them in games, but the offense has been terrible and can’t consistently score enough points to help the defense out.

This week the Cowboys play the Jaguars’ defense, who is usually one of the best in the league, although they got wrecked by the Chiefs. Blake Bortles didn’t do them any favors though. The outcome of this game will be determined by which defense plays better. Will the Jaguars be able to keep the Cowboys from scoring a lot of points? I’d say it’s pretty likely. Will the Dallas defense be able to keep them in the game enough for the offense to score enough points? Less likely.


Chiefs vs Patriots (Sunday Night)


Aman: Chiefs

Cullen: Patriots

Mickayeen: Patriots

Rahim: Patriots

Joel: Patriots

Adam: Patriots

“The Chiefs are banged up right now after losing starting right guard Laurent Duvernay-Tardif and outside linebacker Justin Houston to injuries against Jacksonville. Fellow outside rusher Dee Ford is also battling through an injury, though expected to play. They’re still without safety Eric Berry.

To top if off, New England’s Bill Belichick had an extra three days to prepare for this match-up. He also has six game films on Patrick Mahomes. That’s enough for him to design a game plan to confuse the young gunslinger despite the Patriots’ ragtag bunch that makes up their defense. Expect the Patriots to continue their home domination under the Tom Brady-Bill Belichick duo, winning this one in a close, high-scoring shoot-out.” – Cullen Jekel


49ers vs Packers (Monday Night)


Aman: Packers

Cullen: Packers

Mickayeen: Packers

Rahim: Packers

Joel: Packers

Adam: Packers

This has to be the game where the Packers get back on track. Aaron Rodgers is starting to look like himself again. He had a great game last week against the Lions and continuously put his team in position to score, but K Mason Crosby missed 1,000 field goals. Don’t expect that to happen again this week. Crosby should rebound.

Maybe last week’s game against the Lions will motivate Aaron Rodgers to get the ball in the end zone more often. That’s not good news for the 49ers, who just got beat by the dreadful Arizona Cardinals.

7 replies to “Week 6 NFL Picks

    1. The Chiefs definitely have ability and NE hasn’t found their best team combination yet. With that being said, easily realistic that Chiefs end up losing.


  1. Good to see faith starting to be restored in the Texans. When they’re good, they’re always an enjoyable team to watch. I also hope to move out of the fifth-fourth spot and start pushing for third place with the predictions.


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