MLB Divisional Series Predictions: Brewers vs Rockies

Ryan Braun” by Ian D’Andrea is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

It’s finally that time of the year where we see the best teams in the Major Leagues slug it out for the Commissioner’s Trophy, which is rewarded to the team who beats their opponent in the World Series. Before we get there, we have to take it one game at a time, especially for the Wild Card teams like the Colorado Rockies, who beat the Chicago Cubs 2-1 in 13 innings late Tuesday night.

Cullen and I will be taking it one round at a time and give you our round by round predictions of who we think will win the round and advance. So let’s get it started.

With the Rockies winning on Tuesday, they will travel to Milwaukee to face the Milwaukee Brewers in the Divisional Series, which starts today. The two teams faced each other seven times this season, with the Brewers getting the best of the Rockies. Those seven games were played in two series: Four-game series in mid-May where the Brewers won 3-1, and three-game series in mid-August where the Brewers won 2-1.

This will be the third series the two teams have against each other, and it is by far the most important one for both clubhouses. The Brewers have won their division for the first time since 2011 and are looking to make it to the World Series for just the second time (1982) in the history of the organization. The Rockies lost a one-game tiebreaker with the Los Angeles Dodgers that would have given them the division, but instead, they make it back to the playoffs with their second consecutive wild card season. They are looking to make it to the World Series for the first since 2007, where they lost to the Boston Red Sox’s 4-0.


1. Milwaukee Brewers vs. 5. Colorado Rockies

Winner: Brewers in 4

Reaction: The Brewers proved their bats are more than what everyone expected. Let’s not forget they made moves in the offseason that had people questioning what they were thinking about. Like when the Brewers already had Ryan Braun in the outfield, but they went out and got Lorenzo Cain and Christain Yelich as well. They even added Curtis Granderson to the batting order recently. Don’t forget about the pitcher though. Josh Hader is a great set up guy for the closer, Jeremy Jeffress. Hader has been one of the most consistent relief pitchers in the league this year. He even turned out to be a great closer while Jeffress was out with injury.

The Rockies have the bats to competition with the Brewers despite their struggle to beat them in the regular season series. Nolan Arenado, Trevor Story, and DJ LeMahieu aren’t only helping out the pitchers get out of jams with great defensive players all season, but they also give the opposing pitchers problems. Arendo (38) and Story (37) have combined for 75 home runs, while LeMahieu does all the same things like getting on base, in scoring position, or just getting the opposing pitcher’s pitch count up. LeMahieu finds the gaps to get on base and help Arendo and have Story drive him in. But that is not enough for the Rockies to win the series.

Who do you think will win these series? Comment below with who you got and we can talk about why you think that is.

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