What You May Have Missed This Weekend in Sports

BYU Cougars
BYU Huddle, UCLA Bruins 24, BYU Cougars 23, Rose Bowl, Pasadena, California” by Ken Lund is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

By Joel Deering

Last week we did our first article in this series because there was too much history being made in sports that we had to make sure you all knew. This week was very much the same. History was made in the NFL and College Football, while important events happened throughout sports. If you didn’t get a chance to watch sports this past weekend and need a quick recap, here’s what you missed.



Vikings and Packers tie 29-29

The two teams competing for the NFC North title faced off last night, and it looks like the division race may be a tight one. The Vikings were down late, but scored a TD to force OT. Both teams had a chance to win the game with a field goal, but both kickers missed, eventually forcing the second game ending in a tie in two weeks. This tie marks the first time since 1973 that there have been two ties in the first two weeks of the season.

Patrick Mahomes Makes History

So it turns out Patrick Mahomes is pretty good. Mahomes set the NFL record for most TD passes thrown in the first two games. He threw 4 TD passes last week against the Chargers, and yesterday he threw 6 TD passes. 6 TD passes! There was nothing the Steelers’ defense could do to stop Mahomes and the Chiefs. In only his second year, and first year as a the starter in KC, Mahomes has started off red hot. Last week he was ranked third on my MVP list. Keep an eye out for where he ranks after Week 2. I’ll give you a hint, he’s moving up.

The Browns Are Still The Browns

The Cleveland Browns have to be cursed. They have to be. They had an opportunity late to tie the game against the Saints, but Zane Gonzalez missed a FG, leaving the Browns still searching for a win. Gonzalez missed two extra points and two field goals in this game. If he makes those kicks the Browns win, but something is seriously working against them.

Browns to Part Ways With Josh Gordon

Speaking of the Browns, it looks like WR Josh Gordon won’t be a member of the team anymore. The Browns are either going to trade or release the talented, but troubled WR. Reports are that Gordon was ‘not himself’ while at the team facility. It looked like Cleveland was worried about his substance abuse again, but later reports said that had nothing to do with the team parting ways with him. Gordon’s preferred destinations are either the Cowboys or 49ers, but he may not get his wish. Keep an eye on where Gordon ends up.

Titans Get Tricky

Sometimes you need to be a little tricky to win a game. The Titans got tricky when they faked a punt and ended up scoring a TD on the play. Two of the Titans’ safeties were the players who executed the play. Kevin Byard took the snap and lobbed the pass to rookie Dane Cruikshank. It was an embarrassing play for the Texans. If you didn’t see the play, watch it. You’ll feel the embarrassment.


College Football

Ohio State vs TCU

This was a pretty good game to watch. Ohio State played their final game of the season without Urban Meyer, and they impressed. In addition to winning the game, Ohio State made some history in this one, although it’s not really a good statistical stat. TCU running back Darius Anderson recorded the longest run ever allowed by Ohio State, going for 93 yards. This run wasn’t just the longest Ohio State had ever allowed, but it was the longest rushing play in TCU history.

LSU vs Auburn

This battle of top 25 teams came right down to the end. Both teams went back and forth in this one. At the end of the game, LSU had the ball and got into field goal range with a chance to win the game. LSU’s kicker set up for a 42-yard FG and nailed it, giving #12 LSU a victory over #7 Auburn.

BYU Upsets Wisconsin

The former number six team in the country was upset by the BYU Cougars. Before losing this game to the Cougars, Wisconsin had the second longest win streak in the FBS against unranked opponents (26). Wisconsin had the chance to tie the game to force OT, but the kick was missed, giving BYU the upset win.

North Texas’ Fake Fair Catch

Now this play was too good! If you’ve never seen a fake fair catch before, go watch what North Texas did against Arkansas. The punt returner gave a little wave of his arm, making Arkansas players think he fair caught the ball, but the wave wasn’t big enough for the ref to see it as a fair catch. The North Texas returner caught the ball and started walking away like the play was over, but no whistle had been called. Next thing you know, he’s taking off and scoring a TD!

Florida State…..

Oh Florida State. What a rough season they’re having. This past weekend they lost to Syracuse 30-7, marking the first time since 1966 Florida State lost to the Syracuse Orange. To make things even worse for Florida State, they got absolutely roasted on Twitter by pretty much everyone.

Kansas Wants Bama?

Kansas continues to make history in a good way. Their second win in a row marked the first time since 2009 that they beat an FBS school in consecutive weeks. I guess their 55-14 win over Rutgers has Kansas, well at least their fans, feeling pretty confident. One fan brought out a sign saying “We Want Bama.” It’s one thing to score 55 points on Rutgers, but Bama is a whole different story. Alabama would beat Kansas so bad, it’d probably send them into another historically long losing streak of some sort.

UCLA Starts 0-3 for the First Time Since When?

UCLA lost to Fresno State 38-14 on Saturday, dropping them to 0-3 on the season. Their loss marks the first time since 1971 that the UCLA Bruins have started off their season with an 0-3 record. There’s been a lot of history made in college football this season already, and unfortunately the Bruins are finding themselves on the wrong side of it.

Kyler Murray the Heisman Front Runner?

Oklahoma continued their winning ways behind QB Kyler Murray as they beat Iowa State 37-27. Kyler Murray had a great game. In fact, he’s had a great game in every game so far this season. Through three games, Murray has 1,032 yards of total offense and is responsible for 10 TDs. Last year’s Heisman winner and the guy Murray is taking over for, Baker Mayfield, had 1,033 yards of total offense and was responsible for 10 TDs through three games in his Heisman campaign last season. Only 1 yard separates the two right now. Does that make Murray the Heisman front runner? I think so.



Playoff Spots Clinched

The Cleveland Indians joined the Boston Red Soxs as the only two teams to secure a playoff spot so far. Boston has a much better record than the Indians, making them a heavy favorite right now, but at least the Indians know they’ll have a shot. Several other teams don’t even know if they’ll make it to the playoffs or not yet, so the Indians are in pretty good shape.



Dwyane Wade Returns to Miami for One Final Season

If you’re a fan of Dwyane Wade, you’ll be happy to know he announced he’ll be playing for the Miami Heat for one more season. Wade also announced this next season, being his 16th, will be his last before he retires. NBA fans need to get ready to soak in Wade this season as he makes his farewell tour.


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