2018 NFL Predictions: Preview

Aaron Rodgers” by Keith Allison is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

By RahimAli Merchant

I hope everyone has been enjoying the preseason so far. We are almost to the opening day kick-off on September 6th, where the Super Bowl Champion Philadelphia Eagles will kick-off with the Atlanta Falcons.

Before we get the regular season underway, all 32 teams will be improving their rosters and making the necessary cuts and additions to help their team get to the full 52-man roster.

For us as fans, we look to get the best 13 to 16 players available to us in our fantasy leagues. I hope you read my articles about which players you should focus on in the fantasy drafts. If not, you can read them all here.

By now, you’re probably already done drafting and just need to make the final waiver moves to your fantasy team before it’s official.

While you keep your thoughts on who’s the best available player for your team, the writers of Fourth Quarter Sports are going to help you focus on what teams and divisions to watch out for. Joel Deering has already given you some teams that may be surprising us this year (read here), and he’s also given you 10 teams who are under pressure to win this season (click here).

But the entire crew at Fourth Quarter Sports will give you a recap of each division as they stood last year, along with predictions, what key acquisitions teams made, and the biggest question for each team as they try to improve themselves.

These articles will be posted daily starting tomorrow, August 29th, leading up to the Thursday night showdown between the Eagles and the Falcons. We know you all are patiently waiting for the official start of the season, but let’s find out where your favorite team will finish in their division.

Here is the tentative schedule for the release of the articles.

August 29th – NFC West

August 30th – AFC West

August 31st – AFC North

September 1st – NFC North

September 2nd – NFC South

September 3rd (Labor Day) – AFC South

September 4th – NFC East

September 5th – AFC East

September 6th – Playoff/wildcard predictions

No matter what division your favorite team is in, you should come back every day and see where the other teams finish. It may be more interesting than you think when you look at the NFC. Each division in the NFC had a different winner than the previous season, and we could possibly see it happen again this season. In fact, every team in the NFC playoff picture, except for the Atlanta Falcons were different. The AFC has its two powerhouse teams, New England Patriots and Pittsburgh Steelers, but where will they finish and who could jump in this year? Maybe the Jacksonville Jaguars or Houston Texans?

That’s why it is very important for you all to pay close attention to each division as we break it down for you.

Hope you enjoy and please follow along!

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