College Football Games To Watch: Week 4

Stanford vs Oregon
Stanford vs Oregon 2017-10-14” by Daniel Hartwig is licensed under CC BY 2.0

By RahimAli Merchant


It was another weekend full of exciting games, having us all interested in the top 25 matchups. Those are the games we’re hoping for more of.  We also saw our first top 10 upset versus a non ranked opponent, and it was one of the biggest ones yet.  Although, it wasn’t a big shock if you watched the game. To find out which team, read Joel’s article and see what you missed.

This week is another week full of football and we finally get to see the 2018 National Championships take on some real competition. Let’s see how they fare, and how other top ranked teams are looking to keep their playoff hopes alive.


TOP 25 VS. TOP 25:

 1 Alabama versus 22 Texas A&M: 

Alabama has been crushing their opponents. It’s about time we see Alabama face a ranked opponent. The reigning National Champions, Alabama Crimson Tide, have started this season off blowing away the competition. Last week it was SEC rival, Ole Miss, who did not stand a chance against Nick Saban’s Tide as they won 62-7.

Texas A&M is a different fight. They pushed No. 3 Clemson to their limits and fell short by a two-point consecutive that was intercepted. Texas A&M is one of the better team’s in the SEC, and we hope to see a more competitive game between the two as A&M tries to keep their playoff hopes alive. Of course, it is the difficult part of the season, especially when you still have games left against Auburn, LSU, and Mississippi State. But regardless,  I’m rooting for the Aggies!


7 Stanford versus 20 Oregon

This is a battle for leadership in the Pac-12 North with both teams 3-0 heading into this game. Of course, they can’t be the top of the division without beating Washington, who is projected to win the North despite an early loss. How far will each team go to make it to the top? Stanford also already beat USC and will still have to face Notre Dame, so this game is one of the important ones for them if they want any chance of making the playoffs.

Oregon has started off strong so far this season and they look to get ahead. They have one of the easier schedules remaining between these two teams. Of course, they also have to get by Washington, but first things first is this game against Stanford. Who will prevail?



9 Auburn versus Arkansas: 

Although Auburn lost to LSU, they did beat Washington and are still alive in the SEC. Auburn is definitely going to bounce back against Arkansas and Southern Miss next week before they take on Mississippi State. Auburn still has to play games against Georgia and Alabama, and those are games that could make or break Auburn’s season.

Arkansas clearly isn’t on the same level as Auburn or the rest of the SEC. They have back-to-back loses against smaller schools like Colorado State and North Texas (Joel’s article will explain). Arkanas will likely lose the next three, including this one and their next games against Texas A&M and Alabama. So we should see Auburn bounce back in a big way!


17 TCU versus Texas 

TCU took their first loss of the season against Ohio State, and it may have cost them. They may have lost their chance to make the College Football Playoff. Texas also has a loss from Maryland in week one. Texas beat down USC this past weekend and look like they are ready to right the ship.

Although they both have one loss, neither one of them has played a conference game yet and this could be key for TCU if they plan to win the Big 12. With Oklahoma State, Oklahoma, and West Virginia all undefeated and ranked, TCU and Texas could get right back to the top of the conference. So let’s see who it could be.


18 Wisconsin versus Iowa

Okay, there is one thing that is final, and that is the fact that Wisconsin will not be in the talks for College Football Playoff this season. They were one of the team’s most people thought would have a real chance at a playoff spot, but they lost to BYU as a No. 6 by a field goal. That loss dropped Wisconsin out of the top ten and all the way down to eighteen. They still have a chance to win their Big 10 division and/or conference.

Iowa is 3-0 on the season and hope to over take Wisconsin for the Big Ten West title. To do so, Iowa must win this game and many more over conference foes like Michigan, Michigan State, Penn state, and Ohio State. Wisconsin is looking to bounce back with their first conference win as they look forward to taking over the West again. But Michigan and Penn State will be in their way. So who comes out on top?



2 Georgia versus Missouri: 

Like Alabama, Georgia hasn’t played any big time opponent. Their biggest opponent was South Carolina, who was ranked at the time. Missouri is always a tough game for the Bulldogs, especially when playing at Missouri. So the question is, how will coach Kirby Smart and the dawgs play? Will they jump ahead early like they have done in every game?

Missouri is another 3-0 team, and they’re looking to spoil Georgia’s season in hopes of making their way back to the SEC title game. This is the first step for Missouri to get there and they have the easier schedule, but still have to face Alabama, while Georgia plays Auburn and LSU.


11 Washington versus Arizona State:

Even though Washington lost the season opener to Auburn, their hopes of winning the Pac-12 are still there. They, along with Stanford, remain the top two favorites of the Pac-12 North.

For Arizona State, this is a bounce back game off the loss to San Diego State University following the upset win over Michigan State. Arizona State hopes to take control of Washington and the Pac-12 South, but it won’t be easy for either team. Both Washington and Arizona State still have to face Stanford, Oregon, and Colorado. The Colorado game is more important to Arizona State because they and Washington State are currently 3-0 and looking to run away from the rest of the pac. Does coach Herm Edwards and Arizona State have enough to beat Washington?


14 Mississippi State versus Kentucky:

This is another battle of the undefeated teams, and it’s set to be a good one. Both teams look to remain undefeated before heading into the rough part of their season.

At least it’s rough for Mississippi State, who looks to beat Kentucky and Florida before having to face Auburn, LSU, and Texas A&M in back to back weeks while still having Alabama on the schedule.

Kentucky will have South Carolina, Tennessee, Missouri, Texas A&M, and Georgia remaining, so a loss here shouldn’t hurt them as much as Miss State’s loss would.

This should be an exciting game along with many more, so why spend your Saturday out in the heat when you could spend it on the couch watching some great college football games?!

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